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All About The Enormous Beefmaster Tomato

Do you want big, meaty tomatoes full of rich, sweet flavor? Look no further than the Beefmaster tomato plant.

This beefsteak tomato variety produces enormous fruit that is perfect for slicing and saucing. Continue reading to learn more about sowing, growing, and enjoying these delicious tomatoes.

beef tomatoes similar to the beefmaster tomato

The Beefmaster Tomato Beefsteak Hybrid

When searching for the perfect beefsteak tomato variety, there are a few key characteristics to look for. The Beefmaster tomato combines the best qualities in one easy-to-grow plant.

Beefmaster plants produce plump tomatoes weighing over one pound each. The heavy fruits are resistant to cracking, splitting, and diseases, so you will experience fewer wasted tomatoes.

The plants are indeterminate and produce ripe tomatoes starting 80 days after planting until the first frost. Beefmaster tomatoes are sweet and mild, making them an outstanding choice for slicing on sandwiches and burgers or cooking down into sauce.

Where to Buy Beefmaster Tomato Seeds

How to save tomato seeds

The Beefmaster hybrid is one of the most popular tomato plants. You are sure to find seeds wherever you shop for garden supplies.

Do you want to order quality seeds online that are sure to germinate and flourish? Check out these top-rated Beefmaster tomato seeds backed by True Leaf Market’s Seed Guarantee.

Beefmaster Tomato Plant Growing Tips

Why is the Beefmaster hybrid one of the most common tomato plants gracing backyard gardens? This tomato variety is easy to grow and provides massive harvests all summer.

Beefmaster tomatoes are indeterminate plants that continue growing until interrupted by frost. These tenacious vines are hardy and can grow over ten feet long.

These plants are amazingly heavy-bearing, and you can expect to harvest around 25 pounds of tomatoes per plant. You can increase this yield by applying the correct tomato fertilizer and providing your plants with plenty of sunshine.

Beefmaster tomatoes are resistant to bacterial leaf spots, verticillium wilt, fusarium wilt, and root-knot nematodes.

To prevent other common tomato diseases, pests, and damage from heavy fruit, you must stake and cage these beefsteaks. Check out this guide to the best tomato trellis to learn more.

Harvesting Beefmaster Tomatoes

beefsteak tomatoes on a vine similar in size to the beefmaster tomato

One secret to growing perfect tomatoes is knowing precisely when to harvest ripe fruits.

These scarlet orbs rely on sunlight to produce their sweet flavor. Still, too long on the vine will leave you with a mushy mess.

Beefmaster tomato plants are indeterminate and start producing fruit 80 days after the seeds are sown. Look for the following signs to tell when a mature tomato is ripe:

  • The texture changes from hard and hollow to firm and full
  • The fruit reaches its maximum size—about one pound for Beefmaster hybrids
  • The tomato develops an even red color
  • The plant and tomato give off a distinct aroma that indicates ripeness
  • The tomato easily separates from the vine with a gentle tug

You can also pluck Beefmaster tomatoes when they are mature green and allow them to ripen inside. Read about how to harvest tomatoes to learn more.

How to Enjoy Beefmaster Tomatoes

What is the best way to eat Beefmaster tomatoes? Like all beefsteaks, they are perfect for slicing and adding to any sandwich.

One slice of this enormous fruit will cover a large bun or piece of bread. You can count on getting meaty tomatoes in every bite of your favorite burger.

These tomatoes are sweet and flavorful, so you will enjoy them in various dishes. The following are a few of our favorite beefsteak tomato recipes.

The Beefmaster tomato has an incredible flavor that makes excellent sauces and soups. Try it in this classic tomato soup recipe with grilled cheese sandwiches.

The meaty texture of this beefsteak tomato is fantastic in dips and salsas. Grab a bag of chips and dig into this easy tomato salsa recipe.

Beefmaster hybrid tomato plants are prolific producers, so you will likely pick more fruit than you can eat fresh! Preserve your excess harvest by whipping up this delicious marinara sauce recipe that you can freeze for later.

Tomato Nutrition Information

These jumbo tomatoes are packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It’s wise to eat tomatoes regularly as a part of a heart-healthy diet.

Explore this complete guide to tomato nutrition information if you want to learn more about these healthy fruits.


beefsteak tomatoes

How tall does the Beefmaster tomato plant get?

The Beefmaster is a vining tomato plant that sprawls out instead of up. The vines of this plant grow up to ten feet long.

You must provide your Beefmaster tomato plants with support for these extensive vines. Utilize a trellis at least five feet tall for the best results.

How much space do Beefmaster tomatoes need?

Beefmaster plants are large and pretty heavy feeders. This means they need plenty of space to stretch their vines.

Allow two and a half feet of space between plants, and sow rows spaced at least six feet apart.

What type of tomato is the Beefmaster?

The Beefmaster is a hybrid, indeterminate beefsteak tomato. What do these terms actually mean?

Tomato genetics come in two flavors, hybrid and heirloom. Heirloom tomato varieties make true to parent seeds and are open-pollinated.

Hybrid tomato seeds are created through careful cross-pollination between at least two different types of parent plants. The resulting offspring is sterile and displays the best traits of each parent.

Indeterminate and determinate refer to the growth habits of tomato plants. Determinate plants have a coded growth limit, while indeterminate tomatoes keep growing until halted by external factors like frost.

Finally, beefsteak plants produce the biggest and meatiest types of tomatoes. Most beefsteaks are ribbed due to the thick-walled seed compartments that give them their meaty texture.

The Beefmaster Tomato Gardening Guide

After reading this article, you probably understand why Americans love growing Beefmaster tomatoes. In fact, you are likely ready to start growing your own!

Before you get started, you should brush up on the best tomato-growing tips. Explore our Tomato Plants hub to learn everything you need to know.

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