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Boundary Redefined: 13 Amazing Backyard Fence Ideas

Do you live a little too close to your neighbors? Or are they clearly visible from your backyard when you’re trying to have a relaxing evening? It might be time to utilize some backyard fence ideas for added privacy!

Even if you don’t necessarily need privacy, a fence can still be beneficial.

A fenced-in yard is great for keeping pets and children safe, along with increasing the attractiveness of your home. It can help clearly define your property beautifully and decoratively.

So, if this sounds like something you’d like, keep reading for some great backyard fence ideas!

Gabion wall and traditional fence combine for backyard fence ideas

Wood and Plant-Based Fences

1. Bamboo

If you’re looking for a naturally beautiful fence, you should try setting up a bamboo fence!

This material is strong, which makes it a great replacement for traditional metal or wooden fences. It’ll also bring a tropical vibe to your yard, as you’ll find bamboo throughout tropical and subtropical areas.

Using a bamboo fence will give you a glimpse of vacation paradise without leaving your home!

A backyard fence idea like this will look especially great if you pair it with beautiful plants. Think along the lines of hibiscus flowershydrangea bushes, and other showy plants. They’ll add to the tropical vacation vibe.

2. Horizontal Wooden Planks

When you think of a wooden fence, what do you imagine? You probably think of the vertical picket fence style many homeowners like to use.

Horizontal fence with plants and stones

If you’re not interested in this traditional style, try creating a horizontal fence with this backyard fence idea!

Using horizontal planks to build your fence will give your backyard’s perimeter an unconventional and modern look. It’s much more eye-catching than a vertical fence.

You can keep the planks closely together or create spaces between each plank for a slatted look. Creating spaces will allow the cool breeze to come through while still offering a bit of privacy.

Be sure to seal your wooden fence with a stain and sealer. Doing this will protect it from sun and water damage while deepening the color of the wood.

3. Basket Weave Design

Baskets have a beautiful and mesmerizing design due to their weaving style. So, why not use this creative look in your fence?

You can create a stunning woven fence with wood from your local hardware store. It might take some time to make, but the final result will be eye-catching and unique.

Adding a layer of bold paint is another way to make this backyard fence idea stand out further.

If you don’t like the idea of wooden planks, you can also use thin branches to get a tight design. Use whatever you have access to and the material that looks best with your home!

4. Living Fence

Some people are uneasy when adding a fence to their backyards, as it can make them feel claustrophobic.

This backyard fence idea combines a lattice fence with living plants to make a beautiful wall of greenery.

Trellis fence with ivy growing on it

Some great plant options for this type of fence are climbing roses and English ivy. Both plants grow rapidly and love climbing trees, fences, and other structures.

Plant your plants under the lattice fence and water them. They’ll grab onto the fence as they grow and climb to the top over time.

5. Log Fence

If you like the look of natural wood, a log fence is a great option! Using logs for a fence is the perfect way to bring more nature into your backyard.

Whether you live in a city or want a more natural look, logs can offer a unique, woodsy vibe. A log fence will turn your backyard into a rustic paradise!

You can often find logs at local lumber companies. But if you’re handy, you could also cut your own.

Whichever method you choose for this backyard fence idea, you should strip the bark. Doing this allows you to protect the wood with a waterproof sealant, which can keep your fence from rotting.

6. Bench Fence

Do you like when something serves more than one purpose? Then you’ll love the functionality of a bench fence!

Cedar stained fence with benches attached

Fences are typically for privacy and backyard protection or containment. This backyard fence idea can provide the added purpose of extra seating in your outdoor space!

It’s especially great for parties or general gatherings, as you’ll always have enough space for everyone to relax.

You can even add some bench cushions to make this fence idea more comfortable and inviting. It’ll be the perfect conversation spot or even a napping area!

7. Shelving Fence

Creating shelving fences is another great idea if your primary goal is to have something useful and multipurpose.

A fence with added shelving for plants

Instead of putting your terracotta planters all over your deck or patio, you can put them on built-in shelves! All it takes is a few extra planks of attached wood, and your pots will be safe from breakage.

This backyard fence idea will leave more floor space available, as your plants will be above the ground. So, you’ll have more room for other decorations and furniture.

Shelving fences almost act as extra storage. You can use them for plenty of other things if you don’t want to use them for plants. Think decor, outdoor kitchen storage, and more!

Stone and Concrete Fences

8. Stacked Stone

If you like the rustic countryside look, you might enjoy a stacked stone wall. It’ll give your backyard a beautiful, natural, and neutral-colored look.

You have two options if this backyard fence idea interests you. Simply stack rocks snugly to ensure the wall doesn’t fall over, or use construction adhesive as glue.

9. Casted Concrete

Plain concrete slabs or cinder blocks can be rather boring to look at. But this type of material can make a great fence due to its durability.

Casted concrete fences are a more appealing backyard fence idea if you want durability and an aesthetic look.

A decorative cast concrete fence

A contractor will create fence molds, which can consist of all kinds of designs. One of the most popular designs you’ll see is a stone wall mold.

Then they’ll fill these molds with concrete and wait for it to dry. And this is where your casted concrete fence pieces come from.

You can leave the pieces as they are, or paint them with masonry paint for a bold look.

Casted concrete fences can offer a symmetrical and cohesive look, as each fence piece is nearly perfect. The designs are so intricate that it’s sometimes hard to believe they are concrete!

10. Gabion Wall

A gabion wall is essentially a rock or stone wall. But the rocks aren’t free-standing, nor do they use concrete or mortar.

The rocks actually sit inside a cage to hold them together and in place. You’ll specifically need gabion cages to create this backyard fence idea.

Once you fill the cages with rocks, it’ll give your backyard a mixture of rustic and industrial vibes. Not only will these walls look cool, but they’re also long-lasting, easy to install, and provide great drainage.

Metal Fences

11. Horizontal Aluminum Slats

An aluminum slat fence can add a stunning modern touch to your backyard’s perimeter. It has a sleek look, which offers a little bit of elegance. While this backyard fence idea is metal, it doesn’t give off an industrial feel.

The slat gaps are just large enough to allow for wind passage while still providing a sense of privacy. These fences are generally low-maintenance, as aluminum doesn’t rust.

But it might be wise to put a preventative coating on your fence, as this aluminum can get corroded.

12. Corrugated Metal

Using corrugated metal for fencing will bring an industrial style to your backyard due to its steel or iron materials.

Brown corrugated metal fence

Corrugated metal can make the perfect fence for your backyard, as it’s strong and typically doesn’t rust. It goes through galvanization, which applies protective layers to the metal.

So, this is a great backyard fence idea if you tend to get a lot of rain, snow, or generally bad weather. It’s also an easily customizable option, as a quick coat of enamel paint can spruce it up nicely.

13. Iron Screen

Opting for iron as your fencing material can provide your backyard with a bold, sleek look. This specific backyard fence idea uses both iron fencing and a screen or mesh design. It almost acts like a mixture of a fence and a privacy screen.

A fence idea like this is quite unique! It’s also a strong and sturdy option that should last for many years. Most iron fences come with a protective coating to ward off rust. But if you do notice rusting, you should use a rust reformer to stop it.

Wrapping Up Backyard Fence Ideas

Fences can make excellent additions to your backyard for safety and aesthetic reasons. But, when it comes down to it, choosing the right fence for your home can be challenging.

Hopefully, these backyard fence ideas inspired you and helped you find the style you’re looking for!

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