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Heat Without Hassle: Your Guide To The Best Smokeless Fire Pits

Sitting by the fire on a beautiful night is hard to beat, but when the wind picks up or the wood starts burning, a bunch of smoke in your face can really put a damper on your spirits. Luckily, there are smokeless fire pits which give you all the comforts of a traditional fire pit without having to dodge the smoke. We are going to break down the best smokeless fire pits for your next evening outside.

Smokeless fire pits use air flow to help dissipate smoke as well as assist in burning wood or pellets. The best ones on the market will create virtually no smoke while maintaining that campfire smell and feel. Many also have attachments that make them easy to cook on, making them a grill and fire pit all in one.

Best Smokeless Fire Pit

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Solo Stove Bonfire

Budget Option:
Inno Stage Fire Pit

Modern Design:
Tiki Fire Pit

Best Overall

Solo Stove Bonfire

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 with Stand, Smokeless Fire Pit | Wood Burning Fireplaces w/Removable Ash Pan, Portable Outdoor Firepit - for Camping, Stainless Steel, H: 16.75 in x Dia: 19.5 in, 21.75 lbs

Solo Stove has made a big name for itself recently and with good reason. This is our best overall smokeless fire pit due to outstanding build quality, sleek looks, and a smart design. This smokeless fire pit is going to give you a brand name that you can trust and will last for years to come.

The Solo Stove burns wood as any traditional fire pit would, but thanks to its design allowing for 360 degree airflow, this fire pit won’t create smoke. It allows the smoke to dissipate while the airflow fuels your fire, making it easy to maintain.

This is also our best smokeless fire pit due to its ease of use in terms of cleaning and assembly. It takes minimal assembly (just stacking parts) and comes apart just as quickly. This means you can clean the ash pan before each use without interrupting your night, just pull it out and empty it.

The Solo Stove also has a plethora of attachments including a rim which can turn it into a stove. This means you can cook on it and use it as a fire pit without having the headache of setting up normally required to cook over an open fire.

The Solo Stove gives off a large radius of heat thanks to its airflow technology, and because it is so well insulated and built, most of the heat is coming through the intended opening, rather than being lost out the sides. This will lead to less fuel consumption.

Solo Stove has a large company behind it that takes a lot of pride in their product, so if you do have an issue you can have the peace-of-mind knowing that they will help you solve it, and back their product. While many companies state they will do the same, it’s always comforting when there is a reputable brand to back up that promise.

Lastly, because the Solo Stove uses normal wood, you still get the smell and feel of wood burning which is lost on some options that use fuel such as propane. The only downside for this smokeless fire pit is the cost, which is on the higher side, but that is a factor of its outstanding build quality.


  • Great brand with a strong reputation
  • Creates heat by burning wood without smoke
  • Easily cleaned
  • Can be cooked on


  • Expensive

Best Budget Option

Inno Stage Fire Pit

INNO STAGE Stainless Fire Pit with Portable Carrying Storage Bag, Patented Smoke-Free Firepit Bowl for Wood Pellet with Stand for Outdoor Campfire Flame or Bonfire BBQ on Patio Garden Backyard - M

Smokeless fire pits are generally pretty expensive, so no list of the best options would be complete without a budget friendly product. The Inno Stage Fire Pit offers a lot of the benefits from more expensive models at a much lower cost.

This fire pit, like the Solo Stove, runs off of traditional wood so you get that “campfire” smell and feel without the smoke. The airflow isn’t as good as others on the list, so some smoke might escape, but that downside is offset by the price.

The metal on this smokeless fire pit is not as thick as the Solo Stove, meaning it is less insulated and will burn wood faster, so you will need more fuel to offset the increased loss due to thin metal.

This fire pit comes apart easily making it easy to clean and store, which is a very nice add on. It can stack in itself, so it will take up less room when stored. It even comes with a handy carrying bag, so you can bring it with you when camping or vacationing. The only downside is that as a result of that, it is smaller than some of our other options.

This smokeless fire pit can also be used as a grill, like the Solo Stove, making a multi-functional addition to any outdoor space. If you’re looking for the best smokeless fire pit on a budget, this is absolutely a winner.

One aspect of the design that will not appeal to some is that the company name is plastered on the side of the smokeless fire pit. This, along with the unique shape, gives this fire pit a distinctly different aesthetic from others on the list and may be a turn off for some.


