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The 9 Best Christmas Tree Farms in Vermont

Selecting your live Christmas Tree each year is no small undertaking. You want to make sure you’re sourcing the best tree from the best Christmas Tree farms in Vermont to ensure a healthy, high-quality tree that lasts you all season.

We know choosing your Christmas Tree from the right place means a lot to you, and we have got you covered! Read on for our roundup of some of the top Vermont Christmas Tree farms to help you confidently find a reputable place to source your Christmas Tree this holiday season.

No matter which area of the lovely state of Vermont you call home—whether it’s north, central, or south—you want to find the best Christmas Tree farm to fit your specific needs and sourcing ideals.

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We’ve broken down our list of the best Christmas Tree Farms in Vermont into sections; that way, you can easily find the farm closest to you and start planning your holiday experience today!

Northern Vermont Christmas Tree Farms

1. Isham Family Farm

Williston, Vermont

If you are interested in a Vermont Christmas Tree that has a specific focus toward legacy and serving families, then Isham Family Farm is where you will want to do your Christmas Tree shopping this holiday season!

Having operated in, and served, the Williston area of Vermont for five generations, Isham Family Farm offers plenty of wonderful farm goods in all seasons, including a great stock of Christmas Trees and balsam wreathes!

These trees are clean and insecticide free, so you can be sure to pick out, cut down, and bring home a tree that will last all season long without causing any issues for those sensitive to pesticides and other chemicals. This mindfulness to nature and the wellbeing of their trees makes Isham Family Farm a top contender for the best Christmas Tree farms in Vermont.

2. Asack & Son Tree Farm and Nursery

Barton, Vermont

Looking for a certifiably healthy, beautiful, and affordable Christmas Tree in either a Balsam Fir or Fraser Fir variety? Then you have got to visit Asack & Son Tree Farm and Nursery in the Barton area of Vermont! With all tree sizes and cuts coming in at just $45 each, Asack & Son Tree Farm is arguably one of the most affordable Christmas Tree farms in Vermont.

Stop by Asack & Son Tree Farm and Nursery and choose a great Christmas Tree ranging from 5 to 10 feet tall, depending on your specific spacing needs, and enjoy the landscape of beautiful farm acreage as well as the joy of knowing that your Christmas Tree purchase is supporting a family owned and operated farm. At such a reasonable price and with so many great trees to choose from, it truly doesn’t get any better than that when visiting Vermont Christmas Tree farms!

3. Upper Valley Tree Farm

Jeffersonville, Vermont

Nestled in the beautiful hill country near Jeffersonville, Vermont, with great mountain views and a fantastic variety of Christmas Trees that are locally grown and sustainably harvested, Upper Valley Tree Farm is wildly popular with the locals and has been lauded by many as being one of the absolute best Christmas Tree farms in Vermont.

Some even drive several hours each year to secure an Upper Valley Tree Farm Christmas Tree for their homes!

Each year, folks flock from all over the Jeffersonville and Mount Mansfield area of Vermont, and even from beyond, to get their hands on a tree from Upper Valley Tree Farm.

Due to the wild popularity of this small, family-owned, and operated Christmas Tree business, it is highly encouraged to move on getting your tree from them as early in the season as possible and to call ahead and ensure they haven’t sold out before you make the trip.

One thing is for certain, you will be more than happy with any Christmas Tree you secure from Upper Valley Tree Farm this holiday season.

Central Vermont Christmas Tree Farms

4. Cabot Smith Farm

Cabot, Vermont

Some Vermont Christmas Tree farms are wonderful places to visit not just in the wintery Christmas season, but all year round! Such is the case with Cabot Smith Farm, located in the area of Cabot, Vermont, a very popular spot in all seasons.

Family at a Vermont Christmas tree farm

This beloved farm is a local staple, where folks love to drop by for their fresh, live Christmas tree each year as well as for strawberry picking, pumpkin picking, and so much more!

If you are looking for a great farm with a family focus and the opportunity to make frequent visits there, not just for your Christmas Tree needs, but throughout the year, then consider visiting Cabot Smith Farm and discovering what makes this farm so popular among so many families in Central Vermont!

5. Russell Christmas Tree Farm

Starksboro, Vermont

Beautiful trees and a magical holiday adventure are just some of what awaits you at Russell Christmas Tree Farm—a location that completely embodies the whimsical experience you would hope to have at a Vermont Christmas Tree farm!

