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The 8 Best Apple Pickers for Harvesting Apples

Save your hands by using the best apple picker you can find!

Not only do apple pickers save time, but it also protects you from fatigue and stress on your arms. If you want to increase productivity in your orchard, then why not give the tool a try? Your back will thank us later.

Below, we’ve included a comprehensive guide on the best apple pickers that will revolutionize your harvest season.

Closeup of a blue metal basket-style apple picker with apples in it.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall – 8′ Classic Design:
MIYA Fruit Picker

Longest Reach – Extends to 24′:
DocaPole 6-24 Foot Fruit Picker

Best for Preventing Fruit Bruising:
Fiskars Extendable Fruit Picker

Best For Picking Apples Up Off Ground:
Gardena 3108 Combi System Fruit Collector

Best Overall

MIYA Fruit Picker Tool

MIYA Fruit Picker Tool- Height Adjustable Fruit Picker with Big Basket - 8 ft Apple Orange Pear Picker with Light-Weight Stainless Steel Pole and Extra Fruit Carrying Bag for Getting Fruits(8 FT)

One use of the MAYA Fruit Picker Tool and you’ll see why we ranked it as the #1 best apple picker. It is designed for maximum productivity, perfect for long days at the orchard. Between the cushioned basket that prevents apple bruising and the extendable lightweight steel rod, this is one perfect picker.


  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable height ranging from 2.6 ft to 8 ft
  • Affordable
  • Deep metal basket can hold multiple apples at once


  • Limited height range

Longest Reach

DOCAZOO DocaPole 6-24 Foot Fruit Picker

DOCAZOO DocaPole 6-24 Foot (30 ft Reach) Fruit Picker and Telescopic Extension Pole for Apples, Avocados, Oranges, and Other Fruit Trees

We picked this as the best apple picker in the telescopic category because it’s super adjustable. It comes with 6-24 feet worth of extension poles that can create a 30 ft reach. Best of all, it’s very customizable as it’s made from universal metal, so it works with other DOCAZOO attachments.

The great part about this apple picker is the multi-angle hinge tip. Got an apple lurking in a hard-to-reach place? Then you can easily adjust the angle of the basket to snatch the fruit of your labor.


  • Bruise-free padding
  • Only weighs 6.25lbs at 24 feet
  • Deep metal basket that holds multiple fruits


  • It can get a bit unwieldy when fully extended
  • Pricey

Best Mesh Basket – No Bruise

Fiskars 340160-1001 Extendable Fruit Picker

Fiskars 340160-1001 Extendable Fruit Picker, Orange/Black

If you use a mesh apple picker, you have the benefit of not worrying about fruit bruising or scratching. A cool feature on the Fiskars 340160-1001 Extendable Fruit Picker is you can actually machine-wash the mesh bag, preventing mold from building up.

This apple picker is extendable from 6.6 ft to 12 ft and features a secure, double-locking system for extra durability.


  • Ultralight, only weighing 3.2 lbs
  • Full lifetime warranty
  • Replacement bag is available through Fiskars customer service


  • Plastic end can become a bit flimsy

Best Rolling Apple Picker

Gardena 3108 Combi System Fruit Collector

Gardena 3108 Combi System Fruit Collector

Rolling apple pickers come in super handy when you’re trying to clean up the fallen fruit without breaking your back. The Gardenea 3108 Combi System Fruit Collector is the best apple picker that rolls, allowing you to scoop up all those apples with ease. This all-in-one tool will save you hours in the orchard.


  • Easy to use
  • High-quality material


  • Handle not included

Best Budget Option

Esschert Design GT113 Fruit Picker

Esschert Design GT113 Fruit Picker

If you’re looking to cut costs while also making your apple picking experience easier, then the Esschert Design GT113 Fruit Picker is the one for you.

It’s super easy to use and comes with metal claws for the optimal picking experience. Weighing only 6 ounces, this is one light apple picker that can be easily stored.


  • Very affordable
  • You can attach it to any pole


  • Small bag makes it hard to fit multiple apples

Best Claw Style

Zenport ZL6146D Long Reach Fruit Harvester

Zenport ZL6146D Long Reach Fruit Harvester, Multi-Function Picker, 28-Inch

The downside of using basket pickers is that it only works with fruit that’s ready to fall off the tree. If you’ve got a stubborn apple that’s not letting go, then a picker with a claw attachment will save you the trouble.

The Zenport ZL6146D Fruit Harvester is the best apple picker for those hard-to-grab fruits and features a 5-inch aluminum claw at the end. The ThermoPlastic Rubber grip makes it easy to hold on to, even if the picker is fully extended.

This harvester smartly coats the claws in soft rubber to prevent bruising on the fruit, and it can hold objects ranging from 2.4 through 5.2-inches.


