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Kingston Black Apples


Minneopa Orchards presents the legendary Kingston Black, the renowned “king” of cider apples. Embrace the opportunity to create cider with a bittersharp complexity beloved by connoisseurs. Grown with passion in Minnetrista, our Kingston Blacks are waiting to be the soul of your next batch of cider. Reserve yours today and join the ranks of elite cider makers.

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About Our Kingston Black Apples

The Quintessential Cider Apple with a Bold British Legacy

From the sun-kissed groves of Minneopa Orchards, located in the verdant expanses of Minnetrista, Minnesota, comes the distinguished Kingston Black apple. This British native is hailed as the single varietal ‘king’ of cider apples, offering a complex flavor profile that is unrivaled for cider making.

Tasting Notes

The Kingston Black is a cider apple with an intricate balance of bittersharp and sweet flavors, featuring hints of orange zest and woody notes. It yields a juice that promises depth and character in every glass of cider, with a perfect harmony of acidity and tannins.

Cider Profile

Ciders crafted from our Kingston Black apples feature:

  • A robust and full-bodied experience
  • A striking blend of sharpness, bitterness, and sweetness
  • A deep amber hue, rich and inviting in appearance

Harvest and Availability

  • Harvest Time: Our Kingston Black apples reach their peak in [Enter harvest month], ready to be transformed into exceptional cider.
  • Pick-Up Time: After securing your pre-order, we’ll inform you when your apples can be picked up, ensuring you receive them at the pinnacle of their flavor.

How to Pre-Buy

  1. Choose the quantity of Kingston Black apples for your cider production.
  2. Place your order through our cart and proceed to checkout securely.
  3. Receive your order confirmation with details on the harvest and pick-up schedule.
  4. Collect your harvest from Minneopa Orchards and begin crafting your premium cider.

Why Pre-Buy from Minneopa Orchards?

  • Superior Cider Apples: The Kingston Black is renowned for its exceptional cider qualities, a true gem for cider aficionados.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: We ensure you receive the freshest apples for the most flavorful cider.
  • Supporting Tradition: Your purchase aids in the preservation of this iconic cider apple variety and the traditional craft of cider making.

Embrace the Rich Tradition and Complex Flavors of Minneopa Orchards’ Kingston Black Apples – A True Cider Maker’s Choice.


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