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The 12 Best Pumpkin Patches in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is ground zero for fall magic. They have the weather, the foliage, and the crops that combine to create an ideal, Instagram-ready autumn landscape. You have a bevy of farms to choose from in the state, all of which can give you that authentic fall flavor.

A bunch of carved jack-o-lantern pumpkins displayed on front porch steps.

Of course, nothing says fall quite like the iconic pumpkin and nothing feels more fall-like than picking your own pumpkin from a patch. Don’t know where to go? We’ll help you decide!

Keep reading to check out our top picks for the best pumpkin patches in Massachusetts to visit.

Pumpkin Patches in Massachusetts – Boston-Metro Area

A family enjoying time at a pumpkin patch.

Carver Hill Orchard

Stow, Massachusetts

Located just outside Boston, Carver Hill Orchard is a pumpkin patch in Massachusetts that can fulfill all of your fall dreams.

Their apple orchards and pumpkin patches are open to the public, and you will find a large variety of pumpkins to choose from. Bring your appetite to the orchard, as they have a country store filled with delicious, homemade products. Jams, jellies, and warm cider donuts are all available for purchase.

During the summer, they grow blueberries, which get turned into scrumptious blueberry muffins sprinkled with sugar. Did we already tell you to bring your appetite?

Connors Farm

Danvers, Massachusetts

Open since 1904, Connors Farm invites visitors every September and October to their u-pick pumpkin patch in Massachusetts. Danvers isn’t that far from the ocean, giving the farm the faint salty ocean breeze wafting through.

Who needs tractors to cart you around when you can take a ride on the Putnamville Railroad? The railroad runs through the farm and the pumpkin patches; while it’s designed for kids, adults are allowed, too.

We recommend visiting Connors Farm at night and experiencing their Flashlight Nights. These are special evenings with fun, spooky activities. The highlight is their Flashlight Maze, where you have to venture through their corn maze aided only by a flashlight.

A fall display of pumpkins, straw and mums in baskets.

Hanson’s Farm

Framingham, Massachusetts

One of the larger pumpkin patches in Massachusetts, Hanson’s Farm has fifty-two acres of crops, including pumpkins, on top of 100 acres of hay. That gives visitors plenty of room to explore and walk around; there are also picnic benches and tents set up. Bring your own lunch and make a day of things!

Enjoy a peaceful walk through the orchards, or happily meander through Tom and Matt’s Excellent Adventure Corn Maze. Because of the large size of the property, crowding is less of an issue.

If you’re looking for some Halloween magic, take a ride on their haunted hayride, held on weekends in October. It’s a tradition going on twenty-five years. Over 100 cast members will try and scare you, so put on a brave face.

Nihtila Farm

Holbrook, Massachusetts

If you’re looking for a smaller pumpkin patch in Massachusetts, check out this under-the-radar gem. Located south of Boston in quaint Holbrook, Nihtila Farm is a cute little farm that packs quite a punch.

They have a bountiful selection of pumpkins and fresh vegetables to choose from, as well as activities for the kids. Get lost in their corn maze, enjoy a hay ride, and make memories at their petting zoo.

It’s a very family-friendly and lowkey farm. You’ll find fewer crowds and more locals here.

Pickard Farm

Littleton, Massachusetts

While many patches pre-pick pumpkins and scatter them about the field, Pickard Farm lets you pick pumpkins right off the vine in their fifteen-acre patch.

A couple picking pumpkins together.

Pickard is known for having an odd mix of unique-looking pumpkins, so if you’re looking for something weird and eye-catching to add to your fall decor, make a stop here. Leave yourself ample time to enjoy Littleton.

Pickard Farm is located only a mile down the road from Kimball Farm Ice Cream Stand, home to delicious sweets and miniature golf, and close to witches woods, a self-proclaimed “screampark.”

Smolak Farm

North Andover, Massachusetts

Smolak Farm is a pumpkin patch in Massachusetts that has lots of fun activities for groups, so it’s best to come here with friends or family. Groups can sign up for nighttime hay rides where you’re carted through the patches in the darkness. The spookiness is implied. At least cider and doughnuts are included with your ticket.

Daytime hay rides are hop on/hop off, like a city bus, taking you anywhere you need to get to on the farm. Take a ride to check out the bee hives creating fresh honey, or frolic amid the mighty oak trees and apple orchards.

