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The 9 Best Christmas Tree Farms in Maine

With so much frenetic energy surrounding the holiday season already, you don’t want a stressful Christmas tree buying experience thrown into the mix.

Choosing and purchasing each year’s live Christmas tree deserves to be a magical and memorable occasion…and we’re here to help simplify the process and make it so.

Christmas Tree Farms in Maine

With several great Maine Christmas Tree farms to choose from, we want to help you select the best option for your specific needs within your given region—whether you call the northern, central, or southern portion of this wonderful state your home.

When it’s time to set up your tree, save time and avoid the multi-person hassle – check out the Krinner Tree Genie. The foot-operated ratcheting system on this Christmas tree stand will have your tree up in under a minute!

For that reason, we’ve broken down our list of the best Christmas tree farms in Maine into select areas, so you can easily locate the Christmas tree farms that are closest to you!

Northern Maine Christmas Tree Farms

1. Callnan Family Tree Farm

Houlton, Maine

If you are on the hunt for one of the best Christmas Tree Farms in Maine that sources throughout the whole region of New England, then Callnan Family Tree Farm is the farm for you!

Located in the Houlten area of northern Maine, this respected and reputable Christmas Tree farm is keen and rigorous with its growing methods, keeping an eye on the soil content and tree shape of its revered balsam fir Christmas Trees.

Each year, Callnan Family Tree Farm offers a whole harvest of these gorgeous and fragrant trees to decorate your home, and they invite folks from all over to make visiting their Christmas Tree farm an annual tradition or to order and have tree shipped to them directly from the farm.

Once you’ve sourced your tree from Callnan Family Tree Farm, you may never want to shop for Christmas Trees anywhere else!

2. Hale Tree Farms

Westmanland, Maine

Are you a fan of holiday cheer as well as the thrill of motorsports? You may have heard of the UpNorth Sports motorsports blog on the Bangor Daily News website; what you might not know is that the writer of this blog also runs one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Maine!

Christmas tree farm in maine

Located in the Stockholm area of Westmanland in northern Maine, Hale Tree Farms prides itself on the visual beauty and aromatic appeal of the trees that have been diligently tended and carefully reared to make a perfect addition to any Christmas decoration array.

Owned and operated by dedicated motorsports freelance writer Tom Hale, this Maine Christmas Tree farm has become an annual attraction not just for folks looking to purchase a beautiful Christmas Tree for the season, but also for motorsports enthusiast looking to connect with a respected writer and blogger of the sport.

Stop in at Hale Tree Farms for a great Christmas Tree purchase, a great visit, and an all around great time!

3. Pleasant View Tree Farm

Hodgdon, Maine

Looking for a Maine Christmas Tree farm near the Canadian border up north, where you can select from a wide variety of both precut Christmas Trees and Christmas Trees you can choose and cut for yourself, available with both retail and wholesale options? Then you will definitely want to pay a visit to Pleasant View Tree Farm in the Hodgdon area of Maine!

One of the furthest northeastern options in terms of Maine Christmas Tree farms, Pleasant View Tree farm takes full advantage of how Christmas Tree varieties thrive in the colder northern climate. Here you will find Maine Balsam Fir trees specifically tailored to survive the unpredictable upper New England winters, as well a great selection of wreaths to meet your other Christmas decoration needs.

Though it may seem like a remote location, Pleasant View Tree Farm is the only place you will need to shop for your Christmas Tree and wreath needs during the holiday season, making it well worth the trip!

Central Maine Christmas Tree Farms

4. Nutkin Knoll Farm

Newburgh, Maine

If you are keen on supporting a local, family-owned and -operated Maine Christmas Tree farm that has been serving the central portion of the state for many years, then Nutkin Knoll Farm in the Newburgh area of Maine is the place you will want to source your live Christmas Tree and other decorative greenery this holiday season!

Christmas tree shop in Maine

With reasonably priced trees sold at just $48 for a 7-foot tall family tree and $26 for a 3-and-a-half-foot tall table tree with a stand, Nutkin Knoll Farm makes it easy and affordable to choose a tree that will last the whole holiday season no matter how much space you have to spare!

