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17 Halloween Garden Flags to Spice up Your Garden This Fall

Hark! Spooky season approaches, and it’s time to start thinking about how you want to deck the “hallows” this year. And while the inside of your house is always a fun canvas to decorate, the outside is just as important.

After all, on Halloween night, most of your guests are going to see the exterior of your home, not the inside!

One of the best ways to welcome trick-or-treaters is with Halloween garden flags flying proudly on the path. Here are some of our favorites!

halloween garden flags

1. Fearsome Florals

AVOIN colorlife Halloween Garden Flag Mason Jar Skull Rose Crow 12x18 Inch Double Sided Outside, Welcome Holiday Party Yard Outdoor Decorative Flag

If you’re looking for a happy medium between elegant and eerie, this Halloween garden flag strikes the balance perfectly.

With an assortment of grayscale and red florals, an arrangement of mason jars, and “Welcome” emblazoned in a swooping font, there’s plenty of beauty.

However, the Halloween vibe comes on strong with the raven perched on the skull amongst the flowers. If you look closely, the rim of one mason jar is dripping red, casting some suspicion on what’s inside. A cobweb spans a gap in the back of the flowers, a spider perched forebodingly at the top.

All in all, it’s the best of both worlds!

2. A Family of Phantoms

Personalized Halloween Garden Flag Custom With Kids Names Gift

If you’re a family that loves the “car family” decals, good news–this is the Halloween garden flag version!

You can get a garden flag custom-made for your family, including the furry members. You can pick a ghost to represent each person, then have their name printed underneath!

The flag itself is plain black in the background, allowing the ghosties to really pop out. The ghosts have various objects and poses to depict their personalities, including flowers, coffee, and trick-or-treat buckets.

With sleek text at the top reading “Our bootiful family”—pun intended!—this flag is a delightful addition to every home!

3. Time For A Yee-Hawnting

Boot Scootin Spooky Western Halloween Garden Flag Halloween

Who says cowboys can’t embrace a little creepiness? This Halloween garden flag boasts a proud paranormal pardner, outfitted with some snazzy boots and a hat ready for tipping.

This garden flag is sure to get a laugh out of the little gremlins darkening your door Halloween night—and the parents that tag along!

This ghost may have yee’d their last haw, but they’re still perfectly capable of adding a pinch of pink and a heap of happiness to your yard.

4. Visit the Black Cat Patch

Pumpkin Cats Garden Flag

Let’s call this a two-for-one deal, shall we? It seems like this pumpkin patch comes with its own stock of black cats, as well–and they’re indisputably adorable!

An assortment of black cats have taken over this pumpkin patch, and they’re full of personality. Some are a little nervous, others are perfectly playful, but either way, they’re unbearably cute.

Perfect for cat lovers, witchy cat moms, or someone looking for a sign that’s more cute than creepy, this sign is sure to delight!

5. Cutesy Cows

Halloween Garden Flag Halloween Cow Bat Vertical Double Sided Flag Holiday Farmhouse Patio Yard Outdoor Party Decor (Size-12.5

Nothing scary about this little cow…despite her best efforts!

With her witchy hat and a couple of bats accompanying her, this cow is making her best attempt to let out a bellowing “Boo!” Unfortunately (and adorably), she seems to only be able to muster a “Moo!”

While no one’s going to be getting spooked by this friendly face, sometimes “cute scary” is the best kind of scary.

6. Quoth the Raven…

AVOIN colorlife Halloween Welcome Skull Rose Crow Garden Flag Double Sided, Day of the Dead Holiday Yard Outdoor Decorative Flag 12 x 18 Inch

Edgar Allan Poe fans unite! This Halloween garden flag definitely leans gothic glam. While the first flag on this list featured a raven, this one is much more prominent, as is the skull.

On top of that, the darkness of the raven and the starkness of the skull are complemented beautifully by the vivid red of the roses!

This beady-eyed raven will welcome in your guests with a foreboding look, promising some delightful, dreadful treats ahead.

7. There’s a New Family in Town

Halloween Garden Flag Trick or Treat Garden Flag Halloween

They’re creepy, and they’re kooky, mysterious, and spooky…and so are you!

Addams family fans will be thrilled with this custom Halloween garden sign. You can choose between three different backgrounds: spiderwebs, stripes, and polka dots. Whichever fits best with the rest of your Halloween aesthetic!

Once you’ve chosen your background, you can customize it with your own last name. You’ll be taking over the neighborhood as the next Addams Family in no time!

8. The Purr-fect Flag

AVOIN colorlife Halloween Welcome Garden Flag Double Sided, Witch Cat Jack O Lantern Pumpkin Party Yard Outdoor Decorative Flag 12x18 Inch

It’s almost impossible to resist a purring kitten…even one depicted on a garden flag.

