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The Best Apple Grinder For 2024

A bumper crop of apples can be processed and enjoyed in myriad ways with one of the best apple grinders. Some of the most popular things you can make with this are applesauce and apple juice or cider.

Read on for our market round-up of the best apple grinders, things to consider when choosing one to fit your needs, and more.

homemade apple grinder similar to the best apple grinders on this list

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Maximizer Apple Grinder

SQUEEZE Master Fruit Grinder

Small Batch:
Ergonomic Food Mill – Stainless Steel

Best Overall

Maximizer Apple Grinder

Maximizer Apple Grinder, Fruit Crusher

It comes as no surprise that the best apple grinder you can find is one that will help you get the most from your apples! All apple grinders boast different productivity levels, but the key factor comes down to just how much juice they can expel.

In addition, you want to look for an apple grinder that is easy to use, clean, safe, and effective. For checking all these boxes and more, we recommend the Maximizer Apple Grinder as the best apple grinder overall.

This large, durable, hefty apple grinder can handle all the apples you put into it, whether hard or soft! It’s designed with easy operation and easy upkeep in mind. This attribute is a big contributor for it being the best apple grinder.

Apples that are ground in the Maximizer Apple Grinder before being pressed have been shown to produce 3 to 4 times more juice than their unground counterparts.


  • It has a sturdy design, built for longevity and productivity
  • Can handle a high volume of apples
  • Grinds apples very finely
  • Apple ground in the Maximizer Apple Grinder produces a much higher quantity of juice
  • Can handle even the largest, toughest apple slices


  • Some customers have reported a jamming issue with their grinder, but this does not seem to be a common problem


SQUEEZE Master Fruit Grinder

SQUEEZE master Fruit Apple Wine Classic Crusher -7 Litre/1.8Gallon Manual Grinder- Large Stainless Steel-Red

Large capacity and high grinding turnover are must-have features for many folks who are on the hunt for the best apple grinder on the market. The more apples you have, the more important it becomes to grind them quickly and efficiently before you move on to pressing them for juice and preparing the pulp!

Bearing those needs in mind, we recommend the SQUEEZE Master Fruit Grinder as the best apple grinder runner-up. It checks many of the same boxes as our pick for the best apple grinder overall, with the addition of being much more transportable on a rolling frame.

The SQUEEZE Master Fruit Grinder can hold up to 3 pounds of apples at a time. Its rust-proof design and fine grinding capabilities make this a very solid runner-up for the best apple grinder on the market.


  • A high-capacity apple grinder able to hold up to 3 pounds of apples
  • Easy to assemble and very transportable
  • Made of rust-repellant stainless steel
  • Compatible with just about any juice press


  • Requires apples to be very thinly sliced before adding them in—otherwise, the grinding blades will not catch them
  • The rolling frame can cause stability issues while grinding
  • Some customers have had issues with breakdowns in components after a few uses

Best for Small Batches

Ergonomic Food Mill – Stainless Steel

Ergonomic Food Mill Stainless Steel With 3 Grinding Milling Discs, Milling Handle & Stainless Steel Bowl - Rotary Food Mill for Tomato Sauce, Applesauce, Puree, Mashed Potatoes, Jams, Baby Food

Due to space and budget constraints, finding the best apple grinder that works for you can sometimes be a bit of a chore. A lot of the larger apple grinders with higher capacity can take up a lot of room and run you hundreds of dollars. And that isn’t always in the budget!

For folks looking for an effective apple grinder for small batch, or single-meal efforts that won’t break the bank, we recommend The Hungry Artesian Store’s Ergonomic Food Mill – Stainless Steel.

Truly the best apple grinder on a budget, this handheld grinder has an ergonomic lever that makes grinding even several batches of apples by hand a breeze.

Whether you are grinding apples to put through a press for juice, making applesauce, purees, or even baby food, the Hungry Artesian Store’s Ergonomic Food Mill will easily and economically help you get the job done.


  • An affordable apple grinder option that fits into the budget without sacrificing quality
  • It comes with three different grinding plates for adjustable fineness in your apple grind
  • Hooks easily onto bowls and pots for a secure grinding experience
  • It can be used, with supervision, to introduce older kids to the process of grinding apples


  • As a smaller, handheld apple grinder, this puts out a much smaller quantity at a time
  • Better used for making purees and applesauce than high quantities of juicing
  • Apples will require more initial prep work to dice them up for this apple grinder

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Apple Grinder for 2023

grinded apple

There are many things to consider when trying to find the best apple grinder on the market. Here are a few things we considered when making this list of the best apple grinders.

What Makes an Apple Grinder So Important

Apple grinders have risen steadily in popularity over the years. Though they might not be an absolutely required part of the apple pressing process, you will find that grinding apples before using a cider press will raise your output quantity by leaps and bounds!

