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13 Halloween Trees to Bring the Spooky Season Inside

You’ve heard of a Christmas Tree, but have you ever heard of a Halloween Tree? This decorating trend is a unique way to celebrate the season.

From dark and scary to mildly spooky, Halloween Trees come in all different styles, sizes, and colors. Check out this list of Halloween trees to get some ideas for creating your own spooky tree.

Closeup of decorations for Halloween trees.

1. Jack-o-lantern Tree

First on the list is this friendly jack-o-lantern tree. Bright orange Halloween buckets are the main element used to decorate the tree. Pumpkins in all different sizes add interest and keep the look from being too plain.

The orange-striped ribbon is a perfect complement to the jack-o-lanterns. A fuzzy witch hat finishes off the look!

To make this tree scarier, add more spooky jack-o-lanterns like the one that’s lit up right in the center of the tree.

2. Old Salem

A metallic silver tree gets a witchy makeover in this Salem-inspired Halloween tree. The black and white color scheme is classic and would look great with any decor.

To create this look at home, pick out your own Salem sign as the centerpiece and fill the three with Halloween accents like bats, skulls, and ravens. Curly black floral stems and a natural broom (or two!) finish off the look.

After Halloween, you could easily repurpose the silver tree for the Christmas holiday.

3. Bright and Colorful

If a bright and colorful tree is more your style, check out this next spooky tree.

Big round baubles in vibrant shades create a stunning display on a plain black tree. Bright feathers add even more color to the look.

The giant spiders and black and white-striped ribbons make it clear that this is a Halloween tree.

4. Ghostly Tree

Wispy white ghosts create an ethereal look on this orange and white tree. A tall black tree makes for a spooky base while cascading black and white ribbons soften the look.

Spooky orange string lights add just the right amount of color and a few Halloween ornaments fill in the empty space.

A dark tree topper and black tree skirt keep the look dark and scary.

5. Nightmare Before Christmas

If you want a simple Halloween tree you can quickly create at home, check out this next look.

A white tree is wrapped in black garland and decorated with black and white Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments, including a tree topper of Jack’s head. The look is completed with black roses and a black and white “tree skirt”

It doesn’t get much easier than that!

6. Candy Corn Tree

This fun and festive Halloween tree uses a candy corn-colored tree as the base. The vibrant orange and yellow really pop, making this tree a real statement piece.

Smiling Halloween character masks give the tree a playful appearance while ghosts and pirate skulls add the spooky factor.

Black and white striped pumpkins add sophistication to the look and keep it from looking childish.

7. A Cozy Halloween

Cross-stitch samplers and pillows give this Halloween tree a homey feel. It’s so cozy, don’t you just want to curl up next to it?

If you know how to cross-stitch you could make some patterns to use on the tree. If not, you could browse on Etsy to find some completed pillows and cross-stitch samplers.

8. Sweet and Spooky

This little Christmas tree does double duty in the fall as a friendly Halloween tree.

The look is so simple that anyone can recreate it. Take a tree you already have or find a basic tree in any color. Add a few ornaments and you’re done!

Get some smiling Halloween ornaments to decorate a sweetly spooky tree. Friendly ghosts and jack-o-lanterns or even some Halloween gnomes would all work well.

For a scarier version, get some creepy ornaments like these horror movie characters.

9. Flocked Tree

A white-flocked tree makes the perfect base for a Halloween tree. Add in some black and orange elements and you’ve got a perfectly spooky look that’s not too scary.

The orange feathers on this tree are a really fun touch. The way they’re arranged near the top makes them look almost like bat wings. The happy Halloween banner is another friendly element to the tree.

Black ravens and a creepy skeleton provide the scare factor here. The way the skeleton is sitting on top makes it look like it rules over the tree- and maybe even the room!

10. Creepy Clowns

If you don’t like clowns, look away! This creepy tree is covered in funhouse clown masks.

The rainbow tree makes the whole look vibrant and almost inviting (if the clowns don’t scare you away!) Some of the clowns look so friendly you can almost forget it’s supposed to be scary. Black floral stems and a few angry clowns add a darker element.

