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5 Picks for the Best Tomato Press

The tomato press is an important tool in any kitchen. The press peels tomatoes and separates the seeds for you. This convenient device will help you create the best tomato sauces and purees with minimal effort and is a must-have for tomato lovers.

That being said, not all tomato presses are created equal. A bad press could leak or break on you. So, let’s get into what makes a good tomato press and what are the best tomato presses on the market!

A manual tomato press for making tomato puree.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Johnny Apple Sauce Maker 250 Food Strainer

Best Electric:
Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer, Food Mill

Best Manual:
Weston Food Strainer and Sauce Maker

Best Overall

Johnny Apple Sauce Maker 250 Food Strainer

Johnny Apple Sauce Maker Model 250 Food Strainer

We’re throwing you a curveball because our top choice is marketed as an applesauce maker. But stick with us because the VKP250 Food Strainer and Sauce Maker is, without a doubt, the best tomato press on the market! Its hybrid functionality makes it a versatile choice for any kitchen.

The quality of the product also doesn’t change whether you use it manually or with an electric motor. This is thanks to its top-tier component quality.

The only negative about this product is its high price tag, depending on whether you get the electric motor or not.


  • Can be used manually and automatically, with a motor option available upon purchase, making it the best of both worlds.
  • The quality of the press stays the same regardless of whether it is used manually or automatically
  • Good mount that clings to the surface it is on
  • Components are easy to clean


  • Easily the most expensive press on this list, with the motor driving up the cost significantly

Best Electric

Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer, Food Mill

Weston Deluxe Electric Tomato Strainer, Food Mill, Sauce Maker for Salsa, Fruits, Apples, Berries, 4 Quart (82-0250-W), White

The Weston Electric Tomato Strainer, Food Mill is the best electric tomato press. It can be used for more than just tomatoes and is incredibly simple to use.

It has been known to be a durable option as well and it features a large 4-quart hopper that can hold all the raw tomatoes your heart desires.

The price tag is the only real drawback for this option, but at least it is cheaper than some other electric options on the market.


  • Has a large hopper to press more tomatoes at once
  • Simple to use
  • Versatile being able to work for other fruits and vegetables


  • More expensive than manual options

Best Manual

Weston Food Strainer and Sauce Maker

Weston Food Strainer and Sauce Maker for Tomato, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ,White

The best out of all the manual tomato presses has to be the Weston food strainer and sauce maker. Its dual-mount system grips its work surface incredibly well which is vital for a manual press.

This press can also be used for other kinds of vegetables and fruit making it a versatile option. The quality of its components is excellent and easy to clean.

The downside is that while it’s cheaper than the electric options, it’s also more expensive than other manual options. But the fact that Weston takes the top spot in the electric and manual categories should speak for itself!


  • It has the most space to hold raw tomatoes
  • A dual-mount system means it will definitely stay in place while you work the press
  • Components are easy to clean and work well
  • Works for more than just tomatoes


  • The fact that it is a manual press means you must work it yourself
  • More expensive than some manual options

VBENLEM 110V 370W Electric Tomato Strainer

VBENLEM 110V Electric Tomato Strainer 370W Commercial Grade Tomato Milling Machine Stainless Steel Tomato Press and Strainer 90-160 Kg/H Pure Copper Motor Food Strainer and Sauce Maker

The VBENLEM 110V 370W Electric Tomato Strainer is the runner-up electric option. In terms of quality, it’s among the best of the best.

The VBENLEM is also easy to clean as it can be disassembled and has a level 2 waterproof rating, which means it never gets too dirty in the first place.

What makes this option inferior to the Weston is that it’s too large for small kitchens and more expensive than all but the Victorio with the electric motor attachment.


  • Extremely high-quality components
  • Has a powerful commercial-grade motor that is quiet
  • Easy to take apart and clean


  • The most expensive option on this list
  • Large in size and will take up too much space in a small kitchen

Tonsa Tomato Strainer and Press

Tonsa Tomato Strainer, No Peeling, Deseeding, or Coring Necessary, Suction Cup Base, Manual Juicer, Tomato Press, Food Strainer/Sauce Maker for Tomato Sauce, Salsa, Marinara, Apple Sauce and More

The Tonsa Tomato Strainer and Press is a simple-to-use device.

It’s made of good quality components and is easy to disassemble and clean. The suction cup mount base works well on any surface.

The bad part about this option is that it is quite expensive for what it is.


  • Simple to use
  • Made of high-quality plastic components that are waterproof
  • Suction cup mount that grips well on any surface


  • You have to pay a high price for its simplicity

Buyer’s Guide: How to Evaluate a Tomato Press

  • Component Quality: Ensure components are sturdy and well-made, with no gaps that might cause leaks.
  • Filter Quality: A high-quality filter is crucial for effectively separating seeds and skin from the tomato.
  • Stable Mount: The mount should firmly secure the press to the work surface to prevent it from falling and ensure ease of use.
  • Versatility: Check if the press can handle other fruits or vegetables, adding to its usefulness beyond just tomatoes.

A vintage electric tomato press machine.

A Convenient Must-Have Product!

The tomato press is an incredible must-have tool that makes your life easier. Whether you go with the hybrid VKP250, the electric Weston Food Strainer, or the manual Weston model, you can’t go wrong. Every product in this list is the best in its respective category.

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