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Sweetheart Cherry Trees

There are so many fruit trees to choose from that sometimes it is hard to narrow down what tree to begin with. From apples to pears to plums, choosing the right tree to start with will provide you a solid foundation. One amazing choice for those beginning with fruit trees is the Sweetheart Cherry Tree.

The Sweetheart Cherry Tree is a great option because it is hardy in a variety of environments, creating a great choice for states all over the country. Also, a Sweetheart Cherry Tree will not require a ton of maintenance to grow healthy and strong, which is great for beginner or expert gardeners. Having a fruit tree that will produce year after year without a ton of work is the perfect start to a backyard orchard. After a Sweetheart Cherry Tree is established, typically two to three years, it will produce a huge harvest every summer.

Because Sweetheart Cherry Trees are such a great tree for all types of home gardeners, we supply all of the details you need to successfully start and establish a Sweetheart Cherry Tree. Continue reading to figure out how Sweetheart Cherries taste as well as what steps to take to grow one effectively.

Red Cherries in a Basket

What are Sweetheart Cherries?

Sweetheart Cherries are named for their precious heart-shaped fruit that covers the tree every summer. These bright red fruits are packed with flavor, and as you bite into one, you will be overwhelmed with immense sweetness right away. Throughout a period of a few weeks, you will have ripe cherries awaiting you in your backyard.

Sweetheart Cherry trees are one of the top choices for many home gardeners because they are smaller, offer huge visual appeal, and provide you with plenty of fruit you can eat straight from the tree. You can get by with only planting one tree and can expect to have a fruitful harvest two to three years after planting. White flowers in the spring and bright red leaves in the fall make this tree a beautiful addition to your yard.

Sweetheart Cherries were first cultivated at the Summerland Research Center in British Colombia and have been winning hearts ever since. With fruit that spaces itself out over its riping season and keeps from cracking, you can grab a sweet and tart snack at any time of day.

Sweetheart Cherry Trees provide you with ornamental appeal throughout the year while also giving you delicious fruit, making it truly the best of both worlds.

What does a Sweetheart Cherry Taste Like?

A Sweetheart Cherry is one of the favorites among people all over the country because of how sweet they are right off the tree. Once a Sweetheart Cherry ripens on the tree, they are delicious and packed with immense flavor. With an overly sweet flavor combined with a bit of tartness, Sweetheart Cherries are perfect as a snack or added to any dish.

The Sweetheart Cherry tree is a showstopper throughout the year with its pink and white blooms that blanket over the rich green leaves every Spring. Having a Sweetheart Cherry Tree in your yard will provide a beautiful display during every season. After the Spring flowers, the fruit will cover the tree, and then in the fall, you will have a deep rich fall color transition across the tree. By adding a Sweetheart Cherry tree to your yard, you will have a bountiful harvest and colors all year, which is a success all around.

Sweetheart Cherry Tree

Where to buy a Sweetheart Cherry?

There are so many places you can find a Sweetheart Cherry tree to place in your backyard, but often the best place to find one conveniently is online. Order a Sweetheart Cherry Tree online and get it delivered right to your door, which offers you convenience and keeps you from running around trying to find one.

By ordering a Sweetheart Cherry Tree online, you can use the time you would be spending driving around town and spend it finding and preparing the perfect spot for your new tree. When your tree arrives, you will be provided a tree that is ready to be planted.

How to Use a Sweetheart Cherry?

A Sweetheart Cherry is delicious no matter how you use it, but many people love to eat them right off of the tree when they are ripe. These cherries are versatile and can be used in a ton of different recipes throughout your kitchen.

One way many people love to use Sweetheart cherries is by combining them into jams and jellies to use throughout the year. Some people even love adding them to meat dishes which adds a bit of sweet-tart flavor to any meal.

You can even use them in your baking, and your family will be coming back for more every single season. Recipes that utilize sweetheart cherries pack a perfect amount of sweetness with a little touch of tart that has your tastebuds desiring more. Baking a Sweetheart Cherry Pie is one great option that will combine just the right amount of sweetness and tartness for your dessert or mid-day snack.

Besides a variety of uses in the kitchen, you can also use Sweetheart Cherries in different ways in your yard. They are a great option to use as a pop of color and design on either side of your driveway or as an accent in your backyard. Sweetheart Cherry Trees can also be great to add to a backyard orchard or as a border in your garden bed.

With a variety of ways to use the tree as well as its fruit, Sweetheart Cherry Trees are a great option for any space and can provide added benefits for many years to come.

Cherries in a Basket

How to Grow Sweetheart Cherries?

If you want to add a cherry tree to your home garden, Sweetheart Cherries are known as one of the easiest cherry trees to grow in various conditions. Sweetheart Cherries thrive in hardiness zones 5 thru 7 and are a great choice for any yard for their flavor and stunning colors in the spring.

Sweetheart Cherries do not need another tree to pollinate with in order for them to be successful, which makes them self fertile. With most fruit trees, planting more than one fruit tree will increase the yield of fruit you get off of the tree. Sweetheart Cherry Trees do not grow very large, so they can survive with smaller amounts of space all around them. These trees typically grow to be around at least ten feet tall and will add visual appeal to any space.

Growing a Sweetheart Cherry Tree in your backyard orchard requires you to find a spot that has well-draining soil and is in the full sun. Also, one major aspect of growing these cherry trees is to ensure you never over-water them. Sweetheart Cherry trees are prone to powdery mildew, which is often caused by overwatering them.

One way to combat this is to make sure you only water your cherry tree when you notice the soil is dry to the touch. Also, try to water only at the base of the tree instead of getting the leaves wet every time you water.

These cherry trees can easily be shaped to keep to a certain size and stay manicured all year. You can do so by trimming back dead branches in the late fall when the season comes around. Pruning is also necessary because, without it, the fruit can often become too heavy and break older branches with ease.

Sweetheart Cherry Tree with Cherries


What kind of cherries is the sweetest?

Van cherries are one of the sweeter varieties, and Sweetheart cherries combine Van cherries with Newstar cultivars creating a perfect combination.


Having a backyard orchard can truly transform your backyard into a space that welcomes you outdoors every single day. There are so many types of fruits that you can add to your backyard orchard, including apples and plums like Rome Apples and Damson Plums. The Sweetheart Cherry Tree is a smaller fruit tree that boasts a lot of flavor and appeal.

A Sweetheart Cherry Tree in your backyard is great for several reasons. One is that they are fairly easy to grow and do not need to be pollinated by another tree. Secondly, a Sweetheart Cherry Tree only grows to ten feet tall and can be trimmed back as necessary. Sweetheart Cherry Trees are also wonderful because they offer heart-shaped bright red fruit, white and pink flowers, and beautiful fall color.

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