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8 Kinds of Green Grapes

Green grapes, many love them for their sweet and sour snap but did you know there are multiple kinds of green grapes? When shopping for grapes at your local grocery store, you often don’t stop to decipher precisely what variety of grape you are picking. It’s usually just green or red.

Let’s dive into the many different types of these grapes and how different they can be from one another.

Bunches of green grapes growing on a vine.

8 Popular Varieties of Green Grapes

1. Muscat Grapes

The Muscat grape is known to be the oldest grape variety globally. Most likely, the Muscat grapes were brought from Greece to France, but not many clear records can prove the origin one hundred percent.

Bunches of Muscat grapes on the vine.

Muscat grapes are generally used when making many Moscatos, but unlike the Riesling grapes, they make a delicious table grape that is perfect for snacking.

2. Moon Ball Grapes

Dole is the original creator of the Moon Ball grapes, and since they are significantly newer to the grape scene, there is little information available on this variety.

Closeup of green grapes.

Moon Ball grapes are green in color consisting of white seeded flesh with a sugary sweet flavor. Although these grapes are only grown currently in South Africa, Dole has claimed rights to this variety in hopes of having them shipped worldwide.

3. Cotton Candy Grapes

Developed by horticulturist David Cain and his colleagues at International Fruit Genetics in Bakersfield, California, these were produced to offer a unique take on the green grape. Instead of having a sour profile, these grape breeders wanted to create a sweet and juicy grape through selective breeding.

Bunch of yellow-green grapes.

Cotton candy grapes are sought-after grapes here in the US and worldwide. Being sugary sweet and great for snaking, the Cotton Candy grapes pair well with many types of meat and cheeses, making them the perfect charcuterie board companion.

4. Riesling Grapes

The origins of these grapes tend to be a bit unclear but are thought to of originated in Germany. This is only considered because of the first mention of Riesling wine in 1435 when a German grape breeder marked sales of such grapevines.

Bunches of Riesling grapes on the vine.

Riesling grapes are another variety cultivated for, you guessed it, making riesling. Although these are not the best table grapes, Riesling grapes are highly aromatic with significant acidity, perfect for producing delicious white wines.

5. Thompson Seedless Grapes

William Thompson of Marysville, California, first propagated the grape in 1878. Thompson decided to share some of his cuttings with a neighbor, John Onstott, and it was Onstott who realized the potential commercialization of these grapes.

Bunches of green grapes on a table.

Over one million acres of land is dedicated to growing the Thompson Seedless grape. Many grapes are sold as table grapes, whereas some become raisins.

Thompson Seedless grapes are sweet and crisp and offer a mild flavor perfect for snaking. These grapes were designed to be the ideal table grape and are highly popular in the US and sold at many supermarkets.

These grapes are also very easy to grow, allowing you to pick up your harvest right from your backyard.

6. Sweet Carnival Grapes

Marko Zaninovich established Sunview over 60 years ago. Sunview bred and cultivated the Sweet Carnival grapes to be quality table grapes. And that is exactly what this large family-owned business is accomplishing.

Bunch of white seedless grapes on a plate.

This variety of green grapes is sweet with a crisp texture and is cultivated to have a similar taste to a spun sugar treat you can find at a carnival. Exclusively grown in California, this is another excellent table grape that tends to hit the US markets frequently.

7. Perlette Seedless Grapes

The name Perlette was given when noticing the iridescent skin of the mature fruit that resembles a little pearl. Harold P. Olmo obtained this grape when in California in 1936. This was accomplished when Olmo cross-bred the Reine des Vignes and Sultanine varieties.

Bunches of greenish white grapes on a vine.

Perlette seedless grapes are a very similar variety to the Thompson seedless grape. These grapes offer a thin skin with fresh, crisp, juicy seedless flesh mainly used for a table grape.

8. Sugraone

John M. Garabedian of Fresno, California, was the cultivator of the Sugraone. After cultivating, however, this variety went through the wringer of patents for names and company ownership rights. Today, Sugraone is owned and marketed by Sun World under the name Superior Seedless.

Bunches of green grapes in small wooden  bowls.

Sugraone grapes are the most prominently grown seedless green grape throughout the world. These firm grapes offer sweet and juicy flesh with very low acidity—perfect table and snacking grapes.

Difference Between Red and Green Grapes

Everyone has their preferences when it comes down to their food, but what is the actual difference between red and green grapes? Mostly it boils down to taste. Red grapes are often sweeter, whereas green tend to have a sour note.

Another difference is in antioxidants. Red grapes carry antioxidant power because they have a specific gene that produces this in the grapes. Green grapes lack this gene which is also the cause of the color difference.

A bunch of green grapes and a bunch of red grapes next to each other on a table.

Red grapes have a chemical compound in their genes known as resveratrol, as where green does not. Resveratrol is known for its many health benefits, especially for women.

Because of these differences, red grapes seem to be a healthier option offering more benefits than their green counterpart. Hence, why red wine tends to have claims of heart health, for example, whereas white doesn’t.

Either way, you decide what grapes are your favorite to snack on you making a great healthy choice for your mind and body.

Health Benefits of Green Grapes

Grapes are an excellent snacking option. They don’t cause a mess, you don’t need to make a fuss to prepare them, and they offer significant health benefits.

Grapes contain a chemical compound called resveratrol. Most studies found that resveratrol can promote energy levels to rise, metabolize fatty acids, and improve your overall metabolism. So if you’re looking to stay fit and trim, green grapes are a great snack that can help you look and feel your best.

Person holding bunch of green grapes in front of produce display.

A natural way to help lower blood pressure is by eating foods that are rich in potassium. Green grapes can aid in lowering your blood pressure since they are full of potassium and fiber that helps regulate your cardiovascular health.

Always remember that as much as we can enjoy delicious grapes, red or green, our furry friends cannot. Grapes are highly toxic for cats and dogs and should never be handed out as treats. Researchers are unaware of exactly what part of the grape is harmful to our pets, but it is known to cause liver and kidney damage, sometimes very serious.

Wrapping up Green Grapes

When thinking about all the different varieties of grapes out there, it makes you wonder what type you have sitting in your fridge currently. Whether you want to aid your health or are just looking for a refreshing snack, green grapes are the way to go.

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