  • Lightweight (only 1.2 lbs)
  • Durable aluminum material


  • Limited reach, the entire picker is 28 inches in length

Achort Fruit Picker Tool

Achort Fruit Picker Tool, 13-Foot Fruit Picker with Light-Weight Aluminum Telescoping Pole and Basket, Fruit Grabber Easy to Assemble, Use Fruits Catcher Tree Picker for Getting Apple (Blue)

We all know how taxing it is to carry around a heavy picker. That’s why we ranked the Achort Fruit Picker Tool as the best apple picker that’s lightweight.

Weighing only 4.4 lbs, this apple picker won’t bog you down as you go about your work. The aluminum alloy material creates a lightweight tool that’s also durable, so you don’t have to worry about a flimsy tool.

You’ll also find nice touches of detail on the Achort Fruit Picker Tool, such as a padded basket and an adjustable height.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Large basket capacity
  • Affordable


  • Only extends to 13 ft

EVERSPROUT Twist-On Fruit Picker Basket

EVERSPROUT Twist-On Fruit Picker Basket, Twists onto Standard US Threaded Pole (3/4-inch ACME), Fruit Picker Head Basket, Fruit Harvesting Tool, Apple, Mango Picker etc. (Head Only, Pole Not Included)

If you want to up your apple-picking basket game, then check out this attachment. You can twist this basket to any pole with Universal/Standard US Threading, which makes it perfect if you want to customize your apple picker.

Rest easy knowing that the twist-on design is reliable and secure, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off mid-way through apple picking.


  • Foam cushion prevents bruising
  • Double-coated durable metal material
  • Affordable


  • The basket diameter is only 5.6 inches, and it doesn’t fit multiple apples

Key Considerations

When searching for the best apple picker, there are some key considerations to keep in mind. It often comes down to personal preference so be sure to ponder the following questions before buying.

Fixed vs. Extendable Pole

An apple picker with a fixed pole might be more durable since there are no attachments that could potentially buckle. The main downside is that you’re stuck with the length you buy and aren’t able to adjust when necessary.

The extendable pole option is perfect for when you need that extra bit of height, especially if the person doing the apple picking isn’t the tallest.

Woman using an apple picker bag. The best apple picker for you makes apple harvesting easier and more fun.

Gripping Claw vs. Basket

Baskets are great for productivity and efficiency. If you have a lot of apples in one place, a basket apple picker might be the best apple picker for you.

That being said, if you got a stubborn apple that won’t let go, it can get tiresome to be pulling a basket constantly. A gripping claw is a great way to reach those pesky apples without fatiguing your shoulders.

A claw-style apple picker --  some of the best apple pickers aren't baskets, but claw-style grabber models.

Mesh vs. Metal

With a mesh bag, you’re almost guaranteed to never have accidental fruit bruising since the material is so soft. The major downside with mesh however is that grime and mold can build up quickly if you’re not careful.

If you live in a wet climate, then a mesh tool might not be the best apple picker for you. Most mesh bags are machine-washable, but that adds an extra layer of work during the busy harvest season.

Metal baskets are great as long as there’s a cushion. Most cushions are made from foam and are easy to wash down when they get dirty. Metal baskets are also more durable, and less prone to damage, unlike mesh.

Closeup of a bag-style apple picker.

Tips For Harvesting Apples

You’re gonna want to go into the harvest season with all the tips and tricks you can get. Aside from choosing the best apple picker, here’s some more advice to make your apple harvest the best one yet.

When to Pick Apples

Before picking the fruits of your labor, be sure that they’re actually ready. There’s nothing worse than trying to pick an underripe apple.

There are multiple ways to check if your apple is ready for picking. The first is to gently twist the apple, if it comes off the tree then it’s ready to be harvested. Another way to check is by cutting open an apple and seeing if the seeds are brown. You can even taste the apple to know for sure- if it’s sweet and not sour, you’re in the clear.

Closeup of a blue metal basket-style apple picker.

For a more in-depth read about knowing when an apple is ready to be harvested from the tree, read our blog post When is the Right Time to Pick Apples?

Sorting Apples

Be sure you inspect each apple for insect damage. Keep an eye out for wormholes or other bug vandalism. Separate the good apples from the bad ones, you can always use the less-than-desirable fruits for cider, apple sauce, or other recipes. As long as you cut out the damaged parts, these apples are still good to eat.

A bucket of picked apples arranged in pine straw for storage.

How to Store Apples

Apples love when it’s cold and humid, so the optimal temperature for apple storage is 32°F and 90% humidity. Try to store the apples in a dark spot where no light can reach them. If you live in a dry climate, you can even lightly mist the apples to maintain the high humidity. For more information about apple storage for the short and long term, read this article.

Apple Pickers Make Your Harvest Easy

Growing apples takes patience and effort. Picking your apples shouldn’t be a Herculean task that ends up costing you some of the fruit you worked so hard for! The greatest tip we can give for harvesting apples is to find the best apple picker, like the MIYA Fruit Picker Tool. For a low cost, you can make your apple harvests very easy and efficient.

An apple picker with apples in the bag, resting on top of apples in a wooden apple crate.

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