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Affordable Transformations: 13 Cheap Backyard Makeover Ideas

Is your backyard looking a little old and out of style lately? Or maybe it seems like it’s deteriorating day by day, as it’s been challenging to keep up with. You can easily transform your old backyard into something beautiful with a few simple and cheap backyard makeover ideas!

Small changes can make a monumental difference in the vibe and look of your backyard. Keep reading to learn about some fun, easy, and cheap backyard makeover ideas you can try at home!

Cheap Backyard Makeover Ideas

Painting Ideas

1. Paint Your Deck

Screened walkout deck with fire pit, chais, bench and garden swing, chais, bench and garden swing

Your deck is the primary place you hang out in the warm weather. As years pass, you might notice your deck looking worn, and its previous paint layer may start peeling. It isn’t the most pleasant thing to look at and can become dangerous.

Peeling paint leaves the wood open to the elements, which may cause splintering. This is especially true if the wood underneath the paint didn’t go through a treatment process. Untreated wood doesn’t handle water very well, leading to decay.

A cheap backyard makeover idea that can spruce up your old deck is a new layer of porch paint! You can use a typical neutral color. Or you can go bold with an eye-catching color you love. Pick a color that speaks to you and goes well with the color of your home for a stunning look! A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to make your deck look new.

2. Paint Your Furniture

How is your outdoor furniture looking? If your furniture has seen better days, it might be time for a change. Buying new furniture can cost a fortune, ultimately breaking any budget you had in mind. So, instead of getting something new, a cheap backyard makeover idea would be to repaint your current furniture!

Furniture is bound to deteriorate over time, as weather can be quite damaging. You might notice fading colors, chipping paint, and a generally worn-out look. Luckily, furniture paint is a quick fix that can solve these unsightly issues.

Outdoor furniture paint comes in almost any color, allowing you to find the perfect shade. And it can stick to any surface, so it doesn’t matter what material your furniture uses! Simply paint it, allow it to dry, and your furniture will look as good as new! It’s an easy project that anyone can master.

3. Paint a Rug Onto Your Patio or Deck

It might sound strange, but painting a rug can easily brighten your backyard. And the best part is that it won’t get gross and moldy due to the weather. All you need to do is brainstorm or find a design and get creative with some outdoor craft paint. Outline your rug design with painter’s tape for clean lines, paint away, and you’ll have a new rug in hours!

Painting a rug will allow you full creativity and customizability. Repaint a design for each season, holiday, or whenever you want something new! It’s a fun and cheap backyard makeover idea that helps bring some personality to your deck or patio.

Things to Build

4. Put a Pergola Together

Backyard Pergola

Shade is important in protecting your skin and keeping you cool, especially in the summer months. However, building overhangs, gazebos, and other protective, large structures can be taxing on your wallet.

Setting up a pergola is a cheap backyard makeover idea that can provide shade without spending too much. You can buy one, or you could even head to your local hardware store for some wood to build one. Opt for whichever option fits your budget and the style you’re going for.

Pergolas are also a great option to help give your backyard a more inviting vibe. They have a put-together look and make your backyard seem cohesive.

5. Buy or Make a Fire Pit

A fire pit can create the perfect cozy vibe you’re looking for in your backyard. It’s great for s’mores on summer nights and provides a relaxing, warm ambiance on cool fall nights.

You have two options when looking to add a fire pit to your outdoor space: buy or make one. Metal fire pits are excellent options if you don’t want to build one or hire someone to do so. Store-bought pits are easy to move and store. And they’re cheap backyard makeover ideas that are very affordable.

But if you’re looking for something more personalized and stationary, building a fire pit is the best way to go. Bricks, pavers, and concrete blocks are sturdy materials you can use to make one. Simply create the shape you want with your materials, fill the pit with a layer of dirt, and enjoy!

6. Create a Steel Tub Fountain

Water features can make beautiful additions to your backyard. The serene noises they provide, along with their look, can instantly make your backyard more relaxing.

Ponds and fountains are the most common types of water features that many bring to their yard. But they can get expensive, especially if you have someone install them for you. Luckily, you can make your own fountain with this cheap backyard makeover idea!

You’ll need a steel tub and a fountain pump to create a beautiful above-ground water feature. Once you fill your tub, you can put the pump inside and watch the magic! You may need to prop the pump on rocks inside the tub to allow the water to bubble and spray. But other than that, you’ll have a stunning fountain in no time!

