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Sunday Lawn Care Review Over 4 Weeks

When I heard about Sunday Lawn Care, I was interested in seeing how it would work for my yard. Sunday puts together customized plans to address your specific lawn conditions and goals, so there’s no guesswork.

If you’re curious about how it works and if it’s worth it, keep reading to follow my Sunday Lawn Care review!

Macro view of blade of grass.

Getting Started

I didn’t come in with specific expectations for a major transformation. I wanted to see how Sunday Lawn Care worked for my lifestyle and more casual lawn care approach.

My Custom Lawn Plan

Sunday Lawn Care starts every first-timer with a custom lawn plan. In the app, you complete a questionnaire that allows Sunday to understand the current state of your lawn and what you need to achieve the result you want.

Other questions include if you have pets and kids, how much experience you have with lawn care, and other details. The products you receive are based on the questionnaire responses.

sunday lawn care app

What I Received:

  • a soil sample kit and analysis
  • Pet Lawn Bare Repair
  • Pet Patch spray
  • weed killer solution and sprayer
  • reusable bag
  • four hose attachments
  • eight bags each of Core Endurance and Core Seagreen fertilizers
  • Purple Cone Flower seed packets.

Even without your soil sample, Sunday uses data about your area regarding soil quality, weather, and other factors. This informs them of what fertilizers will work best, and once they analyze your soil sample they’ll send any extra products you need. The return label and soil test supplies are all included.

It’s catered to your lawn size and you’ll receive fertilizer in either liquid or granulated form, depending on how much product you need.

A beautiful lawn can’t grow when it’s overwhelmed with weeds, so Sunday sends a bottle of their weed killer concentrate as well as a reusable bag and electric sprayer.

I also got a hand spreader for fertilizer and grass seed and a few bags of the WonderFert all-purpose garden fertilizer.

It’s important to note that when I began, I didn’t realize that the custom lawn plan doesn’t include grass seed, so I eventually ordered a grass seed mix meant for lawns with pets for later use.

All you need is a spigot and a hose to start using the products – so let’s get down to it!

Putting the Custom Lawn Plan to Work

Time to put these products to the test!

I was looking forward to having a real plan to follow. In the past. the most work we’ve put into our lawn has been throwing down some random grass seed and mowing grass/weeds when needed.

Getting Started

First, fill out the survey. I did all of this from my phone and it was very easy. The hardest part was estimating the size of my lawn, but Sunday Lawn Care includes some references to help you out.

Depending on the results of your area’s conditions, you’ll receive a shipment of tailored items from Sunday Lawn Care. Take a soil sample to mail back for even more personalized information, but there’s no rush. You can start using your products before you get your results.

sunday lawn care app

Your profile will tell you when to apply each product. The website has plenty of resources to help you figure out what to do, as well as responsive customer support to answer your questions.

Simple instructions come with your Sunday Lawn Care shipment with an order of operations so you know which product to start with.

At first, I was a little bit confused with everything because there were so many products, but it was actually pretty simple once I read through the instructions.

Using My Sunday Lawn Care Products

First impression: everything was easy and straightforward to use.

The sprayers fit onto my hose, and the product instructions made sense and weren’t hard to follow. I reached out to customer support just to confirm I was doing everything right, and they were very helpful.

My soil sample results came back quickly, and it was interesting to see what was going on with my soil–I was pleasantly surprised! All the data populated in my profile so I could see everything.

I keep a lot of animals including honeybees, so I was very interested in the ingredients used in their products.


I decided to focus less on dandelions and clover since I often see my bees visiting them, and instead tried to deal with the many other weeds I have.

The Sunday Lawn Care weed killer was very effective! I sprayed thoroughly as directed. I’m not sure what all the weeds I see actually are, but it worked on all of them. By the next day they were mostly black and pulled up easily.

The instructions stress that it’s important to deal with the weeds before adding fertilizer, which will benefit the weeds just like the grass.

The weedspray from Sunday Lawn Care.
Weed killer from Sunday Lawn Care.

The electric sprayer made it super convenient to apply only where I want it, which is essential for avoiding over-application or putting it where it shouldn’t go. The small bottle of concentrate covered a lot of ground, and I might end up ordering more.

I liked that the concentrate bottle was the same amount that you mix per gallon, and the bag was clearly marked with a fill line. Mixing was super simple–just fill with water and add in the full bottle of concentrate.