Here at Russell Christmas Tree Farm, you can purchase a tree of up to 7 feet tall for a base price of $50, with $10 added per foot beyond that. Select and cut down your own tree from the South Lot on the farm property, or take a ride by a horse-drawn carriage to the Farm Lot and select your tree there.

Encompassed by beautiful sugar-wood mountains and dotted with scenic views including a cabin and pond, a visit to Russell Christmas Tree Farm evokes feelings of Christmas celebrations in a different time altogether. A visit to this beautiful Christmas Tree farm is sure to be a memory that lasts a lifetime!

6. Pineberry Farm

Wheelock, Vermont

If you are on the hunt for a Vermont Christmas Tree farm that specifically maximizes on the cold climate and nutrients found richly in the state’s mountainous soil in order to grow the best possible Christmas Trees, then look no further! Pineberry Farm in the Wheelock area has everything you need.

Vermont Christmas Tree Farms

Mindful of the growth and sustainability of their Balsam variety Christmas Trees, Pineberry Farm offers a great reputation of more than half a century of experience backing their claim to fame as one of the most popular Christmas Tree farms in Vermont.

With shops across several states sourcing their Christmas Tree product from Pineberry Farm, you can shop for your tree here knowing that you are getting the absolute best on the market and that your tree will last you the whole season through.

Southern Vermont Christmas Tree Farms

7. Werner Tree Farm

Middlebury, Vermont

If you are in need of a one-stop Vermont Christmas tree farm that will meet all your Christmas greenery needs from selecting your tree to decking the halls with garlands and wreaths—and if you are also on the hunt for a great variety of tree types to choose from!—then stop in at Werner Tree Farm near Middlebury and do all of your Christmas greenery shopping at once!

Here at Werner Tree Farm, you can select and cut down your own tree from an array of species including fir, spruce, and pine, with help available as needed from knowledgeable and helpful farm employees.

Folks can also stop by the farm store to enjoy some complimentary hot cocoa to warm up after hiking out to select their tree, and kiddos are sure to love a visit with Twister the Christmas Pony or watching the farm’s model train run the tracks. Whether you’re coming by yourself, with friends, or bringing the whole family along, you are sure to have an unforgettable time at Werner Tree Farm!

8. Christmas Trees of Vermont

Springfield, Vermont

Select and cut down your own Christmas Tree, visit with Santa Clause and Mrs. Clause, enjoy delicious beverages and food, take some memorable photos, and more—all of these are things you can enjoy at Christmas Trees of Vermont near the city of Springfield!

Christmas Coffee in Vermont

As iconic a Vermont Christmas Tree farm as its name implies, Christmas Trees of Vermont is an annual staple among countless families in the southern portion of the state. With mindful Christmas Tree growing practices dating all the way back to 1982, Christmas Trees of Vermont has a focus on sustainability now and into the future. When you shop for your Christmas Tree here, you can be certain you’re shopping at one of the best, most natural, and most land-friendly Christmas Tree farms in Vermont!

9. Elysian Hills Tree Farm

Dummerstone, Vermont

Enjoy a wonderful holiday experience at the Elysian Hills Tree Farm in the Drummerstone and Brattleboro area of southern Vermont! Operated by Walker Farm, a popular farm in this portion of the state, Elysian Hills Tree Farm offers not just trees you can cut down yourself, but retail trees as well, making them a great option for folks of all different preferences when it comes to obtaining their yearly Christmas tree!

When you stop in at Elysian Hills Tree Farm, you can enjoy the wonderful, cozy farm store and even do a bit of Christmas present shopping there before you head out to select and cut down your tree. With plenty of experience with farming under their belts, the folks at Elysian Hills Tree Farm and Walker Farm can help meet all your Christmas tree needs and will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt why they are among the most popular Christmas tree farms in Vermont!

Wrapping Up Christmas Tree Farms in Vermont

Are you excited to visit at least one, if not more, of these wonderful Christmas Tree farms in Vermont? Don’t wait until the Christmas season to enjoy all the outdoor fun this beautiful state has to offer! Check out our articles on The Best Pumpkin Patches and The Best Apple Orchards in Vermont for some great autumn adventure ideas before the holidays begin.