7. Make a Budget Outdoor Kitchen

Patio Bar Ideas

Outdoor kitchens are an excellent way to enjoy the warm weather. You can enjoy the fresh air, grill some delicious food, and talk with guests at the same time.

Contracting someone to create your outdoor kitchen is usually one of the most expensive parts of the outdoor kitchen process. So, to reduce the price, it might be a good idea to create your own!

Combining storage counters to create an island is an easy way to make a kitchen. Find tabletop appliances like portable grills and pizza ovens to pair with your counters. Maybe even add a mini fridge in the storage area below your counter space! Small appliances are much cheaper than full-sized ones, and portable counter space is easy to find.

This cheap backyard makeover idea has everything you need to make a delicious meal in your outdoor space.

8. Build Your Own Furniture Out of Pallets

If buying new furniture isn’t in the cards, you can try making your own with this cheap backyard makeover idea!

Wooden pallets are a great material to build furniture out of. They’re sturdy and highly customizable, as they’re like a blank slate. You’ll need to go to local stores and hunt down unused pallets. Oftentimes, stores will allow you to take pallets for free because they don’t want them. Just ask!

Once you have your pallets, you can start screwing them together to form your needed furniture. You can either paint your newly-made furniture or stain it with wood stain for a beautiful natural look. Then it’s time to make everything comfortable with bench cushions and outdoor pillows!

Decorations and Comfort

9. Add Various Types of Lights

Decorative Small Solar Garden Light, Lanterns In Flower Bed In Green Foliage. Garden Design. Solar Powered Lamps In Row generative ai

Lighting can is an easy and cheap backyard makeover idea that can brighten your backyard and make it feel cozy. It’s also helpful when the sun goes down, but you don’t want to go inside just yet.

To make your backyard more interesting, try combining different types of lights. Think along the lines of combining hanging lanterns or floor lanterns with string lights. These mixtures will provide adequate light for hazard-free walking and general ambiance. Your backyard will look like a glowing oasis when the sun sets!

10. Use Curtains for Shade

Using outdoor curtains can help create a more comfortable and cooler environment for you and your guests. They may also create the illusion of a closed room, as they can also act as movable walls. This may be especially helpful if you live in a heavily populated area where personal outdoor space is scarce.

You can easily set these up with tension rods and adjust them as the sun changes positions throughout the day. Curtains are a cheap backyard makeover idea that can create an elegant look while still serving a purpose.

11. Hang Some Planters

vertical wall planter

Look around your backyard. Do you have enough greenery and flowers? If it’s looking a little bare, some hanging planters can help you add some color!

Understandably, not everyone has a large enough backyard for tons of flower beds or a garden. Or maybe your yard doesn’t provide optimal growing conditions. Planting things in hanging planters is a quick fix if you’re looking to improve your landscaping. You can plant flowers, foliage, and even garden plants like herbs.

Planters are a beautiful and cheap backyard makeover idea that’ll bring life to your outdoor space!

12. Replace Your Cushions

Old beat-up furniture cushions can make your backyard look a little messy. They’re also unpleasant to look at, deterring guests from sitting on them. A cheap backyard makeover idea would be to replace these old cushions with new vibrant ones.

Outdoor cushions are essential for comfort. And adding new ones to your backyard can make your furniture look newer than it is. Bright colors from these cushions can also bring a happier vibe to your backyard, which makes guests feel welcome.

13. Add a Garden Swing

Patio Swing

Did you enjoy swaying around on the swings when you were younger? Well, why not bring that happiness and fun to your backyard with a garden swing?

Hanging a wooden swing brings fun and home-like feelings to your outdoor space. It’s also something that you and your guests will love using. You can hang it almost anywhere, including your porch, patio, or a tree. It’s a versatile, functional, and cheap backyard makeover idea that’ll help transform the vibe of your outdoor space.

Wrapping Up Cheap Backyard Makeover Ideas

Updating and transforming your backyard is a fun and sometimes stressful process. But a good-looking backyard doesn’t always require you to spend every penny you have. So, use these cheap backyard makeover ideas to get some inspiration and turn your outdoor space into something stunning!

Do you need more makeover ideas to help spruce up your outdoor space? Our Backyard Living page has other suggestions to help you with your outdoor transformation!