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The 7 Best Christmas Tree Farms in Indiana

There’s nothing like the fragrant scent of a freshly cut, real, live Christmas Tree in your house, or the sight of those plump grayish green boughs ringed in lights and dotted in ornaments, to get even the chilliest heart warming up with holiday cheer!

Each year, many folks are on the hunt for a live Christmas Tree to decorate their homes—and if you’re in need of finding a location to select your own live Christmas Tree this year, we’ve got you covered!

Christmas Tree Farms in Indiana

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Read on to see our top picks for some of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana, from north to south—and find out what locations may be close to you!

Why Choose a Christmas Tree Farm?

With live Christmas Tree stands popping up all across the Hoosier state, as well as wrapped and ready live Christmas Trees now making a splash at such everyday big box retailors as Kroger, Walmart, and Meijer, it seems more convenient than ever to just pick up your family’s Christmas Tree while you are out and about gathering the ingredients for some Christmas baking or getting a jump on your Christmas present shopping. Many may wonder what the benefit is to selecting a Christmas Tree from one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana at all.

Besides a few significant advantages, such as knowing the origins of your Christmas Tree and therefore being able to trust in its health and durability to last throughout the whole Christmas season, there is also a lot of heart that goes into Christmas Tree farms.

These locations are a significant part of many a community’s annual holiday traditions, but without continued help and support and visits from people in need of a live Christmas Tree each year, they may start to flounder.

The 2019-2022 holiday season saw many of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana, even those that are well known, classic, and deeply loved, close their doors for the last time due to financial hardship and a sharp decline in visitors.

Some of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana have been around for many decades and are regarded as some of the most beloved locations for making a lifetime’s worth of memories with family and friends. Consider making one of the Christmas Tree Farms on this list a part of your ongoing holiday traditions!

Best Christmas Tree Farms in Northern Indiana

1. Hensler Nursery

Located in the city of Hamlet in northern Indiana, Hensler Nursery is considered not just one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana, but a great place to acquire trees in general! The magical Christmas Tree selection season begins annually around mid November at Hensler Nursery, where you will have your pick of trees from their selection of award winning White Pine, Fraser Fir, and Scotch Pine varieties.

Picking a Christmas tree

While any one of these Christmas Tree varieties can be a great choice, the folks at Hensler Nursery are invested in helping you determine which one will be the perfect tree to grace your house during the holiday season. You’re sure to have a memorable visit at Hensler Nursery while picking out your tree for the Christmas season with the help of this location’s dedicated employees!

2. Dudeck’s Pine Country

Looking for one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana that’s more than just a location—it’s also an all out experience? Then Dudeck’s Pine Country is the place for you! Opening annually on the day after Thanksgiving and boasting more than half a century of serving northern Indiana around the Rolling Prairie area, Dudeck’s Pine Country is an absolute staple of Christmas Tree culture in northern Indiana! This affordable Christmas tree location allows you to select and even cut down your own tree on their 80 acres of tree farm property, then invites you to complete the experience by visiting the beautiful, rustic gift shop, meeting Santa, interacting with the farm’s horses, and even taking a hayride!

Stop in and see for yourself why Dudeck’s Pine Country is considered to be one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana!

3. Egolf Christmas Trees

If you’re looking for one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana, look no further than Egolf Christmas Trees! Located near LaPorte, IN, Egolf Christmas Trees was established back in the 1950s and has since become quite the popular Christmas Tree farm serving the northern slice of the Hoosier State.

Christmas tree farms in Indiana

Besides the wonderful quality of the trees grown right on Egolf Christmas Trees’ own acreage, another great and inspiring aspect of this Christmas Tree farm that makes it one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana and such a great pick for sourcing your Christmas Tree is their Trees for Troops program.

This program enlists the help of folks all across the United States to gather and ship trees to the men and women of our Armed Forces overseas.

