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Rockit Apples: Everything you need to know

Apples come in all shapes, sizes, flavors, and colors, from Red Delicious apples to HoneyCrisp apples and everything in between. There are all types of apple growers and apple varieties that sometimes have you wondering what type to choose.

Everyone has their favorite type of apple that they repurchase time and time, but how often do you grab an apple for a quick and healthy snack. For many people, grabbing a bag of chips is a lot easier and simpler than grabbing an apple for the road or when you are in a hurry. 

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Rockit Apples
Rockit apple, A Hawke’s Bay new Zealand apple, one of the best apple of New Zealand

Our world is so fast-paced that food companies learn how to adjust and adapt to provide food that will fit our busy lives; Rockit Apples were created to do just that. Rockit apples are the most unique type of snack because they are tiny, delicious, and easy to grab apples as you walk out the door or pack your kid’s lunchbox. 

In this article, we will dive into what exactly a Rockit Apple is, how they were created, and where they are grown. We will also figure out what a Rockit Apple tastes like, and how you can use them in your recipes and day to day life. 

What are Rockit Apples?

All over the world, consumers reach for snacks that are processed for the sake of convenience and the ability to grab something quick. New Zealand organization saw this repeatedly happening with people grabbing food, not for its nutritional value and more for convenience. 

After years of research and figuring out the best way to grow these tiny apples, they grafted Rockit Apple tree stems to other apple trees, and from there the rest is history.

They then created a tiny apple to provide a healthy, quick, and delicious snack for all ages, which they quickly named Rockit Apples. These apples have a red blush color and are the perfect choice for every type of consumer lifestyle. 

Rockit Apples are a type of miniature apple specifically and uniquely created to be a snack-size apple. Rockit Apples’ creator realized how popular apples were among small children and worked to create an apple that can be eaten as a snack and completely finished, even by tiny kids.

Rockit Apples are a bit smaller than a golf ball and are known to be very sweet, making them the most convenient snack-size apple at all times of the day. Another important aspect of Rockit Apples is that they are already washed and packaged to be eaten on the go! 

An interesting fact about Rockit Apples is how they grow. Rockit Apple trees are amazing because they produce a significant amount of fruit within their first years of growth. Since the apples’ size is so small, the trees often produce many fruits on one plant, providing plenty of apples per tree each year. 

Rockit Apple Cut in Half
Rockit apple, A Hawke’s Bay new Zealand apple, one of the best apple of New Zealand

Who Carries Rockit Apples?

You can easily find Rockit Apples at any Walmart location all over the country, providing you a place to grab these perfect and tiny apples wherever you may be located. Rockit Apples are grown all over the country and the world, which gives you plenty of opportunities to taste one for yourself. 

Who Grows Rockit Apples?

Rockit Apples are grown in countries all over the world. The popularity of this snack-sized fruit sets it apart from all of the other offered apples and makes them a popular choice for growing. There is one exception that all countries must follow when growing Rockit Apples, and that is that only one supplier can grow them per country. 

In the United States, they are grown in Central Washington by Borton Fruit and Chelan Fresh, and they are the only ones in the country that are authorized to grow these tiny apples. 

Chelan Fresh grows these sweet apples in Washington’s fertile valleys and ensures every product meets the standards to be placed in stores. The beauty of these apples only being grown in the pacific northwest is that they are grown to the highest standard on an orchard where safety measures and intense growing standards must be met. 

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What Kind of Apple is a Rockit?

Rockit Apples are a mix between a Gala apple and a Gala Splendor cultivar apple to make a small-sized apple that you can snack on. 

A tiny red apple was created without compromising taste or quality by successfully crossing both of these apples. While Rockits are still a type of apple, they compete with other snack foods than other apple types. 

rockit apples and leaves.
Rockit apple, A Hawke’s Bay new Zealand apple, one of the best apple of New Zealand

What do Rockit Apples Taste like?

Rockit Apples have a sweet flavor to them to appease even the pickiest of food pallets. By combining Gala apples’ sweetness, Rockit Apples have a great flavor to have people coming back for them time and time again. 

Rockit Apples also have the perfect amount of crunch, reminding you of many apples you typically eat. A Rockit Apple allows you or your kids to have a healthy snack without having to cut up a huge apple. The problem with huge apples is that they will be cut up more often than not, and if they are not eaten right away, they begin to turn brown. 

