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The SweeTango Apple

Get your tastebuds ready for the adventurous ride of the flavor-packed sweetness of the SweeTango Apple. First, you get that more than audible CRUNCH! Then the rush of sweetness fills your mouth. Next, a burst of citrus is introduced with a touch of spice! That first bite will have you thanking this early harvested apple for its sweet arrival.

Are you excited about fall yet? After you’ve tried the SweeTango apple, you’ll be running out to find the exclusive fruit each season!

A child placing a red and yellow apple in a wooden crate.

The History of the SweeTango

SweeTango apples were introduced in 2009 when horticulturalists from the University of Minnesota bred a Honeycrisp with a Zestar creating the Minneiska Tree. Exclusive growing rights are given only to the most outstanding growers to ensure quality.

The University selected to combine the Honeycrisp for its sweetness with the Zestar. The Zestar was specifically picked for its crunch while also adding a punch of citrus flavor.

The SweeTango Apple

Honey-sweet with a zesty burst, the Sweetango apple tastes as good as it looks! The apple has a beautiful red coloring. Only available in September and October, this limited availability makes the fruit all the more exclusive. The early harvest is also responsible for the extra sweetness.

Taking only the best parts from both parent trees produces a medium-thick skin of the Zestar and the finest of the candied sweetness form from the Honeycrisp. The fruit can be stored for 3 to 4 months with minimal changes to the sweet flavor or crispy crunch of the texture.

A single SweeTango apple on a table.
The SweeTango apple.


Let’s not forget about the juice! The Sweetango apple is as refreshing as it is sweet! One bite will deliver a mouthful of candied juice almost overflowing with each crunchy bite.

What Does This Apple Taste Like?

The marriage between the Zest and Honeycrisp has provided so many with this delicious and sought-after healthy snack. We don’t want to say perfect but the Sweetango apple comes pretty close in the world of apples. The fruit captures all the flavors of fall spices along with a juicy sweetness of a healthy snack.

Chopped red apple in a bowl.

A Hybrid Apple With a Hybrid Name

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose/ By any other name would smell so sweet.” Juliet was right – don’t let the strange-looking name distract you from the beauty and taste of this incredible fruit. Not everyone is a fan of the name! Dropping the “T” from “Sweet” may hurt some English experts’ feelings but try to remember it adds some fun to all the hard work that created this apple.

It’s not often that a new fruit can come along and capture so much attention. Most of that is due to the select group of growers who have been hand-picked to bring the Sweetango apple to market. The name may seem strange, but this special apple contains an incredibly sweet taste that everyone races out to find.

Red and yellow apples in a basket.

The Sweetness

What do you desire in the perfect apple? For some, it’s the candy taste without regret. The Sweetango delivers just that. A candied flavor straight from nature! No artificial flavoring is needed to create this honeyed satisfying fruit. Strong enough to tackle those sugary cravings but also brings health benefits. The Sweetango offers 5 grams of needed fiber, 34 carbohydrates, 0 fat, as well as 0 cholesterol.

Embrace the Crunch

The texture is part of the wonderful experience when it comes to apples. The Sweetango apple does not disappoint. The more than audible crunch arrives alongside the powerful sweet juices that have customers marking their calendars for the early harvest’s arrival!

A Baker’s Dream Apple

The crunch is one of the desirable characteristics that make this apple so much fun to bring along for any adventure or snack you have planned. The firm texture also makes the Sweetango perfect for a quick apple crisp, or a warm and scrumptious cobbler or pie. The texture of Sweetango apple slices or chunks holds up great throughout the baking process.

Closeup of an apple pie with a wedge on a plate in the background.
Apple pie will be even sweeter with SweeTango apples!

The Next Big Thing — Exclusive Growers of the SweeTango Apple

The Next Big Thing is the name of the group with the licensing and growing privileges of the SweeTango apple. Every part of the process is monitored and there is a minimum tree number that must be planted. So, sadly, this means that the average home gardener won’t be able to grow a SweeTango apple tree until this restriction is lifted.

The goal of horticulturalists’ standards in growing practices is to maintain a consistently high-quality sweet taste and look in the apples. No one wants the Sweetango to be sold as a marginal fruit when so much effort has been put into this sweet creation.

We Want More!

Many feel there should more freedom in growing the Sweetango apple. This exclusivity isn’t always favored because growers and consumers would love a larger crop.

Closeup of red and yellow apples.

Time to Bloom

The Minneiska Tree can take up to three years to gift us with its sweet treat! Younger trees produce larger-sized apples. Although all the apples are of medium to large size.

The trees reach a matured height of 15 -18 feet. They require at least 8 hours of direct sunlight, especially in the morning to fight the dew and kill the bacteria and fungus that come along with too much moisture.

Red and yellow apples on a tree.


The Minneiska tree grows best in cold hardy 3 and 4 zones, which reach the lower than average temperatures of -40 and -20 degrees Fahrenheit. Trees are carefully watched after and nurtured from the start so that they then grow to produce thick healthy foliage.

When ripened the Sweetango apples are handpicked to ensure quality and help prevent damage due to their strong stem. Handpicking means work and care, with lots of trips up the ladder to protect the coveted Sweetango.

Sweetango — the Sweetest Apple You’ll Ever Taste!

A boy holding a basket of red and yellow apples.

This fall don’t forget to get out early and map out a route to your new favorite Sweetango grower! Gather your recipes and fill your baskets. The Sweetango will not disappoint your fall desires for the sweetest crispest apple of the season.

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