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Evergreen Charm: Selecting The Best Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is not only for sports stadiums and miniature golf but can be used in many ways in and around your home. For example, artificial grass is handy if you live in areas where the weather is not conducive to keeping a natural lawn. Another example is for pet spaces. Artificial grass is especially useful for kennels to keep your pets comfortable and off the hard ground.

That being said, how do you pick the best artificial grass? Are they all the same? How much different can one be from another? Keep reading to answer all these questions while showing our best artificial grass picks for any purpose!

Best Artificial Grass

Our Top 5 Best Artificial Grass Picks

Best Overall:
Fas Home Artificial Grass Turf

Best For Pets:
Everlast Pet Turf Artificial Grass

Best For Putting Green:
Petgrow Artificial Grass Turf for Pro Putting Green

Best For Lawn Transformation:
Petgrow Artificial Grass Turf For Lawn

Best Carpet Rug:
Riviera Pro Artificial Turf Grass Carpet

Best Overall

Fas Home Artificial Grass Turf

Fas Home Artificial Grass Turf 4FTX6FT(24 Square FT), 1.38

When searching high and low for the best artificial turf, there are a few things that you need to pay close attention to. The number one being material, this artificial grass is made of a high-density and extremely durable polyethylene and polypropylene pile (grass). This makes it a top-tier choice.

Available in multiple sizes, the four tone pattern makes it resemble natural grass and gives it an incredible underfoot feel. Not to mention it’s extremely easy to install, and the multi-layer backing supports easy drainage, so it dries in no time.

The pile also is UV-resistant and won’t fade from the sun, and pet messes can easily be washed away with the help of a garden hose.

Because of the 1.37-inch pile height, you won’t have to be worried about constant raking since this artificial grass will not easily matt or flatten even in high-traffic areas.


  • Very natural look and feel
  • Easy to clean
  • Especially great for around pools or areas for pet mess


  • Shine deflects the natural appearance
  • May have to flip over to dry if you plan on keeping on a concrete surface

Best For Pets

Everlast Pet Turf Artificial Grass

So why is artificial grass beneficial when you have pets? For one, pet urine is most often the culprit of those killed yellow grass circles in your yard. And if you’re a pet owner, you know how unsightly this can be.

By placing an area of Everlast Pet Turf, you can keep your natural grass alive and well, all while having a safe, appropriate potty place for your dog.

Made of polyethylene materials, this product offers an incredibly durable artificial grass that will hold up to any and all of your pet’s play and potty needs. The pile is UV-resistant, meaning the sun’s rays will not fade the green of the grass over time.

This artificial grass is water and weatherproof, and the backing is liquid-resistant, so there is no need to worry about it holding on to any unpleasant odors. Not only is this perfect for pets, but because of the extreme durableness, it’s perfect for any outdoor gym or activity area.


  • Perfect for dog play and potty areas such as kennels
  • Does not hold on to unpleasant orders
  • Easily wash with safe soap and water


  • Pieces of artificial grass may come loose over time and over extended usage

Best for Putting Green

Petgrow Artificial Grass Turf For Pro Putting Green

· Petgrow · Pro Putting Green Golf Artificial Grass Turf 7FTX10FT, Indoor Outdoor Golf Training Mat, Synthetic Fake Grass for Baseball Football Gym Sports

Who says you have to do all your putting practice at the golf course? You can do it comfortably and confidently in your own backyard with this artificial grass made solely for this purpose. And you won’t be disappointed.

With a .47-inch pile height, you can count on this thick high-density grass to perfectly simulate the golf course. The rubber backing makes drainage easy, and you won’t need to worry about any pile coming loose or fraying.

Made of durable polyethylene, this artificial grass is UV-resistant and weatherproof, so it can easily be placed in an open area outdoors without fear of any type of natural damage.

If the grass gets dirty, it can easily be cleaned with soap and water and will look brand new in no time.


  • Holds up to high traffic and activity
  • Easy to clean


  • It can be difficult to lay completely flat

Best For Lawn Transformations

Petgrow Artificial Grass Turf For Lawn

Synthetic Artificial Grass Turf Lawn 5ft x 10ft, 1.38

Do you crave that beautiful green lawn cascading around your home? You may live in an area where growing a lush natural lawn is a lot of expensive and time-consuming upkeep, or the weather makes it unable or inconsistent to grow.

Regardless of your reasoning, this artificial grass is soft and lush with a 1.38-inch pile height, making it look natural and resemble growing grass without timely expensive upkeep.

The eco-friendly polyethylene and polypropylene materials won’t cause any harm if placed onto any dirt near any existing landscaping or plant life. Because of these durable materials, the PetGrow Artificial Grass can withstand all weather conditions.

This grass is corrosion and flame resistant, meaning it can be placed in almost any area, which is good news if you’re wanting to use this as your backyard lawn. You won’t need to worry about your grill catching your lawn on fire.

Of course, these artificial grasses are made of plastics, so while they won’t catch fire, they can and will melt under extreme temperatures.

Because of the eco-friendly materials, you won’t need to worry about pets or children playing on this grass as it is completely safe for both.


  • Eco friendly
  • Natural look
  • It can be used to cover large areas


  • Hard to lay flat
  • Can lose grass pieces overtime

Best Carpet Rug

Riviera Pro Artificial Turf Grass Carpet

Nothing makes an outdoor space more inviting than greenery. That could be plants, grass, or even fabrics. With Riviera Pro artificial grass carpet, you’ll completely transform your patio or balcony space, making it much more lively.