Rockit Apples could easily be used with their sweet and delicate taste in any apple recipe you may find, adding to their versatility. You could use Rockit Apples to make homemade fruit strips, apple muffins, and even apple dumplings. Adding Rockit Apples to your shopping list will absolutely not disappoint and will allow you to use them in a variety of ways. 

Are Rockit Apples Genetically Modified?

No, Rockit Apples, while they are delicious, are not genetically modified in any way. Finding a fruit that is not genetically modified gives you and your family a healthy choice for a snack at any time of day. 

The Rockit Apple creators worked for years and years to perfect their tiny apple. They refused to risk the quality by adding any genetically modified additives to their immaculate little apple. While they were being created in New Zealand, the growers only used natural techniques, and the growers continue to do so worldwide. 

The amazing dedication and work ethic behind every Rock It apple can have you rest assured that what you are eating is pure, natural, and completely delicious. When you shop in the grocery store, there are very few items that you can say that about. 

Where do Rockit Apples Come From?

Rockit Apples were created in New Zealand and then quickly distributed all over the country. Within the United States, Rockit apples can only be grown by one supplier in Central Washington. Now, New Zealand only sells around 3 percent of the amount of Rockit Apples, and the rest are grown and sold worldwide. 

By creating the world’s first pocket-sized apple, New Zealand changed the snack food game and gave families all over the country a healthy and quick option for a snack. When Rockit Apples first came out, people wondered if they were just tiny apples that were not grown to their full potential. The opposite is actually true. Rockit apples grow to this small size on the trees grow, making them a unique choice for a healthy snack. 

Rockit Apples in a Store
Saigon/Vietnam: 1 May 19: Rockit apples sweet fruit fresh healthy food in supermarket shelf small 4 packs of rockit red apple

How are Rockit Apples Marketed?

Besides being small in size, Rockit Apples are also displayed in creative and unique packaging that allows them to catch someone’s eye and be used for storage. Rockit Apples’ packaging is often sold in allows easy grabbing for anyone looking for a quick snack.

Rockit Apples’ creator not only focused on a great snack option, but they didn’t stop there. The product speaks for itself, but the branding and convenient packaging set it apart from other snack products. By using recyclable materials, Rockit Apples’ creator is setting the consumer up to start understanding and acknowledging where the packaging comes from and why it is important.

Another way they are packaged is in recyclable tubes that make them easy to carry to any event or outing your family is partaking in. These plastic tubes provide a beautiful way to display the apples as well as a convenient way to carry them with you. The tubes that were created specifically for Rockit Apples are made from PET and are completely able to be broken down and thrown in a recycle bin when you are done with them. 

Rockit Apples stay fresh longer than traditional apples and are already washed so they can be eaten right away or as needed. They are truly the perfect size for kids and ideal to replace unhealthy snacks such as cookies. 

If the delicious and adorable apple and the beautiful and recyclable packaging wasn’t enough, Chelan and other Rockit Apple growers have created challenges to encourage kids to reuse packaging. For example, the most recent challenge was to transform a Rockit shuttle or packaging into your best creation. Without even realizing it, children will begin to learn the importance of upcycling and reusing packaging instead of adding it to a landfill. 

Now You Know All About Rockit Apples!

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Val Watson

Sunday 28th of May 2023

I loved those little apples, but won’t buy them now since the packaging was switched to plastic tubs. Landfill fodder.


Wednesday 31st of May 2023

That's unfortunate. You should contact the packager and let them know your concerns.

cheryl judith drew

Friday 16th of December 2022

most of the Rockit apples I have purchased have had a moldy smell to them when I opened them; after a while it dissipates, but it is most unpleasant, what is causing this?


Saturday 17th of December 2022

It might be exactly what you think. The truth is most apples you buy in a store have been in storage for a long time. There's no way around it; they only produce for a short season.

Wash them well!


Friday 25th of November 2022

Are rockit apples sprayed with pesticides?


Friday 25th of November 2022

That depends on the specific grower. I would assume all apples have been sprayed with something at some point in their growing cycle unless you can confirm otherwise.


Tuesday 27th of September 2022

I love Rockit apples and bought from Safeway regularly. Now I cannot find them at any store and no one can tell me why. Is it possible that there has been a crop failure this year? I am in Oregon.


Monday 3rd of October 2022

Hi Hazel - I'm not sure.


Monday 19th of September 2022

I love Rockit apples, and eat them almost every day. ( I share with my dog, who loves them too!) Now I can't find them anywhere. I was buying them from Sprouts and also Stater Bros. Are they not available right now. I live in southern Orange County in California.


Tuesday 27th of September 2022

Sorry, I'm not sure...