The finer your apples are ground, the more a press can get out of them. Ground apples can also cook down better for purees and homemade applesauce. And having one of the best apple grinders takes a lot of hassle out of the prep work.

In order to maximize your time, crop, and productivity, having the best apple grinders is really important to have in the mix!

Safety Tips and Tricks

No matter its size, every apple grinder is a piece of machinery with sharp parts and oftentimes, some very heavy-duty equipment.

Always make sure that you handle your apple grinder with respect for its components and care for its heaviest parts to avoid any bodily injury when operating, disassembling, cleaning, and storing it.

Even smaller, handheld apple grinders that are easy to work with should never be operated by children unsupervised.

Never allow kids to play with or stick their hands into an apple grinder, even when it is not in use. Your apple grinder should be safely stored between uses to avoid accidents with curious little hands and keep it in its best form.

Before Using Your Apple Grinder

As soon as you receive your apple grinder of choice, be sure to check its parts for any damage, compromises from transit, or defects in the materials. Even a small issue, such as a threadless screw, can pose a danger when using a larger, heavier apple grinder model.

If you notice any issues with your apple grinder during assessment or assembly, be sure to contact the seller and seek a resolution.

When it comes to working with hand-operated machinery like an apple grinder, it’s always best to be safer and to ensure your device has all of its components in good repair and present before you attempt to use it.

While Using Your Apple Grinder

The key safety tip when using your apple grinder is never to use it while distracted! Always be mindful of where your hands are and don’t place them near the grinding mechanisms while those are in operation.

If your apple grinder becomes stuck or won’t catch the apple pieces, never address this issue with your bare hands.

Instead, stop using the apple grinder if an issue presents itself. Ensure that it’s fully out of operation and can’t be jostled accidentally back into motion; then, carefully address the problem at hand.

If you are in the process of grinding and the blades won’t grab the fruit, use an elongated object or fruit pole to shift the fruit down toward the blades until it catches. Don’t try to use your hands for this step, and avoid getting the pole or object caught in the blades.

Continue to keep an eye out for any deterioration of parts every time you use your apple grinder. If you start to notice wear and tear or breakdown of any components—including fastenings wearing out, hand cranks getting stuck, or the grinder blades growing dull—stop using your apple grinder immediately.

It’s important to address these issues as soon as they arise to avoid further breakdown of the components and mitigate risks to your personal safety. Don’t push your grinder to its limits, as that may lead to injury or your apple grinder becoming inoperable altogether.

One trick to help avoid dulling your apple grinder blades is to remove any pits from stone fruits (like peaches) that you add to your apple grinder. Avoid having any apple cores go through the grinder as well to help spare your blade that excess wear and tear.

Also, do not overfill your grinder. Be sure to work within its capacity and limits in order to avoid excessive wear-down.

After Using Your Apple Grinder

Take time to fully disassemble and clean your apple grinder after every use, carefully rinsing the parts in order to remove any build-up, pulp residue, and juice from the gears and blades. Make sure to do this carefully, give the task your full attention, and wear sturdy gloves when handling the grinding pieces.

Finally, make sure you dry off your apple grinder parts to avoid any corrosion. Store your apple grinder somewhere safe, away from curious kiddos or pets.

You may also consider a storage location that is protected from ants, which may detect sweet residue on the apple grinder and make it a point to investigate.

Apple Grinder FAQ

Gala Apples perfect for the best apple crushers

Do I Need to Prepare My Apples Before I Use My Apple Grinder?

In most cases, yes. Though some grinders can grind up whole apples, typically, they will just bounce around in the device. Their shape makes them hard for grinders to grab without some extra tedious work—and that’s the case even with the best apple grinders.

In addition, apple cores can occasionally blunt the blades of an apple grinder if they are too tough or catch in the blades the wrong way. You might also end up with apple seeds that escape the grinding mechanism due to their size.

These will likely not be an issue if you are pressing apples in a cider press afterward. However, if you are making applesauce, purees, or baby food from the ground apples, these sneaky seeds can pose a big choking hazard for little ones.

Bearing all of this in mind, it’s considered best practice to slice apples before using them in your apple grinder. You can use a handheld apple slicer to make the process as easy as possible.

Check out our roundup of the Best Apple Slicers for our top picks of apple slicers to help get this step done quickly and efficiently!

What Kinds of Apples Can I Use In My Apple Grinder?

The best apple grinders will take just about any kind of apple as long as they are prepared ahead of time. However, some apple grinders do better with softer apple varieties than with harder ones.

Ultimately, it all depends on the make of the apple grinder and how sharp and sturdy its grinders are. So if you have doubts, be sure to check out the quality of the grinding blades on your apple grinder of choice to ensure it can manage the apples you intend to grind.

Wrapping up the Best Apple Grinder of 2023

To make the most of your choice for the best apple grinder to meet your needs, you want to grow the best apples for the job! Check out our Apple Trees page to learn about growing and caring for your apple trees—whichever variety you decide on.