This Halloween garden flag centers on a very happy kitten dressed for the season—and the weather—in a witch’s hat and knitted scarf. The kitten seems to be basking in the glory of spooky season, surrounded by various Halloween objects.

You’ll notice several pumpkins, a hidden skull, a raven friend, and a whole heap of cobwebs!

Your new feline friend is all dressed up and ready to welcome visitors to your garden on their way up to the porch!

9. It’s Just a Bunch of Honkus Ponkus

Honkus Ponkus Garden Flag

It is a lovely morning in the village, and you are a horrible Halloween goose.

Okay, let’s be honest: this one’s mostly for fun. It’s perfect for goose lovers, Hocus Pocus fans, and anyone who enjoys a good (or groan-worthy) pun.

Take a gander at this witchy feathered friend! They’re all dressed up for the part—including the broom, though it surely doesn’t need it to fly.

This is a garden sign that invites gawkers to stop and admire…and laugh their feathers off.

A bonus perk to this garden sign? If you ever come home from a bad day at work, all you have to do is look at this sign and say, “Honkus Ponkus” out loud. We can guarantee it’s hard not to smile with a bit of honkus ponkus in your life.

10. A Cauldron Catastrophe

Bubbling Witch's Cauldron Trick or Treat Halloween

Double, double, toil and….Uh oh! Looks like this witch wobbled a bit too far over the edge of her cauldron.

This is a classic Halloween garden sign, and it’s the perfect pairing for more traditional spooky season decor. If you love witch decor, this adorable flag is perfect for your garden!

11. Keep Your Spirits Up

Halloween Decor Outdoor Skeleton Garden Flag Halloween House

How about putting out some positive vibes this Halloween?

This particular skeleton seems more interested in spreading positivity than being spooky or scary—and honestly, it’s pretty refreshing!

With a cozy hoodie in place of a ripped, ragged cloak, this skeleton has plenty of personality. He’s the perfect face to greet garden guests…well, what’s left of a face, anyway.

12. Rock On, Skeleton

Halloween Skeleton Garden Flag Don't Stop Bereavin

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world…but if she puts this garden flag up, she might feel a little better!

This skeleton kindly reminds us of the spirit of the season with a rockin’ twist. While it might go over the heads of trick-or-treaters, their classic rock fan parents will feel seen. It will give the families something to listen to when they get home!

13. A Dash of Disney

Halloween Flag Hitchhiking Ghosts Garden Flag Halloween

Hang in there, Haunted Mansion fans—we didn’t forget about you! While Halloween only rolls around once a year, you can keep it alive all year round by visiting Haunted Mansion on your Disney visits…or with this garden flag!

Die-hard Haunted Mansion lovers will want to post this warning for passersby. After all, hitchhiking ghosts are even more of a problem this time of year.

And, if you want, this is one of the Halloween garden flags you could get away with leaving up all year.

14. A Spook in the Strawberries

Halloween Garden Flag Decor Lil Ghost in Strawberry Garden

Pumpkin patches aren’t the only thing getting haunted this year–some spooks have moved into the strawberry patches, too!

Thankfully, they seem quite sweet, just like the berries they wander through.

This adorable little ghostie seems perfectly content to stand guard amongst the strawberries, accompanied by a trio of butterflies flitting around it.

15. The Sanderson Sisters

Hocus Pocus Garden Flag  Hocus Pocus Flag Witch Flag

It’s just a bunch of hocus pocus…no goose this time!

Hocus Pocus is arguably one of the most popular Halloween movies out there. For many, it’s an annual tradition that cannot be missed. What better way to honor that than adding a Sanderson Sister garden flag to your yard decor?

16. A Witchy Warning

Halloween Garden Flag Witch Hat  DOUBLE SIDED  Ready to Ship

Warn your neighbors of your true nature with this clever garden flag, showing off a witch’s hat alongside a dangling spider friend.

This Halloween garden flag is just a tad foreboding, which is exactly the vibe you want for this holiday! Any Halloween pranksters will think twice about messing with your house this year!

17. Happy Holidays

Halloween Flag Halloween Garden Flag Skeleton Halloween

Who says the winter holidays have to be the most wonderful time of the year?

These dancing skeletons are rejoicing at the return of autumn, and we couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. What better way to show off your joy over spooky season than a bone-shaking shimmy portrayed on your garden flag?

Raise the Flag, Not the Dead

There are Halloween garden flags out there to match all aesthetics, from the cute to the goofy to the truly terrifying. Pick your favorite flag and fly it proudly this Halloween!

For more garden supplies to keep your garden looking stunning all year round, visit our garden supplies section now!