  • Low cost option
  • Will create plenty of heat
  • Can grill on it


  • Thin metal means it is less insulated
  • Will consume more fuel
  • Very branded

Modern Design

Tiki Fire Pit

TIKI Brand Reunion Smokeless Fire Pit | Large Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit, Great for Large Gatherings - Includes Starter Pack, Modern Design with Removable Ash Pan, 27.5x27.5x20 in, Black

Most smokeless fire pits are chrome, which can look sleek when new, but can get burn marks and ash all over them. Keeping them clean can be a hassle and the aesthetic may not be your style. The Tiki Fire Pit offers you a handsome design that is sure to complement any outdoor space.

This made it onto our list of the best smokeless fire pits not only due to its great looks, but also because it is a fantastic option that has the same function and abilities as a Solo Stove. The Tiki Fire Pit will burn traditional wood or pellets, and is a large option that radiates significant heat.

Its thick metal allows for great insulation, and the airflow design should get rid of all of the smoke. We particularly like the black option which will look clean even with ash on it, and has legs so it sits a little off the ground.

This fire pit does come with a cover in addition to its stand, which means you get the full kit for the price. The stand is a nice included addition that most other fire pits don’t have and means that it will sit off of the ground, potentially increasing life and preventing damage or surface rust from excessive water.

The good looks of the Tiki Fire Pit comes at a price, literally, this is by far the most expensive option on our list of the best smokeless fire pits, so budget-minded shoppers may want to look elsewhere.


  • Sleek design adds a modern look
  • Large and generates a lot of heat
  • Comes apart easily for cleaning


  • Very Expensive

Table Top Option

Tabletop Fire Pit

Tabletop Fire Pit Bowl Mini Table Top Rubbing Alcohol Personal Smores Fireplace Long Burning Smokeless Flame Portable Upgraded Original Ceramic Firepit, Mini Fire Pit Used Indoor & Outdoor & Garden

If you want a smokeless fire pit but don’t have the room for a large one, consider a table top option like the Tabletop Fire Pit. This smokeless fire pit is tiny, portable, and can easily sit on a picnic table so that you have natural light and a nice flame.

This fire pit burns gas instead of wood, so you won’t have the smell and feel of wood burning campfire but that is made up for in ease of use. Its ceramic construction allows it to withstand up to 2000 degrees without cracking, meaning you can let it burn for a long time without worrying about its ability to withstand the abuse.

This little fire pit is an honorable mention for our best smokeless fire pits because, while it isn’t exactly comparable to other models, it does fulfill the needs of someone without the space for a full size fire pit. Note that because it uses gas and is so small, it will only generate a small amount of heat that burns off quickly.


  • Tabletop option
  • Small Portable option
  • Creates great light for nighttime campsite fun


  • Expensive for size
  • Won’t cook food

Smokeless Fire Pit Buyers Guide

Fire Pit Ideas

Fuel Source

When buying a smokeless fire pit, most people are going to look for a wood burning option. These pits will give you the closest feeling to a traditional campfire while also preventing smoke from spreading. Many smokeless fire pits offer you the ability to use either pellets or traditional logs.

Some are driven by other fuel sources such as propane. These are easier to use and consistent but do not give off the same heat or that campfire feel and smell.


Smokeless fire pits come in all different sizes and shapes. When shopping for one make sure to get one that fits your area, and not just the biggest possible. Many of the largest options may give off too much heat or will use too much wood and become a pain unless you actually need to heat a large area. This could also become a burn hazard.

Check the heat radius of whichever fire pit you choose to determine if it will heat the right amount of area for you. These can range from a few inches to a few feet so it can make a significant difference depending on your set up. Most fire pits will list the radius in their description.


The thickness of the metal used in construction correlates directly to how well a smokeless fire pit insulates. Thicker metal will insulate better, burn less wood, and put off more heat from the opening. Thinner metal allows more heat to dissipate and will consume more fuel to create an equal amount of heat.

Generally, 16 gauge steel is considered a thick metal with sufficient insulation. Anything thicker, such as 14 gauge, would be even better but keep in mind that the thicker the metal, the heavier the fire pit. So if you plan on moving it around a bunch, you should balance the insulating properties with the weight.

The Best Smokeless Fire Pit

While the Solo Stove is our overall top pick, you should buy a fire pit that fits your area and lifestyle best. If you need a small one, consider a tabletop version. If you want something that looks different and has a sleek design, the Tiki Fire Pit might be best.

Remember to not only look at fuel type but also size, heat radius, and construction. The thicker the metal, the better insulated, but also the heavier. No matter what you choose, you will be happy with the campfire feel and ease of use of all of these fire pits!

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