I didn’t observe runoff or unintended damage, which was really nice to see.

Pet Products

I have two very spoiled dogs and nothing is off limits to them. While they aren’t the sole reason my lawn isn’t pretty, they definitely aren’t helping!

I received a bag of a special solution to spray on areas where my dogs eliminate. This helps neutralize the their waste and keeps everything balanced for healthy grass.

My Sunday Lawn Care custom lawn plan also came with a special seed/mulch/fertilizer mix formulated just for lawns with pets to help fill in patches. The seed in the container is a hardy mix that can better stand up to pet damage, which is what I ended up ordering later on.

I loved that this was part of the kit because even an otherwise beautiful lawn can end up with sad brown patches. The all-in-one application was simple and convenient.


With weeds and pet damage dealt with, it’s time to feed the grass.

Because I have a lot of lawn space, I received granulated fertilizer rather than liquid that you apply with the hose.

I initially didn’t order a spreader, so I ended up having to wait for it to arrive before I could start applying. You’re given a specific timeline of when to use which products in the form of a convenient checklist so it’s easy to keep track of everything.

If you do things in the wrong order or don’t get to it on time, it’s no big deal. The instructions advise you to just get to it when you can and offer ways you can adjust your process.

The instructions tell you what setting to use for a variety of spreaders and how to apply your fertilizer.

Sunday is very aware of potential fertilizer runoff, so they tell you how to deal with excess product as you apply and I appreciated that.

The Core Endurance fertilizer from Sunday Lawn Care.
Sunday Lawn Care fertilizer.

Applying my first round of fertilizer was very easy and actually stretched further than I expected in my space. I got to it later than my plan called for, but I had done everything in order and had plenty of time between the first fertilizer product and the second later in the season.

As with the herbicide, I liked the ingredient list and that it didn’t include anything scary. The website includes a lot of information about what they use and why.

Separate from my lawn care plan I got a few bags of WonderFert, their garden fertilizer, which was really easy to use and seems to have helped my veggie garden. It works just like their liquid fertilizers, and all you have to do is attach the bag to a hose and one of their sprayers.

My Sunday Lawn Care Results After Four Weeks

Overall, I really liked the Sunday Lawn Care’s custom lawn plan and everything was easy to use as instructed.

It definitely helped my yard grow, and I noticed that I had to mow much sooner than in the past. The pet products made a difference in areas my dogs like to use to do their business. It’s nice to have something I can continue applying to bare patches to fill in the gaps.

I’m more confident in taking care of my yard and that the products I haven’t used yet will work well for me. It definitely doesn’t feel so overwhelming anymore thanks to Sunday Lawn Care!

sunday lawn care before and after

What I Would Do Differently

I think my Sunday Lawn Care review would be even better with a few small tweaks.

I think there were parts of the survey I would answer differently. Honestly, I think my lawn was in worse shape than I realized! I had way more weeds and areas that needed a solid seeding. I liked the pet product, so I plan to seed with the pet lawn mix when it arrives.

I also would have started earlier, and much more weed control would help. I ended up with a lot more fertilizer than I really needed, so I probably didn’t provide an accurate lawn size estimate.

The Verdict on Sunday Lawn Care

Overall, I had a great experience with Sunday Lawn Care.

I especially liked that it was customized to me and my lawn, and it also felt customized to my lifestyle and how much time I was willing to spend caring for my yard.

The only downside to me is it wasn’t clear that seed wouldn’t be part of my lawn plan, so I would have added grass seed to my order from the beginning. It’s not a huge deal and grass seed is easy to get from Sunday or locally, so I still feel that it’s worth it even knowing it wouldn’t be included.

I appreciate Sunday Lawn Care’s philosophy and commitment to the environment that seems to be lacking from a lot of conventional lawn care.

They have tons of other lawn and gardening products, so there are more things I could try to get everything I need to keep my outdoor space healthy. They even have pest control plans that work the same way as the custom lawn care, with the same attention to ecological impact.

You Can Have a Beautiful Lawn

Person spreading grass seed.

I definitely think Sunday Lawn Care is worth a try if you’re looking to give your outdoor space some love!

It’s very manageable and gives you all the resources you need for a stress-free way to achieve the lawn of your dreams.
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