This is an absolutely wonderful program that so many have been blessed to be part of! If this sounds like a Christmas Tree farm and effort you’d love to support, be sure to swing in to Egolf Christmas Trees to meet your Christmas Tree needs.

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Best Christmas Tree Farms in Central Indiana

4. Sickels’ Tree Farm

With more than 30 years of serving up holiday magic and Christmas spirit to the central locale of the Hoosier State, Sickels’ Tree Farm has come honestly by its claim to fame as one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana!

This wonderful location truly makes choosing the annual Christmas Tree a family event! You can have your pick of different tree varieties at Sickles’ Tree Farm from their pre cut options, or you can take the family out to select and cut down a tree of your own on the Sickels’ Tree Farm property! Once you have picked your winner, there’s plenty still to do at Sickels’ Tree Far.

Make sure to stop by the gorgeous, festive gift shop and take a look at all the displays and ornaments; maybe do a bit of Christmas shopping on site; then stick around for the Light Show at the Farm, which runs from 6 pm to 10 pm every night for the duration of the Christmas season!

Feel free to park near the barn and take in the wonderful sight of a grand Christmas light display, and be sure to tune your radio to 87.9FM for an accompanying musical recording that perfectly completes the experience.

5. Clearview Family Christmas Tree Farm

When it comes with the word “family” in the name, you know this just has to be one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana! And that is certainly true of Clearview Family Christmas Tree Farm, which has been a staple of central Indiana Christmas Tree culture for more than 30 years.

Family in a Christmas Tree Farm

This is more than just a place to land the perfect tree for your holiday setting. Clearview Family Christmas Tree Farm also has paired historically with local vendors to provide one of a kind Christmas merchandise at their unique Artisan Festival.

Couple that with the warm, inviting atmosphere on the farm and the attention to detail from the hosts to ensure you find the perfect tree to fit your needs, and you’re sure to have a beautiful and memorable visit to Clearview Family Christmas Tree Farm!

Come here and find out for yourself why this is considered one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana.

Best Christmas Tree Farms in Southern Indiana

6. Goebel Farms

If you’re in southern Indiana and looking for one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana with a great reputation and reliable stock, look no further than Goebel Farms! This location is known for not only some fantastic Christmas Trees, but also other great seasonal offerings including pumpkins, all of which has made Goebel Farms a real staple in the Evansville, IN area.

With 5 different tree varieties to choose from, Goebel Farms offers a great selection and they will cut, shake, bale, and drill your selected tree for free! This farm does offers trees on a first come, first served basis, so there isn’t an option to tag a tree ahead of time.

You will want to keep an eye on their website and when trees do become available during the holiday season, make sure to head to Goebel Farms and grab yours before they run out. This popular Christmas Tree farm is sure to be cleaned out quickly with its great reputation for beautiful trees!

7. Mt. Pleasant Christmas Trees

Located not far from the Ohio border and within traveling distance of the city of Cincinnati, Mt. Pleasant Christmas Trees is a small establishment in rural southern Indiana, but is nevertheless one of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana as a whole!

Having been previously in such high demand that they often have had to close early for the season, Mt Pleasant Christmas Trees boasts a great offering of the popular varieties of Scotch Pine and Norway Spruce trees, as well as supplying free hot chocolate and coffee on location so that the whole family can keep warm while you select your tree for the season!

Christmas tree hot chocolate

If you are eager to support small, local Christmas tree farms while also guaranteeing you get your money’s worth with a tree that will retain its beauty and endure in great health throughout the whole holiday season, consider stopping by Mt. Pleasant Christmas Trees and making memories at this popular Christmas Tree location!

Wrapping Up the Best Christmas Tree Farms in Indiana

We hope you’re excited to visit one—or many—of the best Christmas Tree farms in Indiana this year! If you’re looking for other places to visit and things to do outdoors and at locations like these Christmas Tree farms in any season, including finding pumpkin patches to explore in the fall, gardens to see or plant in the spring, and so much more, be sure to check out the rest of out website! Start with this article on the Best Apple Orchards in Indiana.