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All About The Diablo Pumpkin

If you’re a spooky season enthusiast, then pumpkins are likely something you’re passionate about. When it comes to your yearly Halloween display, especially if you’re a jack-o-lantern expert who prides themselves on outdoing the previous year’s décor, you have to make sure that you pick just the right pumpkin to show off your artistic genius. That’s where the Diablo Pumpkin comes in!

Stout pumpkin resembling the Diablo pumpkin

If you’ve never heard of this devilishly handsome fruit, no worries! I’ve gathered everything you need to know right here. Read on to discover why the Diablo pumpkin deserves a spot in your Halloween display this season!


Thick pumpkin resembling a Diablo

The Diablo looms large in the world of pumpkins. Though certainly not among the largest pumpkin varieties, this pumpkin definitely isn’t going to be the best choice for a table decoration. Its classic pumpkin appearance is perfect for outdoor décor, but its size (it can grow to be up to 25 pounds!) means it’s not best for indoor displays. It’s a thick, stout fruit with the same easily recognizable orange coloring, somewhat bumpy texture, and thick green-brown stem of most pumpkins.

If you go to purchase these, be sure to bring along a wagon or some strong friends to help you carry them! You don’t want to find yourself unable to get your new treasures to the car. While 25 pounds might not sound like a lot, it’s heavier than you think, especially if you want to take home more than one of these beauties. You’ll either want a posse of helpers or something with wheels to ensure you don’t have to leave your dream decorations behind at the farmer’s market or pumpkin patch!


Pumpkin seeds for cooking

The Diablo isn’t commonly used for cooking, but its flavor is reminiscent of most other pumpkin varieties. You can expect a classic mild, slightly nutty, squash-like flavor. However, when it comes to the Diablo pumpkin, you’re more likely to find recipes utilizing its seeds more than the actual fruit. This pumpkin is far more commonly utilized as a jack-o-lantern. Still, if you find yourself with a couple too many on your hands, you can use the flesh of this fruit for pretty much any recipe that requires pumpkin!

Uses for the Diablo Pumpkin

Pumpkin patch


As previously mentioned, this pumpkin isn’t much for eating, though it’s still edible. However, if you’ve used the pumpkin as your jack-o-lantern medium and simply don’t want to let the innards go to waste, you can absolutely make some delicious snacks out of the seeds!

In fact, though this particular pumpkin isn’t required for this recipe, there’s a recipe that shares a name with this pumpkin that you could absolutely have some fun with. Try making some Diablo Pumpkin Seed Brittle or some roasted pumpkin seeds. This way, you won’t find yourself piling your trash full of perfectly edible seeds, and you’ll have an easy-to-munch-on snack that fits perfectly with the fall season! No matter what you choose to make with your leftover seeds, you’re sure to satisfy your autumn munchies.

Halloween Décor

Now this is where the Diablo pumpkin really shines. If you look up pictures of this perfectly sized pumpkin, you’ll see hundreds of extremely impressive jack-o-lantern designs utilizing the Diablo pumpkin, as well as some designs that just happen to share a name with the pumpkin.

Whatever the case, these pumpkins make ideal jack-o-lanterns thanks to their rounded shape, thick shell, and resistance to molding and mildew. Though you might be intimidated or frustrated by the thought of having to saw through this pumpkin’s thicker outer shell, think of it this way: the thicker the pumpkin wall, the lower the risk of collapse or other carving disasters!

The Diablo is a great choice for jack-o-lanterns that require a sturdier, rounder pumpkin with more width than height. If your design requires a taller pumpkin with less circumference to work with, the Diablo’s not going to be the best canvas for your art.

Not too fond of pumpkin carving? No problem! The Diablo pumpkin can make a great medium for pumpkin painting, as well. Its wide surface will give you plenty of room to work with, and if you mess up on one side, it’ll be easy enough to twist it around and start over on the other side.

And best of all, if you don’t have the time to commit to adding any extra decoration to your pumpkins, that’s just fine. Thanks to its beautiful shape and classic look, the Diablo pumpkin is a great decoration all on its own. Just arrange it on your porch with some other pumpkins of varying size (or other autumnal fruits and veggies you might like to display!), and you’ll be all set to wow the neighborhood this Halloween!

When is the Diablo Pumpkin in season?

Pumpkin patch

Like most pumpkins, the Diablo will usually come into season sometime between September and October. The fall months are the most popular time for pumpkin harvesting, so you won’t often find many being harvested much earlier. Of course, it all depends on when you start growing them; Diablos are ready to harvest in about 100 days, so if you choose to plant them yourself, you’ll want to make sure you time your planting carefully. Be sure to take a look at your hardiness zone to see when the ideal time is to plant your pumpkins.

Where is the Diablo Pumpkin grown?

Pumpkin patch

You can grow the Diablo pumpkin just about anywhere! Pumpkins aren’t particular about where they’re planted (say that ten times fast!), and tend to thrive in most places in the US. Though some varieties of pumpkin don’t do well in humid or especially hot areas, the Diablo (true to its name) is actually a great pumpkin to grow if you live somewhere with high humidity.

Is the Diablo Pumpkin vulnerable to disease?

Powdery mildew on a pumpkin leaf

This is actually the reason the Diablo is a great choice for high-humidity areas! While many pumpkins are vulnerable to a disease called powdery mildew, especially when grown in humid and hot areas, the Diablo variety is especially resistant to this affliction. So while other types of pumpkin might not be best for your garden if you don’t live somewhere fairly dry, the Diablo could be ideal if you’re looking for a pumpkin that can fight through a little moisture.

Of course, resistant doesn’t necessarily mean immune. If you want to err on the side of caution and protect your pumpkins as best you can, try treating them with a fungicide just to be safe. This should protect them from the harmful touch of mildew and mold!

Final Thoughts on the Diablo Pumpkin

Sold yet? If you find yourself at a crossroads when choosing a pumpkin for your next jack-o-lantern or for your home garden, fret no longer. This spooky season, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a Diablo or two. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed with this deal!

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