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3 Important Facts About The Gold in Gold Watermelon

A yellow watermelon sweeter than most might seem like fool’s gold at first, but the eye-catching Gold in Gold Watermelon is the real deal in every way! Finding this watermelon variety can be an adventure and is truly a treasure for those who find them or grow them right at home.

Gold in gold watermelon

If you want to garden up your own batch of this delectable watermelon, then keep reading—we have all the tips for how to plant, harvest, and enjoy a bumper crop of Gold in Gold Watermelons!

Characteristics of Gold in Gold Watermelon

Golden watermelon

Well, right off the jump, let’s address the elephant-sized melon in the room—the defining characteristic of the Gold in Gold Watermelon is right there in its namesake! This is not your average watermelon in terms of appearance. Where you might labor under the expectation that all watermelons are green on green, and usually red-fleshed, the Gold in Gold Watermelon is here to prove itself the exception!

Unlike the majority of its watermelon counterparts, the Gold in Gold Watermelon boasts a thick rind sporting pale to mid-yellow tones with a mottling of golden stripes. The flesh within is also golden—hence the Gold in Gold name—and the texture is quite crisp and juicy. The flavor profile of the Gold in Gold Watermelon is markedly sweet even compared to your more common red-flesh watermelons, as it contains a higher sugar content than its contemporaries.

In terms of size and shape, you will find your Gold in Gold Watermelons to be ovular and elongated, ranging in size from medium to large and weighing between 11 to 16 pounds at full maturity.

Gold in Gold Watermelon Specific

Watermelon resembling gold in gold

Eating Them

The Gold in Gold Watermelon is an incredibly sweet melon variety that can be enjoyed in just about any way you would a typical green watermelon.

In addition to just plain cutting and snacking—which is, for many, the preferred method of eating watermelon!—the Gold in Gold can also be enjoyed alongside a variety of other foods due to its crisp, sweet flavor. Some like to pair it with a mild to mid-strength cheese such as a goat cheese, feta, mozzarella, or burrata. Gold in Gold Watermelon can also be enjoyed as an extra brightening element to such dishes as a Caprese, alongside bitter greens, or with a lean meat or fish.

Those who enjoy drinking watermelon juice or adding watermelons to their smoothies consider the Gold in Gold variety be a frontrunner for both of these tasty beverages! They can also be added to cold soups, sorbet and ice cream bases, and as garnishes for cocktails. Pickling and brining are another pair of adventurous ways you can enjoy your watermelon harvest.

Best of all, because they store well uncut, you can keep an intact Gold In Gold Watermelon on the counter for up to a week or refrigerate it for up to a month! Cut and frozen chunks of this watermelon also makes for a delicious summertime snack and will last a great deal of time in the freezer as well.

Health Benefits

The health benefits of the Gold in Gold Watermelon are similar to that of its copious melon contemporaries. These benefits include, but are not limited to, offering a wonderful, bioavailable dose of vitamins such as A and C, and vital nutrients including fiber, potassium, beta-carotene, and other healthy antioxidants. These antioxidants help fight free radicals throughout the body, which reduces overall inflammation and helps keep you feeling your best!

Watermelons are also high in carbohydrates. Now, before you let this turn you off to eating them, consider this: carbohydrates are the body’s primary fuel source, and the simpler the carbohydrate, the better your body is able to convert it into energy. Because the carbohydrates in this watermelon variety are mostly simple sugars, this means that your body can use up just about all of the carbohydrates in this watermelon for energy, making it a perfect fruit to give your body a boost!

Growing At Home

Gold in Gold Watermelons are gaining popularity among home growers every season! Though originally available only from select seed distributors overseas, now the Gold in Gold has real traction and is readily available for many a home gardener to cultivate right in their own backyard!

Like most watermelon varieties, the Gold in Gold watermelon can either be sown directly, after the final threat of frost has passed, or started in seed pots indoors about 3 to 4 weeks before the typical final frost in spring. You can begin with 2 or 3 seeds per pot, then thin to 1 as the seeds sprout and plants begin to grow. Harden off the seeds a week before planting in the soil by exposing them to a sheltered outdoor area during the day for a week before transplanting.

For direct sowing as well as transplanting, the methodology is roughly the same! You will want to sow your Gold in Gold Watermelon seeds or young plants in warm soil and in direct sunlight, spaced 5 to 7 feet apart. Again, when direct-sowing, you can plant multiple seeds in raised hills with about 3 inches between each seed, and then to the strongest seedlings.

Throughout the growing season, your Gold in Gold plants will need regular watering and mulching in order to keep their shallow root system happy and fed and the soil moist, but not soaked. They should receive 1 to 2 inches of water per week, and a rain gauge is recommended to help you monitor how much additional watering the plants will need besides rainfall in your area. When watering, be sure to water at the soil level to avoid wetting the foliage and producing mildew and other diseases.

Weeding is also a must for your Gold in Gold plants to thrive, but luckily, regular mulching will help keep that under control, too! You can keep your plants happy and well-fed with fertilizer and organic plant food as well.

Where To Buy Gold in Gold Watermelon

Melon resembling gold in gold

Gold in Gold Watermelon seeds are not always easy to come by. However, they can occasionally be found online, or they may be sourced from specialty seed stores in your area. I suggest keeping an eye out on True Leaf Market or Hoss Tools to see if these hybrid seeds pop up!

Wrapping Up Gold in Gold Watermelon

Before you get started on growing Gold in Gold Watermelon plants in your backyard, be sure to check out our Watermelon Plants page! This is a great resource to learn all about watermelon plant care, common diseases and pests and how to treat for them, and so much more!