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All About Growing and Enjoying the Beautiful Sart Roloise Tomato

Searching for a tomato that your friends are almost sure to have never seen before? Look no further than the Sart Roloise Tomato, a tasty variety that only began to grace tabletops very recently.

With the addition of this blackish-purple-and-yellow beauty with excellent flavor and fruity fresh taste, your contribution to the neighborhood potluck is sure to steal the show.

Sart Roloise Tomato

All About the Sart Roloise Tomato

When you think of Belgium, usually chocolate and waffles come to mind. Now, you can add tomatoes to that list. The Sart Roloise Tomato was developed in Sart Eustache, Belgium in 2012 by Roland Boulanger.

The Sart Roloise Tomato is a cross between the White Wonder beefsteak tomato and the Baby Blue cherry tomato. The latter lends to the fruit’s blue-black shoulders, as they’re called, and it inherits its yellow bottom and citrusy taste from the White Wonder variety.

This tomato variety belongs to the anthocyanin family, a group of foods that contain red, purple, or blue pigmentation. These multi-colored tomatoes are dark purple fading, sometimes with streaks, into yellow.

The fruit has a flattened, bulbous or oblate shape with firm and meaty flesh, medium acidity, and a complex flavor — well-balanced with tropical, sweet notes. The golden, marbled interior resembles a pineapple and tastes a bit like one too.

These are moderate-sized slicing tomatoes great for fresh eating but perfectly suitable for soups and sauces as well. Its distinct coloration makes it one of the more beautiful varieties of tomatoes out there.

You can grow this tomato in the Spring for a harvest starting in midsummer that can last well into the Fall.

Growing Sart Roloise Tomato

The Sart Roloise Tomato is an annual indeterminate variety. The medium-sized fruits, which grow in clusters, can reach up to one pound in weight.

Sart Roloise Tomatoes

It is a midseason tomato, meaning that it peaks in midsummer and is great for regions with short or medium growing seasons, including places where temperatures start to dip at night.


Starting your tomato plant from seeds is a fun, economical way to grow your own tomatoes. Begin by planting your seeds indoors 4-6 weeks before the last frost of Spring. You should start seeing the seeds germinate within one week.

Transplant your seedlings outdoors after all danger of frost has passed. Set your tomato plants up for success with well-draining soil that has a combination of essential nutrients and pH-balanced ingredients.

Supporting Your Tomato Plant

The Sart Roloise Tomato plant grows tall with a few fruits per cluster, so make sure you install a support structure such as a trellis, cage, or stakes with your plant. Regularly train the vines of the plant along the support as it grows.

Sart Roloise Tomato Growing on a Trellis


Make sure to regularly prune the plant by pinching off any suckers that grow between the main stem and the tomato branches. This will ensure that the plant’s energy is spent growing a healthy amount of fruit. Learn more about pruning tomato plants.


With 75-80 days to maturity, pick this tomato variety when it reaches 10-20 ounces and has a wonderfully fragrant scent. The fruit should have a bold color at maturity. The plant will continue to grow throughout the season for a continued supply of tomatoes.


If you don’t plan to eat your tomatoes right away, store them at room temperature for about a week or for even longer in your refrigerator. If your garden of tomatoes produces an abundant summer harvest, you can freeze or can slices of this tomato to enjoy throughout the year.

Diseases and Pests

Watch out for typical diseases and pests to which tomato plants are susceptible. Prevent disease by only watering in the morning so that the soil has time to dry throughout the day. You can add fertilizer a few times throughout the season to keep it nice and healthy and better able to fend off disease.

If you do notice pests on your tomato plant, check out this reference to help identify and get rid of particular tomato pests. Make sure to inspect your tomato plants regularly so that any bugs can be dealt with right away.

If your plant’s leaves are turning yellow, learn more about possible problems and solutions.

Using the Sart Roloise Tomato

Health Benefits

Tomatoes are bursting with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, soluble sugars, and fiber. Its biochemical makeup makes it a no-brainer when it comes to including it as part of a healthy diet. From cancer prevention to heart and eye health, tomatoes are a guilt-free snack that supports your whole body. Not to mention, the fruity flavors of these beautiful tomatoes are a satisfying treat!

Recipe Ideas

The best recipes have a balanced flavor profile. Have you ever tasted a dish in progress and couldn’t quite put your finger on what was missing? A lot of times, that something is acid. The Sart Roloise Tomato has just the right amount of acidity to perfectly round out a savory recipe.

Sart Roloise Tomatoes

Garnish your favorite salad, use fresh tomatoes to add stunning color to a tasty tomato galette, or add a punch of acidity to a grilled cheese. The Sart Roloise Tomato is a juicy, dense fruit that can be utilized alongside red tomatoes to make a salsa with captivating colors.

Use frozen tomatoes in this delicious Tomato Bisque to warm your belly when the chill of winter hits the air.

Where to Buy Sart Roloise Seeds

Less common varieties of tomatoes may not be available at your supermarket. Check out your local farmers market or grab your gardening gloves and add this tomato to your garden repertoire. There’s not much better than biting into a homegrown tomato! You can find these heirloom tomato seeds on Etsy.

Wrapping up the Sart Roloise Tomato

Even though the Sart Roloise Tomato is a newly developed tomato, it is well-reviewed around the world, making it a top choice for gardeners. Now that you’re an expert and have your seeds ready to plant, learn more about other types of tomatoes you’ll want to add to your garden wishlist.