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5 Best Types of Daisy Seeds and Where To Buy Them

Daisies make a great addition to almost any garden setup, whether indoor or outdoor, with their delicate beauty, hardy growth, and fantastic variety of practical applications-from attracting pollinators to rounding out a bouquet, and so much more!

Best Daisy Seeds

In this post, I’ve rounded up some of my top picks for the best daisy seeds you can purchase online based on cost, variety, and what each breed of daisy has to offer. Read on to find some of the best daisy seeds out there and discover which one will be best for your home and garden!

The Best Daisy Seeds For Backyard Growing 

Best Daisy Seeds Overall:

Sow Right Seeds Daisy Flower Collection

Sow Right Seeds - Daisy Flower Seed Collection for Planting - Attract Pollinators - Beautiful Annual and Perennial Flowers to Plant in Your Home Garden - Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds - Great Gardening Gift

If you’re a lover of all things daisies and are looking for more than just one kind to plant, the Sow Right Seeds Daisy Flower Collection may just have the best daisy seeds for you! In this package, you’ll have your pick of both perennial and annual daisies, with seed packets for the following daisy varieties: the Paper Daisy, the Shasta Daisy, the Cape Daisy, the Painted Daisy, the English Daisy, and the Yellow Daisy.

These daisies are easy to grow and pollinator-friendly, known to attract bees and butterflies alike. They’ll bring a splash of color to any garden bed or flower pot, making these some of the most versatile and best daisy seeds out there!


With this seed packet collection, you don’t need to choose just one of the best daisy seeds for your garden-you can add a variety and enjoy some of them for years to come!


Some reviewers have noted that occasionally, certain seed packets will not germinate.

Best Daisy Seeds on a Budget:

Gardener’s Basics White Shasta Daisy

White Shasta Daisy Flower Seeds for Planting (Alaska, Chrysanthemum Maximum) Perennial Heirloom, Non-GMO Flowers Seed Variety- 500mg Seeds Great for Summer Cut Flower Gardens by Gardeners Basics

On the hunt for a packet of the best daisy seeds that will prove to be both affordable and reliable? Look no further than the Gardener’s Basics White Shasta Daisy packet! At under 5 dollars a packet, these White Shastas are some of the best daisy seeds for gardens or bouquets; they also make excellent cut flowers to include in floral arrangements, and they attract pollinators like crazy, making them both an asset and a beautiful addition to your gardening spots.

As a bonus, these White Shasta Daisies are also perennial, meaning they will continue to grow back and reproduce year after year. For such a low monetary investment, these seed packets provide fantastic value and enjoyment that can last a very long time, making them truly some of the best daisy seeds you can purchase at such a valued cost!


The Gardener’s Basics White Shasta Daisy packet is highly affordable and quite easy to grow. It’s also generally a well-rated product on Amazon.


While some reviewers found these easy to plant and hardy in growth, others found that the seed packets for the White Shasta Daisy did not germinate or sprout properly.

Best Daisy Seeds for Colorful Blooms:

Seeds2Go’s Painted Daisy Seeds

Painted Daisy Seeds - Chrysanthemum Carinatum, 5000 Seeds by Seeds2Go

If you have your heart set on beauty as well as functionality in your garden, then Seeds2Go’s Painted Daisy Seeds may be the best daisy seeds for you! These seeds yield an abundance of stunning flowers in a great variety of brilliant colors, most on the spectrum of warm reds, vibrant pinks, sunny oranges, and mellow yellows. There are even Painted Daisies that boast a stunning bullseye target of red and yellow rings around their darker center, which makes for an absolutely eye-catching display!

Painted Daisies are a fantastic addition to the garden and require very little maintenance. After one season’s growth, this perennial flower will continue to bloom for many years, giving you a great return on minimal investment!


Many consumers have found the Seeds2Go Painted Daisy seeds to be among the best daisy seeds due to their gorgeous colors and their excellent germination rate with very low levels of work needed to coax up a blooming array of daisies.


While the Seeds2Go Painted Daisy seed packets are generally well rated on Amazon, some customers have complained of not receiving the appropriate seed packets as ordered.

Best Daisy Seed for Attracting Honeybees:

Sow Right Seeds English Daisy

Sow Right Seeds - English Daisy Flower Seeds for Planting, Beautiful Flowers to Plant in Your Garden; Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds; Wonderful Gardening Gifts (1)

In recent years, the importance of preserving the global bee population has garnered national attention. If you’re eager to play a part in helping to sustain the bee population with your own home harden, there’s a great, easy way to do that: plant some English Daisies using one of the best daisy seeds from Sow Right Seeds, and watch the honeybees flock in!

Due to their vibrant color schemes of bright whites and rich magentas and pinks, as well as their sweet fragrance and supply of rich pollen, English Daisies are particularly attractive to honeybees. And best of all, they’re also perennials-meaning that with just one generous sowing of English Daisy seeds, you can be sure to help sustain your local bee population for years to come!


The English Daisy will tend to attract a great number of honeybees, which can help with pollination as well as sustaining the bee population overall, which is crucial to the thriving of many local ecosystems. In addition, English Daisies are a beautiful and charming addition to any garden or landscaping section!


There is a risk of the English Daisy pervading your garden and spreading where it isn’t wanted if you don’t tend the plant properly, since-much like the well-known Oxeye Daisy-the English Daisy can be an invasive species.

Best Daisy Seed for Easy Growing:

The Dirt Goddess Super Seed Store’s Oxeye Daisy

Non GMO Bulk Ox-Eye Daisy Seeds Chrysanthemum leucanthemum (1/4 Lb) 214,750 Seeds

Considered by many to be the quintessential daisy in terms of looks and growth patterns, the Oxeye Daisy brings a burst of beauty and shine to any garden or landscape where it’s planted. One of the biggest attractions of the Oxeye Daisy is also its ease of planting, growing, and sustaining. This is a hearty little daisy variety that will take off and flourish with minimal tending or care needed once the seeds are sown and have begun to germinate.

If you’re looking for a sustainable daisy that makes a great addition to many flowerbeds, garden spreads, and landscaping areas, with great practical uses in terms of cutting, arranging, and more, then the Oxeye Daisy may be the perfect pick for you! And best of all, when you purchase your Oxeye Daisy seeds from The Dirt Goddess Super Seed Store on Amazon, you have your pick of several bulk sizes, ensuring you have just the right amount of seeds for your own gardening needs and making this one of the top picks for the best daisy seeds online!

You can also learn more about Oxeye Daisy characteristics and more by visiting our Oxeye Daisy page!


With Oxeye Daisies, a little goes a long way! You can purchase these seeds in bulk ranging anywhere from ¼ of a pound to 50 pounds through The Dirt Goddess Super Seed Store on Amazon.

No matter what, you’re sure to have plenty of Oxeye Daisies to decorate your flowerbed or landscape, trim for cut flower arrangements and bouquets, and so much more.


Because of its easy proliferation and hardy nature, the Oxeye Daisy can nudge out other plants and make a nuisance of itself if not cared for properly.

For this reason, some states have classified it as a weed and restricted its planting; it’s important to check the status of the Oxeye Daisy and find out if your state allows planting this classic daisy type before you purchase your seeds online!

Plant Some Daisy Seeds!

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