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The Best Backyard Garden Shed to Help Organize Your Yard: Our Top 5 Picks

Finding the right storage shed for your backyard garden space can be challenging with so many options on the market today.

Whether you’re a gardener with plenty of backyard space to work with, or you’re looking for a smaller, more compact design to fit in a small space, we’ve got you covered! Check out some of our top options for the perfect storage space for your backyard.

Keep reading for our five best backyard garden sheds to help you organize your yard, including a helpful guide on what you should look for in a storage shed.

A backyard garden shed full of gardening tools

Our Top Picks

Best Overall
Suncast Tremont Backyard Garden Shed

Budget Option
U-MAX Backyard Garden Shed

Best for Easy Assembly
Rubbermaid Resin Backyard Garden Shed

Best Overall

Suncast Tremont Backyard Garden Shed

Suncast 8' x 10' Heavy-Duty Resin Tremont Storage Shed, Sand

The Suncast Heavy-Duty resin backyard garden shed is an attractive storage space to store and protect all of your garden equipment, tools, lawnmowers, and other outdoor tools.

This shed is constructed of blow-molded resin for durability and strength. The multi-walled polypropylene panels are engineered to last, and the heavy-duty floor is designed to withstand abuse.

The roof is designed using hardened weatherproof plastic and is reinforced with a metal truss system built to withstand the elements.

With two windows and six skylights, this shed provides plenty of natural light and ventilation to prevent the collection of condensation on your belongings, which can lead to mold growth.

Enjoy 546 cubic feet of storage space, with wide double doors allowing you to easily move and store oversized items.

It also features a padlock hasp so you can lock the doors securely to protect your property from theft. This kit includes two corner shelves to save space.


  • The reinforced construction withstands inclement weather.
  • Designed with plenty of ventilation.
  • Windows and skylights create natural light.


  • Doesn’t have much shelf space.
  • Installation requires three people and takes around five hours.

Budget Option

U-MAX Outdoor Backyard Garden Shed

U-MAX 5.2 × 3.2 FT Outdoor Storage Shed, Backyard Sheds & Outdoor Storage, Garden Metal Shed for Tools, Furniture Storage

The U-MAX outdoor backyard garden shed is a compact storage space that’s perfect for storing your garden tools and small equipment. It’s made with thick, galvanized steel that is sturdy, durable, and easy to assemble.

Metal sheds tend to be more cost-efficient than other types, which is why this backyard garden shed is perfect for those on a budget.

The roomy interior of this unit is large enough to store outdoor tools and gardening equipment. The doors are equipped with a latch for added security.

The slanted roof means that rain runs right off without collecting or leaking into your storage space, so you can trust your items to be protected from the elements.


  • Engineered with a thick, sturdy frame.
  • Very affordable metal build.
  • Features a built-in door lock.


  • The metal edges are sharp.
  • The slant of the roof can only go on one way.
  • Installation is a little difficult.

Best for Easy Assembly

Rubbermaid Resin Backyard Garden Shed

Rubbermaid Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Storage Shed, 5 x 2 ft., Sandalwood/Onyx Roof, for Garden/Backyard/Home/Pool

The Rubbermaid Resin backyard garden shed was constructed using premium features like a double-walled construction and weather-resistant materials to provide a dry, safe space for your stored items. This durable unit is designed to last even in harsh weather environments without rusting or rotting.

Engineered with a sturdy roof, this storage shed stands up to heavy rain and snow, making it an excellent option if you live in a wet, cold climate. The built-in ventilation provides plenty of airflow, while strategically placed windows illuminate the interior with natural light during the day.

This weather-resistant unit won’t rust or rot and provides weather resistance all year long, guaranteeing your stored belongings are kept safe from the elements. The unit is engineered with lockable doors, but you will need to purchase a lock separately.


  • Weather-resistant and rust-proof design.
  • Durable construction.
  • Has a sturdy roof.


  • Interior shelving and other extra features are sold separately.
  • A lock is not included.

Keter Manor Resin Backyard Garden Shed

Keter Manor 4x6 Resin Outdoor Storage Shed Kit-Perfect to Store Patio Furniture, Garden Tools Bike Accessories, Beach Chairs and Lawn Mower, Grey & White

The Keter Manor resin backyard garden shed is made using polypropylene resin plastic and steel reinforcement for added durability. Made with recycled plastic, this garden shed is UV-resistant, so it won’t fade even after years of sun exposure.

The sturdy frame with a steel-reinforced roof and a heavy-duty polypropylene floor that keeps out pests ensures that you can count on this durable storage space for years to come.

A built-in window lets in light for natural lighting during the day, so you can easily navigate the interior. It’s also equipped with vents at its peak to help circulate air and prevent the shed from collecting condensation during hot or wet weather. The plastic resin exterior won’t ever rust, rot, peel, or dent.

This shed is easy to assemble and maintain, with consumers reporting that assembly takes around three hours, give or take. It can also be painted any color easily and features a double door at the front, so it’s easy to get large items in and out without a hassle.


  • Weather-proof, fade-resistant construction.
  • Well-ventilated.
  • Easy to paint.


  • Doesn’t include shelving
  • Doesn’t come with a lock.
  • The roof can be difficult to install.

Lifetime 6446 Backyard Garden Shed

Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed, 8 x 15 Foot, Desert Sand

The Lifetime 6446 backyard garden shed is constructed of dual-wall, UV-protected, high-density polyethylene with added steel supports for stability and durability. The double-walled system is great for keeping the elements out, with a thoughtful design and large square footage.