Cap off your day or night with a trip to their ice cream stand for a creamy treat.

Lookout Farm

South Natick, Massachusetts

For urbanites, Lookout Farm is a great option amid pumpkin patches in Massachusetts. Because it’s very close to Boston, it’s one of the few pumpkin patches in Massachusetts that’s accessible by public transit.

The farm has u-pick fields for pumpkin and apples, as well as a brewery making craft beer and cider. If you’re not so into pumpkin picking, you can enjoy a good meal at their restaurant and tap room. To save time, you can also visit their farmer’s market to pick up produce.

An added bonus during the peak fall months: they’ll have live music playing on the grounds.

A bunch of harvested pumpkins.

Allendale Farms

Brookline, Massachusetts

If you don’t want to leave Boston, Allendale Farm is a spectacular option for you. While located in Brookline, the farm is technically in Boston city limits, and is popular with city dwellers. Instead of the rural setting, it’s a fun urban twist on pumpkin patches in Massachusetts.

They do hayride fundraisers for Gay Pride and Story Time on the farm, which is exactly as it sounds. Every Wednesday in October, they have free story time for kids and adults. These unique experiences mix urban flair with rural living.

Just because they’re in the city doesn’t mean they don’t have the goods. Allendale Farms has a ton of pumpkins to choose from. They’re known as “Your Farm in the City,” and they certainly live up to that nickname.

Parlee Farms

Tyngsboro, Massachusetts

If you’re looking to create a riveting fall display on your stoop, Parlee Farms has got you covered. This pumpkin patch in Massachusetts has a wide variety of pumpkins. Over 40,000 to be exact. They have mini pumpkins, pumpkins that weigh over forty pounds, and everything in between.

Tractors carry you out into the field to pick through thirteen acres of voluminous pumpkins. When you’re done picking pumpkins, swing by their orchard to select some fresh, crisp apples.

Make a pit stop at the farmstand where you can watch them make apple cider donuts right in front of your eyes. And Mary’s Country Kitchen on the property makes mind-blowing warm apple crisp that’s so good it should be a religion.

Eastern Massachusetts Pumpkin Patches

A West Yarmouth, Massachusetts pumpki patch.

Hicks Family Farm

Charlemont, Massachusetts

Get ready to be scared at Hicks Family Farm. Their haunted weekends are chock full of fun, spooky activities. Visitors can wander through the creepified farm and try and avoid staff members looking to scare them. It’s a great activity for older kids and adults.

Flashlight Fridays have visitors try and navigate through their corn maze in the dark, but don’t worry. Nobody will try and scare you. You can enjoy the crisp air, starry sky, and rural ambiance.

In the daytime, Hicks Family Farm has all the pumpkins you could want. This is one of the few pumpkin patches in Massachusetts that grows different colored pumpkins. Spice up your home with green, white, and purple pumpkins. And once you’re done picking, play a round of mini golf on the premises.

Fletcher Farm

Southampton, Massachusetts

This is a bit of a cheat because Fletcher Farm is first and foremost a dairy farm. Yet in the fall, they transform into a pumpkin patch in Massachusetts.

Potted mums for sale.

They and their cows go all out to get into the fall spirit. Scarecrows are strung up around the premises. Visitors can take hay rides through the fields and observe the cows.

Stop by their nursery to pick up a fresh pot of mums. It’s quite a site to see cows frolicking in a fall setup, but it’s a pumpkin picking experience you won’t soon forget.

Meadowbrook Farm

East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

In the past, Meadowbrook Farm has received news attention for the extra large pumpkins that have grown in their patch. You never know what you could find when you go pumpkin picking there. You may get lucky and find a heavyweight pumpkin.

Meadowbrook Farm doesn’t have fall-focused activities on the premises. No corn maze or petting zoo. They have pumpkins to pick and fall decorating items like corn stalks you can grab, too. If you’re just looking to go pumpkin picking, Meadowbrook is a great option.

Celebrate Fall at a Massachusetts Pumpkin Patch!

Make the most of your time in the Bay State by visiting any of the selections on our list of best pumpkin patches in Massachusetts. Treat yourself to a true fall day of pumpkin picking, flashlight corn mazes, and delicious food.

A carved jack-o-lantern pumpkin in an urban setting.

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