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15 Funny Gardening Shirts for the Garden Lover

There’s nothing like wearing your heart on your sleeve-and expressing your passion for gardening through your favorite tee shirts! It’s even better when the shirt makes others laugh. Plus, funny gardening shirts make great and thoughtful presents for all the gardening lovers in your family.

Funny gardening shirts use humorous quotes like

Read on to learn about our favorite 15 funny gardening shirts!

15 Funny Gardening Shirts

Best Overall

I Love Gardening From My Head Tomatoes

This I Love Gardening From My Head Tomatoes shirt is our favorite, and best overall other funny gardening shirts for several reasons. First of all, it is made of 100% jersey cotton, which is one of the softest materials out there, in addition to having a double stitched and rib knitted and sparing wearers from scratchy, uncomfortable tags. Plus, who doesn’t love puns? The design is double printed on the shirt, which guarantees longer durability than other printed tees.

Best for Youth

Gardener Plant Manager Youth Tee-Shirt

What better way to introduce children to gardening than by giving them their very own uniform? This Gardener Plant Manager youth tee-shirt made it onto our list of funny gardening tee shirts because it’s sure to spread smiles to the young kids in your life. Available in light blue or white, you can designate your own little plant manager!

Best for Dog Lovers

Easily Distracted by Plants and Dogs

Plants and Dogs Shirt Funny Plant Lover Dog Lover Plant T-Shirt

The world has an abundance of both gardeners and dog-lovers-so chances are that you have one in your life! If that’s the case, this Easily Distracted by Plants and Dogs shirt is the gift for them. Available in ten different colors for men, women, and youth, this shirt is machine washable, and sure to spread laughter.

Best for Cat Lovers

Crazy Cat & Plant Lady

Womens Crazy Cat & Plant Lady - Succulent Cactus Gardener Gardening T-Shirt

Don’t forget about cats! Crazy cat ladies are notoriously known to be plant ladies, too. So this Crazy Cat & Plant Lady isn’t just adorable, but it’s also wonderfully appropriate for a large segment of the population. Available in nine different colors, it is lightweight and cut in a classic fit.

Best for Chicken Owners

I Just Want to Work in My Garden and Hang Out With My Chickens

Work in my garden hangout with my chickens funny gardening T-Shirt

Let’s be real for a second-if you’re a gardener, you probably also have chickens! Which means it won’t be hard to find a happy home for this I Just Want to Work in My Garden and Hang Out With My Chickens shirt. Along with sporting adorable illustrations of different types of chickens and gardening tools, you’ll definitely spread a good laugh when you wear it around friends and family.

Best for Dad Jokes

Plays In the Dirt, Calls It Gardening

Who doesn’t love a good old dad joke? This Plays In the Dirt, Calls It Gardening tee shirt is perfect for dads, and anyone else who loves playing in the dirt. Made out of 100% cotton, this crew neck tee shirt is one of the best funny gardening shirts out there, and is sure to become a favorite.

Best for Introverts

Introverted But Willing to Discuss Plants

Do you prefer to spend more time gardening, and less time talking? If you really have to socialize, do you always talk about your garden? If you aren’t that introverted gardener, you certainly know one around you. This men’s Introverted But Willing To Discuss Plants shirt is the best of all funny gardening shirts for the introverts in your life.

Best for Lawn Tractor Owners

The Lawn Ranger Rides Again

The Lawn Ranger Rides Again - Lawn Tractor Mowing T-Shirt

If you’re a serious gardener, chances are you own a lawn tractor-which makes you feel pretty cool! If, on top of that, you loved the 2013 “The Lone Ranger” western adventure movie with Johnny Dep, then this The Lawn Ranger Rides Again (it comes in five different colors!) is definitely the tee shirt for you! No wonder it made our list of funny gardening shirts!

Best for Wholesome Humor

Garden For Peat Sake

On the lookout for a sweet, wholesome gift for your favorite gardening lady? This women’s Garden For Peat Sake has it all-a gardening pun, a cute illustration, and a wide range of sizes! It comes in light blue or white and is cut with a semi-fitted contoured silhouette.

Best in Bathroom Humor

Sometimes I Wet My Plants

Though it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, this Sometimes I Wet My Plants shirt is bound to make most people around the lady you gift it to laugh. The lovely graphic design is printed on high stitch density material to ensure a smoother printing surface and comes in several different bright colors. It’s the perfect gift for plant-loving ladies with a particular sense of humor!

Best V-Neck

You’re Never Too Old to Play In the Dirt

Classy Mood You're Never Too Old to Play in Dirt Funny Gardener Gardening Vneck Shirt for Women

Why do most funny gardening shirts have a crew neck? This You’re Never Too Old to Play In the Dirt women’s shirt is for those of you that are v-neck lovers through and through. Machine-washable (phew!), durable, and loved for its breathability, this shirt will maintain its shape even after many uses. Get ready to add a new staple to your wardrobe.

Best for Religious Gardeners

God Made Rainy Days So Gardeners Could Get the Housework Done

Funny Gardening T Shirt Gardening Gifts For Women

Faith is an important part of many gardeners’ lives, but that doesn’t mean they’re not down for wearing funny tee shirts! In fact, this God Made Rainy Days So Gardeners Could Get The Housework Done is perfect for the religious gardeners in your life. Available in five different colors, the daisy and butterfly illustration also complements the shirt wonderfully.

Best for Sarcasm

Gardener Hourly Rate

Funny Gardener Hourly Rate - Funny Gardening Gardener T-Shirt

We all have that one friend who is always sarcastic-and you know that gardeners, specifically, are truly particular people in their ways! For this reason, this Gardener Hourly Rate shirt is our pick for the best shirt of all funny gardening shirts in sarcasm. It makes a perfect present for the sarcastic people in your life, even if that turns out to be yourself!

Best in Adult Humor

Where My Hoes At?

Funny Gardening Shirt Farmer Garden Hoe Farming Tshirt Women T-Shirt

This Where My Hoes At? tee-shirt is a great example of adult humor in all the funny gardening shirts out there! It’s a hilarious gift for that person who maybe hasn’t started their family life quite yet-and it’s sure to make people laugh at girls’ or guys’ night. It’s clearly loved by customers-it has great reviews!

Best for Nacho Lovers

Nacho Average Gardener

Fun Garden Lover Humor Gift | Gardeners Funny Meme Gardening T-Shirt

Who says you can’t wear your love for gardening, puns, and nachos at the same time? This Nacho Average Gardener is a fan favorite, comes in many colors, and is positively hilarious. Cut in a unisex shape and with a low price tag, it makes a great gift for any and all nacho lovers out there!

Add a Funny Gardening Shirt to Your Garden Wardrobe!

In our list of best funny gardening shirts we have a lot of great designs and fits, but this I Love Gardening From My Head Tomatoes remains in first place because of its simple humor, cute pun, and comfortable, quality material.

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