The ticket strips and popcorn remind you it’s all for fun, but it’s still a pretty scary tree!

11. Spooky Cobwebs

Another spooky tree, this one is covered in cobwebs and spiders. Fake cobwebs are an easy way to take any tree and make it spooky. They’re inexpensive and they make a big impact without much effort.

For this tree, they’ve added some Jack Skellington-inspired lights combined with plain white twinkle lights to brighten it up. Glittery orange accents like skulls and pumpkins add a touch of glam.

12. Black, White, and Orange

A bright white tree makes the base of this next tree. Black bunting adds a festive touch and plenty of orange accents bring in the color.

You may already have a collection of black ornaments and ribbons on hand at home. If not, these are easy to find and could be repurposed for other holidays later on.

13. Creepin’ It Real

If going all out seems like too much effort, then keep it real with this simple Halloween ghost tree.

A basic black tree is covered in Halloween-colored baubles and a handful of ghost ornaments. The look is simple but still quite spooky! It wouldn’t take much time at all to recreate at home.

How to Create Your Own Halloween Tree

Pick a Tree

Are you ready to create your own spooky Halloween tree? The first step is to pick out a tree. Use a Christmas tree that you already have, or pick out a special tree just for your Halloween display.

Consider where you want to put the tree so you know how big it should be.

Also, think about whether or not you want to be able to use the tree for other holidays.

A plain white tree works for just about any season. Add pink and red hearts for Valentine’s Day then add red and blue accents for the 4th of July. Black is also versatile because it’s a neutral base.

Choose a Theme

Picking a theme or design is one of the best parts of setting up a Halloween tree. It’s so fun to gather ideas and come up with your own unique interpretation.

When coming up with a design, think about how scary you want the tree to be. Do you have any favorite Halloween characters, movies, or songs you could highlight? What about favorite colors to incorporate?

Gather Supplies

Various Halloween crafts that can be used for decorating Halloween trees.
Kid-friendly Halloween tree decoration craft.

Classic tree-decorating elements like ribbons, ornaments, and tree toppers all work perfectly for a Halloween tree.

Other elements like masks, mini pumpkins, and trick-or-treat buckets also work well.

Decorate the Tree

Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, it’s time to put the tree together! Put on some Halloween music and take your time bringing your spooky vision to life.

Once you’re done, why not invite some friends over to watch a scary movie and check out the tree?

Where to Get Supplies


Amazon has just about everything you need for decorating Halloween trees. You can almost always find it on Amazon, from the trees to the toppers and all the accessories.

It’s a great place to look for an affordable tree or to buy supplies in bulk, like a big box of ornaments.


Etsy has all kinds of craft supplies, handmade, and vintage items. You can get anything from ribbons and sequins to tree skirts and masks. And they have so much more!

The site is ideal for finding unique, one-of-a-kind items. Think hand-painted ornaments and custom tree toppers. Creative designs are a specialty on Etsy.

If you want something really specific, Etsy is a great place to look. And if you don’t find it by searching, many sellers are happy to create custom items for you. Just find a seller you like, send them a message, and ask!

Craft stores

Plush felt Halloween decorations.

Craft stores like Michael’s and Jo Ann put out aisles full of Halloween-themed supplies in September and October.

If you enjoy shopping in person and want to see the supplies before buying, these types of stores are a good place to shop.

The Attic

Don’t forget about the supplies you already have at home! Raid the holiday storage and see what you can come up with.

Ribbons in purple, green, orange, black, or white would all work well on a Halloween tree. So would ornaments in the same colors.

Fall decor like a leaf garland could work. Or what about masks from costumes you already have? You may be surprised at what you find.

Time to Get Started on Those Halloween Trees

A small tabletop Halloween tree with various ornaments.

What better way to get more use out of your Christmas Tree than to turn it into a Halloween Tree? Or better yet, pick out a brand new tree and create a one-of-a-kind Halloween look.

For more Halloween decorating ideas, check out 13 Create Halloween Flower Arrangements. If you love celebrating the spooky season, don’t miss these ideas on how to throw a Backyard Halloween Party.