Heavy-duty steel trusses provide extra roof strength and are backed by a ten-year limited manufacturer warranty. It has an attractive appearance with a high-pitched roof that allows for quick drainage of rain and snow, so it’s great for colder climates.

Equipped with conveniently centralized, steel-reinforced lockable doors, this unit allows for easy access to your garden supplies, tools, and equipment like lawnmowers, garden tillers, etc. You will need to purchase a lock separately. It’s also constructed with screened vents for adequate airflow.

Featuring six small skylights, two shatterproof polycarbonate windows, two screened vents, two decorative shutters, two peg strips, two 90×9 shelves, and four corner shelves, this unit has it all.


  • The large storage space is adequate for nearly any gardening tools.
  • Includes plenty of airflow and natural lighting.
  • Includes shelves for extra storage.


  • Assembly is complicated, with a lot of parts.
  • A lock isn’t included.

Backyard Garden Shed Buyer’s Guide

Outdoor storage sheds come in many different shapes and sizes and are made using a variety of different materials that directly impact the durability of the product. There are a few factors you’ll need to consider when shopping for the best backyard garden shed for your needs.


It’s crucial to consider the climate your shed must endure when looking for one that suits your backyard space. If you live in an area with a lot of snowfall or in an area that experiences high winds, you should consider a shed constructed of wood. A wooden storage shed is strong enough to endure the weight of snow and the turbulence of high winds.


Backyard garden sheds come in three basic material types – metal, wood, and resin. Each material is suited to endure different environmental factors, so it’s important to choose the right material.


Storage sheds composed of metal are generally resistant to weather, but they can eventually corrode and rust. They’re constructed sturdy but can be prone to dents from impacts like hail, flying objects when you mow your lawn, etc.

Metal sheds aren’t susceptible to bug damage like wood sheds are, but the components can be heavy and the assembly can take a while.


Wood is the strongest of the material options for storage sheds since it holds up better to high winds and the weight of snow on the roof than a metal or plastic shed would. These designs offer a tasteful addition to your garden and they allow you to install your own shelves and hooks wherever you want.

Although wood is a sturdy material for storage sheds, it does tend to rot over time and it’s susceptible to insect damage. To combat these issues, you should look for a shed made out of durable wood like Cedar.


Plastic resin is durable and impervious to many forms of damage, including sun, water, and insect damage. These sheds require the least amount of maintenance. Plastic resin storage sheds are reinforced with steel and double-thick walls that strengthen the build, but it’s still not as sturdy as a wood design.

These builds are easy to assemble, but generally difficult to customize. Only compatible shelving and hooks can be added inside this shed. Resin sheds are great options for warm, humid areas that receive a lot of rain because they won’t rot.


When you’re browsing through options, consider what you need to store and how much space you’ll need to do so. Storage sheds vary widely in size, so you can pretty much choose whatever size you need for your specific space.

While you’re considering the size of the unit, think about where you plan to place the shed in your yard. Some places have size restrictions or rules regarding how close to the property lines a structure can be, so keep in mind your communities rules and regulations if applicable.


Perhaps some of the most crucial factors to consider when shopping for a backyard garden shed is building codes, zoning regulations, and homeowners association guidelines. Do your research on your neighborhood laws and regulations to avoid any potential issues.

Generally, storage sheds come in kits to make them easier for you to assemble and install on your own, or with a few other individuals. A resin or metal shed is the quickest option, typically taking around five to six hours to assemble.

Wooden shed kits include precut wood pieces that eliminate the need for heavy-duty equipment, but you’ll find them much more complicated to assemble than resin or metal builds. You can expect to spend a couple of days assembling a wooden shed, depending on its size.

Interior Features

When shopping for the right storage shed for your backyard garden, you should consider any interior features it may have, such as extra shelving, windows, and vents for air circulation. You should also consider what you’ll need to purchase separately for your shed.

Backyard garden shed with tools, pots, and other supplies

It’s pretty easy to add shelving and hooks to the framing of a wooden shed, but it can be more challenging with resin and metal builds. Resin plastic and metal constructions usually require compatible shelves and hooks to be purchased from the manufacturer.

Some of these units include functional windows that can be used for ventilation, while others are used to improve the aesthetic. You can even find units with skylights, which help illuminate your shed in a natural light to make locating your stuff easy.

Airflow is an important consideration for an outdoor shed since head and condensation can build up and cause issues like rust and mold.


How you access your storage unit is an important factor to consider, because it’s easier to move items in and out of a double door if you move large items, like a lawn mower or garden tiller, in and out of the shed regularly.

Sheds with doors located in the middle of the wall make it easier to access equipment and tools on all sides of the shed’s interior space. You should also look for a shed with a lockable door to prevent theft and keep your belongings safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What shouldn’t be stored in an outdoor shed?

You shouldn’t store chemicals like herbicides or pesticides inside your outdoor garden shed. Most of these products have manufacturer instructions for how and at what temperature they can be stored. Avoid storing anything that can’t hold up to the changing temperatures it would be exposed to.

Do outdoor sheds need a foundation?

Many small sheds don’t need a foundation so you can use a base of treated wood or something similar. However, large sheds will need a sturdier foundation to support the weight at full capacity. The foundation is most often made using poured concrete or concrete blocks.

Wrapping Up The Best Backyard Garden Sheds

Whether you’re looking for a compact and small storage space for your gardening tools or an expansive storage area to fit all your gardening tools, supplies, and equipment, there are designs to match anyone’s tastes. We hope this guide on backyard garden sheds has helped you narrow down your search!

If you’d like to learn more about designing your backyard oasis, check out our post on backyard living.