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All About The Better Bush Tomato

Do you love tomatoes and wish to grow your own but lack enough space for sprawling vines? You need the better bush tomato, one of the best compact tomato plants, for a bountiful urban harvest.

This tomato is a superb container variety that produces mouthwatering red tomatoes. Continue reading to learn more about this hardy hybrid tomato plant.

the better bush tomato amongst other varieties of tomato in a basket

The Better Bush Tomato for Patio Gardens

Why do gardeners across America love the Better Bush tomato? This compact plant packs a lot of flavorful fruit and keeps producing almost all season long.

Most determinate bush tomato varieties tend to erupt with ripe fruit for a few weeks before dying off for winter. Generally, you must sow indeterminate tomato seeds to get a long harvest season.

If you have limited growing space, vining tomatoes might not have enough room to flourish. This tasty tomato is an elegant solution to growing gallons of juicy tomatoes in a small spot.

Better Bush tomatoes grow to around two feet tall once mature. The fruits ripen ten weeks after you sow the seeds, and the plants continue producing for over two months.

Growing Better Bush Tomatoes

bush tomatoes similar to the better bush tomato growing

Better Bush tomatoes are great for beginner gardeners. These hybrid plants are vigorous and resistant to common diseases.

To get started, ensure you select the best soil for tomatoes in containers. Fill your pot or plot, add a tiny sprinkle of 4-6-8 fertilizer, and water thoroughly.

Allow the fertilized dirt to rest a full day before sowing the seeds a quarter inch deep. Space plants 48 inches apart to allow adequate room for them to flourish.

Provide your budding plants with plenty of water if the soil feels dry when you dip your finger in it. You can fertilize again when the plants start fruiting.

These tomato plants are compact and rarely require any pruning or trellising. You’ll only need to stake them if they get leggy from reaching for sunlight.

Common Tomato Pests and Pathogens

This robust hybrid tomato is bred to resist verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, and nematodes. They can be susceptible to blossom end rot, so consider supplementing the soil with calcium.

You should learn the best tips and tricks to combat natural threats to your tomato garden. Read about the most common tomato diseases and peskiest tomato pests and how to prevent and treat them.

Where to Buy Better Bush Tomato Seeds

Someone planting tomato seeds

After reading about this amazing tomato, you likely cannot wait to grow your own. So, where is the best place to buy reliable tomato seeds?

You can visit local nurseries and garden stores to find out if they carry this variety. An easier option is purchasing Better Bush Tomato seeds online and having them delivered right to your door.

Better Bush Tomato Taste and Texture

These hardy tomatoes are easy to grow, but how do they taste? You won’t be disappointed by the rich and juicy fruits that you’ll be harvesting all summer.

The Better Bush tomato is a plump, four-inch fruit with a meaty texture. The flavor is exceptionally sweet and has the classic tomato taste and aroma that you will love.

These tomatoes are ideal for fresh eating. Try them sliced on sandwiches and salads for a bright pop of summer in your favorite dish.

Cooking with Better Bush Tomatoes


Since this variety is a prolific producer, you might end up with more tomatoes than you can eat fresh. You don’t want your excess harvest to spoil, so try the following delicious tomato recipes.

The sweet and meaty Better Bush tomatoes are excellent for chunky salsa. Dice up a few fresh ones and whip up this tasty tomato salsa recipe.

These fruits are absolutely bursting with old-fashioned tomato flavor. You will love using these tomatoes in this classic marinara recipe.

This Tomato Bisque recipe is a scrumptious way to stave off the chill of early autumn. It’s the perfect choice for warming up after a long day in the garden during end-of-season harvesting.

What should you do with surplus Better Bush tomatoes once the harvest season is over? Explore the best ways to store tomatoes and learn how to freeze tomatoes for more information.


tomato seedling

Are tomatoes healthy?

Tomatoes are an excellent part of a balanced diet. These fruits are a great source of vitamins A, B, and C, plus essential antioxidants.

Check out these five amazing tomato health benefits to get the full scoop.

Should you prune better bush tomatoes?

These dwarf tomatoes require minimal pruning and maintenance. Simply remove any dead or damaged leaves when they appear to keep Better Bush tomato plants healthy.

How do you care for a better bush tomato plant?

These hybrid bush tomatoes are vigorous and hardy. They are easy to grow for gardeners of any experience level.

Just follow the basics of tomato plant care to get the best results. You likely won’t need to worry about staking, pruning, or trellising these compact plants.

Are better bush tomatoes determinate or indeterminate?

This tasty tomato has a unique growth habit, making it a popular choice among urban gardeners. Technically these plants are determinate since they don’t have sprawling vines that never stop growing.

So, what makes this tomato variety so special? The bushy plants produce fruit continuously due to the presence of indeterminate short internodes that guide tomato development.

This causes fruit production to be indeterminate while the foliage growth remains determinate. Talk about the best of both worlds!

Grow the Better Bush Tomato Today!

We hope this guide has answered all your questions about this perfect bush tomato. Now you know everything you need to start growing Better Bush tomatoes at home.

Do you want to explore more of the best tomato varieties and get an in-depth look at top-growing guides? Check out our Tomato Plants hub page to learn more!