With a warm, welcoming atmosphere open to all who visit and regular updates on their website of the farm’s owners and how the operation is running, when you make Nutkin Knoll Farm your one-stop shop for your Christmas tree, garland, wreath, and other holiday greenery needs, you will feel like you’re shopping among family.

5. Piper Mountain Christmas Tree Farm

Newburgh, Maine

Voted as one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Maine for choosing and cutting your own tree two years running, and ranked among the top Christmas Tree farms in American with features in Martha Stewart Living Magazine and Pioneer Woman, Piper Mountain Christmas Tree Farm may just come the most highly recommended of all the Maine Christmas Tree farms on our list.

Here at Piper Mountain, you can choose and cut your own Christmas Tree for just $45, then bale and load with the help of the friendly farm employees!

Or, if you prefer a precut Christmas Tree that’s already harvested and ready for purchase, you will find those available at Piper Mountain, too.

After you’ve found your perfect tree, be sure to take time and explore Piper Mountain’s gift shop, enjoy some delectable apple cider donuts and Wild Lands coffee, browse the other holiday greenery handcrafted on the farm—and see for yourself all the reasons why Piper Mountain deserves its ranking among the best Christmas Tree farms in Maine.

6. Finestkind Tree Farms

Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

Another great centrally located Maine Christmas Tree farm option, Finestkind Tree Farms in the Dover-Foxcroft area of Maine is a great pick for folks who are looking for precut Christmas Tree buying choices as well as those eager to pick out and cut down their own trees!

Chopping your own Christmas tree

Open seasonally each year, 7 days a week, and offering precut trees for sale, harvested fresh each day, with the opportunity to choose and cut your own tree on Saturdays and Sundays, Finestkind Tree Farms is a great place to shop for a live tree that can meet whatever your Christmas Tree sourcing needs may be.

You can also shop for additional decorative greenery such as swags, garlands, centerpieces, and wreaths, as well as for Christmas gifts at the gift shop at the farm. With so many options available, Finestkind Tree Farms is a great option for enjoying that classic Christmas Tree shopping experience!

Southern Maine Christmas Tree Farms

7. Moose Hill Farm

Fayette, Maine

If you are eager to visit and support a local, family-owned and -operated Maine Christmas Tree farm this holiday season, look no further than Moose Hill farm in the Fayette area of southern Maine! Here you can shop for your live Christmas Tree as well as for pickles, jams, and other handcrafted delicacies that make great gifts!

Stop by Moose Hill Farm, shop locally for gifts and Christmas Trees alike, and know that you support of this family-owned Christmas Tree farm is greatly appreciated all year long!

8. The Old Farm Christmas Place

Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Get ready for a Christmas experience like no other at one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Maine! Here at The Old Farm Christmas Place, choosing your Christmas Tree for the season feels like an adventure from a timeless age.

In addition to choosing, tagging, and cutting your tree, you can browse the beautiful, rustic gift shop, take a wagon ride while you sip on some hot cocoa and apple cider, and enjoy a complimentary bonfire at the Old Farm.

Christmas camp fire

If you’re eager to not just source a tree from a local Maine Christmas tree farm, but to experience the timeless magic of making memories with friends and family in a storybook setting, then The Old Farm Christmas Place is the Christmas Tree farm for you!

9. Balsam Ridge Christmas Tree Farm

Raymond, Maine

If you are on the hunt for one off those Christmas Tree farms in Maine that you can make a tradition of visiting, not just in the holiday months, but all year round, then be sure to stop in and visit the Balsam Ridge Christmas Tree Farm in the Raymond area of Southern Maine!

More than just a fantastic, local, and family-owned and operated Christmas Tree farm that is eager to meet all your greenery needs for Christmas décor during the holiday months, Balsam Ridge has lots to offer every season.

With fresh maple syrup available all year round in the farm gift shop, and different products to purchase and sights to see in any given season, this is a great farm to make part of your traditions in spring, summer, and fall as well as in the winter season when you are looking to purchase your annual, live Christmas Tree!

Wrapping Up Christmas Tree Farms in Maine

If you’re feeling excited to get out there and enjoy the holiday season at some of these amazing Christmas Tree farms in Maine, we have good news—you don’t have to wait until Christmas kicks off to experience some of the great seasonal fun this state has to offer! Check out our article on Apple Orchards in Maine for some ideas of other great adventures you can have throughout the state in the later months of the year.