With a 1 ¾ inch pile height, this heat, frost, and UV-resistant artificial grass is perfect for a patio space. It is even durable enough to handle high traffic of either pet play, child play, activities, or even party spaces.

The multi-dimensional blades make this artificial grass look incredibly natural, and it has an amazing underfoot feel. This makes it a wonderful place to play with the kids or do other sports activities.

Made with highly durable polyethylene materials, it has a 15-year rating, so it should last you season after season, bringing more life and space to relax on your patio or balcony.


  • Easy to install
  • Natural look and feel underfoot
  • Perfect play area for kids and pets


  • Only one size is available

Complete Buyers Guide to Purchasing The Best Artificial Grass

How to Install Artificial Grass

When buying artificial grasses, there are a few things to beware of and what to look for. Here is our complete buyer’s guide for picking the best artificial grass if our top-tier list didn’t make your cut!


When shopping around, there are three materials you’ll commonly see artificial grasses made of. Here, we will dive into the pros and cons.


Nylon artificial grass is the strongest on the market today, but that will also come with a few drawbacks. Nylon cannot stand up to heavy weight and high temperatures. Although it won’t get matted down from normal foot traffic, things like patio furniture or lawn chairs, after time, will dig into the nylon, wearing it down.

Nylon is also known to be the most expensive artificial grass on the market, but it won’t ever lose its shape and will look newer and fresher for longer.

You’ll mostly use nylon turf for smaller spaces or used for mini-putting practice areas at home.


Polyethylene is the most popular artificial grass. Being the most purchased and commonly used in large spaces or even whole-yard installs. This is simply because it’s a cheaper option, the texture is much softer than nylon, and it is non-porous and won’t hold onto any odors or stains caused by pet messes.

Polyethylene is the most commonly used in sports arenas and gyms because it is extremely durable and can be raked out to look new again. This turf also resembles natural grass the most and can take quite a beating, so it’s perfect for those frequently using the area where artificial grass is laid.


Polypropylene is the least expensive option on the market, and if you’re looking for an “okay” budget option, this would be the artificial grass to pick.

This turf cannot withstand much foot traffic, nor can it handle pets or even child play. Polypropylene grass cannot handle high temperatures as this will cause the plastic to shrink and give the turf a wonky shape.

This artificial grass is great for indoor uses and decorative options that won’t be physically used or handled.

Pile Height

Pile height refers to the height of the grass blades from the backing.


Shorter grass will look less realistic, but a short pile height is preferred for pet areas, kennels, and home putting spaces.


Medium is the best option to fill a larger space, as it will look more natural and give off a fuller appearance without being too heavy.

This pile height is the most comfortable underfoot and best for kids’ play areas or outdoor entertaining areas.


Anything over an inch and a half will become easily matted and appear unnatural. These artificial grasses tend to have a “fallen” look and require much more maintenance, as in raking and brushing to make them stand back up.

Important Features

Here are a few keywords to keep an eye out for when purchasing the best artificial grass.


This is the most important when placing your artificial grass outdoors in a sunny area. This keeps the grass from fading and losing its bright green shade.

Non-Absorbent Fibers

This is the most important thing to look for if you plan on using this artificial grass as a pet potty area or for kennels, even home gyms.

This will ensure that spills, pet messes, and even kid and adult messes will not stain or hold onto any unpleasant odors.

This is also best for poolside areas as it won’t hold on to pool chemicals or chlorine smells.

Heat and Frost Resistant

Too hot or cold temperatures can damage artificial grass, so depending on your climate or where you want to place the grass, make sure it can handle the heat or cold.


This should be a given, but unfortunately, it’s something to look for, especially if you are placing it in a backyard near a grill or nearby fire pit.

Of course, this just means that if a small spark were to touch the grass, it wouldn’t go up in flames but remember, artificial grasses are still plastic and can melt under high temperatures easily.

The Best Artificial Grass: Frequently Asked Questions

artificial rolled green grass; closeup

Can artificial grass be laid directly on soil?

You can, but it’s highly suggested that you do not. This can cause unevenness and natural weeds and previous lawn grasses to come through. Not only would this be unsightly and cause much more maintenance, but it would also cause the artificial grass to age much faster.

Is artificial grass a better choice than a natural lawn?

One disadvantage to a natural lawn is an artificial one won’t last as long. But depending on the type of artificial grass and the wear it endures (pets, kids, foot traffic, etc.), it’s easier upkeep that can last anywhere from 7 to 15 years.

Is artificial grass bad for the environment?

In short, it can be. Sometimes artificial grasses can cause confusion in some animals, and they may try ingesting the plastic grasses. Much of this depends on the area it’s placed and making sure it’s an eco-friendly product.

Cheaper grasses are not eco-friendly and can have chemicals seep into the ground if laid directly on the soil. This is why choosing a highly-rated grass is so important.

Wrapping Up The Best Artificial Grasses For That Evergreen Charm

Picking the best artificial grass is easier than ever with our top 5 picks and our extensive buyer’s guide on artificial grass’s dos and don’ts. No matter where you’d like to use your new turf, there is a type and style for that purpose.

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