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The White Jade Pineapple

The White Jade Pineapple is a rare and delicious delicacy. This is because it’s impossible to find in grocery stores anywhere in the world.

A queen pineapple similar to the white jade pineapple.

Also unique because of its white coloring, the White Jade is one of the most interesting fruits you can eat.

Let’s get into all you need to know about this incredible fruit.

All About the White Jade Pineapple

The White Jade Pineapple is native to Hawaii. The reason this pineapple is never found in grocery stores is that it doesn’t ship well.

Not to worry though, you can grow it in your home. In fact, it’s the only way to enjoy this delicious fruit yourself.


The first characteristic and most obvious to note is the one that got the White Jade Pineapple its name. The pineapple is white and not the usual orange color both inside and out.

This pineapple is considered a dwarf fruit plant because the whole plant only grows 1 to 3 feet tall. The pineapple itself is much smaller than other pineapples out there as a result.

A pile of different sizes of pineapples.

Unlike other pineapples, the leaves of the White Jade are spineless, meaning you likely won’t get pricked from trying to harvest the plant. This makes harvesting a kid-friendly activity.

What does the White Jade Pineapple Taste Like

The White Jade is infamous for its super sweet flavor. Even among other pineapples, it’s considered to be one of the sweetest varieties out there.

It also has low acidity levels compared to other pineapples, making it easier on your stomach.

The core of the pineapple is soft in texture and completely edible. This makes eating the core a worry-free delight.

Eating the Delicious White Jade Pineapple

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A cake made with pineapple.

Health Benefits

Pineapple has a special enzyme known as Bromelain. This enzyme has anti-inflammatory and pain-relief abilities. The enzyme can also provide relief for arthritis joint pain.

Combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C, this makes pineapple great to eat while you are nursing any injury or ailment.

To learn more about the benefits of eating pineapple along with more recipes, visit our Health Benefits of Eating Pineapple page

How To Grow the White Jade Pineapple

Queen pineapples growing on plants.

The White Jade is easy to grow since it can grow in semi-shaded areas. That being said, it grows best in full sunlight like most pineapples.

Make sure your soil drains well as the soil can’t be too wet. A pot with good drainage works well if you’re just growing one pineapple. It’s important to allow the soil to dry out between waterings in order to avoid over-watering the plant.

When you water the plants, pour the water over the leaves as opposed to directly in the soil. This allows the water to slowly drip into the soil instead of soaking the soil all at once.

If you’re planting them in a field, space them 2 feet apart to give the plant enough room to grow properly. This will also make things easier come wintertime if you need to take the plant indoors.

While the pineapple is growing, be sure to check the PH of the soil as it should be slightly acidic or neutral (6-7 PH). Anything above or below this can alter the flavor and ruin the product.

The White Jade takes time and patience to grow. It takes 1-2 years for the plant to reach full maturity.


A harvested pineapple on its side.

Of course, make sure to wear gloves for safety. Even though this plant is safer than other pineapples because of its spineless leaves, it’s still a pineapple and can pinch you if you’re not careful.

All you have to do is pluck them from the plant and they are ready to go. You can use other tools as well, however.

To learn more on how to harvest the White Jade Pineapple, visit our How to Harvest Pineapple page.


Can I buy pineapple seeds?

No, you can’t buy the seeds. Instead, you have to buy the crown of the pineapple and grow it from that stage to maturation.

Two pineapple crowns being rooted in cups of water.

You wouldn’t want to start with seeds anyways, as they can take an entire 6 months just to germinate.

What do I do with the growing plant when winter comes around?

When winter comes, simply take the plants inside with you. If you’re growing the plant in a pot this should be no problem.

If you have the plant in a field, they should be fine if the temperature is being regulated, but if not, you have to place them in a pot and bring them in.

Where on the Map does the White Jade Grow Best?

The White Jade grows best in coastal regions where there is plenty of sunlight. It also grows best in its native state of Hawaii.

That being said, this pineapple grows well anywhere there is a good amount of sunlight for most of the year.

Where to Buy the Pineapple Crown

Closeup of a pineapple crown.

The good news is you don’t have to make a trip to Hawaii to get a plant to grow this pineapple! You can conveniently buy your White Jade Pineapple crowns online at Fast Growing Trees.

Grow the Rare White Jade in your Garden Today!

A queen pineapple on a plant.

The White Jade Pineapple is one of the rarest pineapples in the world. Not only is it rare, but it is a delicious delicacy that is an absolute treat.

This pineapple is also easy to grow, requiring less attention than plants that need more water and being able to grow while in a semi-shaded area.

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