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Gardening On The Go: The Best Portable Greenhouses For Your Plant Needs

Are you looking to start some backyard gardening, but you feel overwhelmed by what equipment you need to get started? Or maybe you’re a seasoned gardener and want to find a way to improve your skills and extend your growing season.

A great way to get a boost is to use a greenhouse, and a portable greenhouse makes it even easier. People with less space, who are just learning how to garden, or who rent can easily set up a portable greenhouse to be more successful in keeping happy, healthy plants.

To help you find the best portable greenhouse for your plant growing goals, check out this list of our favorites!

Portable Greenhouse

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Hanience Walk-in Greenhouse

Budget Option:
HOMGARDEN Portable Roll Up Greenhouse

Best for Small Spaces:
Gardzen Pop Up Greenhouse

Best Overall Portable Greenhouse

Hanience Walk-in Greenhouse

Greenhouse, Hanience Walk-in Greenhouse with Anchors and Ropes, 3 Tier 4 Wired Shelves Indoor and Outdoor Greenhouse for Garden/Patio/Backyard/Balcony, Green PE Cover Easy to Assemble

The Hanience Walk-in Greenhouse is a great all-around option and makes a helpful addition to any gardener’s setup.

You can easily start seeds and seedlings to get a head start on the season or keep medium-sized plants happy. Its convenient size is big enough for you to go inside to care for your plants but small enough to fit anywhere you need it. You can also easily move it around.

It can fit a variety of plants, so you can get a robust garden going. This portable greenhouse includes eight shelves for plants and storage. The heavy-duty covering is up to the task of protecting your plants from pests and bad weather.

The roll-up door on this portable greenhouse gives you easy access and also provides extra ventilation on hotter days. The powder-coated steel frame will last a long time outside in the elements, so you can use it again and again every year.


  • Great medium size has tons of uses for lots of gardeners
  • Reasonably priced, perfect for beginners or additional growing space
  • Includes shelving to keep you organized and fit more plants or supplies


  • Only ventilation is from the door
  • Easy to assemble, but some buyers say it didn’t include instructions

Best Budget Portable Greenhouse

HOMGARDEN Portable Roll Up Greenhouse

HOMGARDEN 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse Portable Plant Flower Shelf Tent w/PE Cover Roll-Up Zipper Door for Lawn Patio Garden Indoor Outdoors

The HOMGARDEN 4-tier portable greenhouse is especially great for smaller gardeners or newbies.

It offers enough space to comfortably start your garden and comes with four shelves to suit your needs. The size of this portable greenhouse makes it easy to set up in smaller yards and gives you easy access to your plants growing inside.

Best of all, it’s super affordable! This makes it a great option for adding bonus greenhouse space or if you’re new to gardening and aren’t ready to make a big investment yet.

Despite the low price point, this portable greenhouse is still nice and sturdy with a simple design. It’s perfect for getting seeds started earlier in the season without taking up a lot of space, and you can move it around wherever you need it. It also comes with a storage bag so you can tuck it away in the off-season.


  • Quick and easy to put together and break down for efficient storage
  • Smaller size has so many applications for any and all growers
  • Waterproof and durable to withstand weather and keep plants safe


  • May require some extra securing in bad weather conditions
  • Won’t be big enough for larger plants or extensive gardens

Best Mini Portable Greenhouse

Gardzen Pop Up Greenhouse

Gardzen 27

If you have very limited space, move often, or only have a plant or two, the Gardzen Pop Up Greenhouse fits the bill.

There’s no setup required–just open it up, and it pops into shape all on its own! It folds up easily when you need to put it away. This portable greenhouse is an excellent choice for people who travel a lot, live in RVs, or have a small living space.

The small size of this greenhouse is incredibly convenient and can be moved around with no effort at all. While it can’t fit multiple or large plants, you can easily purchase multiple greenhouses so each plant has its own little space. This makes it simple to change locations or even keep your plant in the perfect sunny spot.


  • Supremely convenient size goes anywhere you need it to
  • Lets people with smaller spaces grow plants or can accommodate just one plant
  • Travels and stores well with almost no effort


  • Can only fit one or two plants at a time
  • Lightweight is convenient but will need to be secured if kept outside long term

Best Large Portable Greenhouse

FDW Portable Outdoor Greenhouse

FDW L10'xW7'xH7' Greenhouse for Outdoors Greenhouse Plastic Mini Greenhouse Kit Indoor Portable Greenhouse Plant Shelves Tomato Herb Canopy Winter Walk-in Green House for Patio

The FDW greenhouse gives you more room to grow plants and create the garden of your dreams!

The walk-in size of this portable greenhouse is very spacious and offers tons of possibilities for whatever you want to grow. As a bonus, it can be used as a storage shed in the winter months for all your equipment.

Everything you need for an easy assembly is included with your purchase, and this product is definitely well-priced for its size. Despite being bigger, it’s still easily moveable, so you can use it as a convenient portable greenhouse. And, of course, it’s nice to be able to walk inside and arrange everything the way you want.

It’s heavy-duty and rust-resistant, so it can handle being outside in the elements for a long time. The tunnel shape is ideal for growing a wide variety of plants, no matter what kind of gardening you enjoy. Serious gardeners will benefit from a longer growing season for a large number of plants.


  • Lots of room for everything you want to grow, plus options to use it for other applications outside the growing season
  • Easy to put together and move despite being larger
  • Sturdy construction can be left outside all year


  • Does not include shelving for plants
  • Could use more ventilation for extra hot days

Best Cold Frame Portable Greenhouse

MCombo Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

MCombo Greenhouse Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse, Garden Portable Mini Greenhouse Cabinet, Raised Flower Planter Shelf Protection for Outdoor Indoor Use, 0760

Some hardier plants can stay outside and continue growing in colder temperatures if you add a cold frame, and the MCombo Cold Frame Greenhouse is a great option.

The sturdy and durable wooden design has hard, clear plastic panels to protect more sensitive plants in colder weather. It can be used either as a small portable greenhouse or to cover plants last minute if an unexpected frost hits.

The hinged top offers great ventilation during the warmer months, and it can easily stand up to rough weather. As a bonus, the wood frame design looks a bit nicer in your garden to complement your outdoor space.

Inside you’ll find adjustable shelving so you can customize this portable greenhouse to fit your needs. Its size makes it easy to move around as needed while being solid enough to stay in place long-term.


  • Wooden design looks nice in your garden
  • Helps plants grow in colder weather and offers protection for more sensitive plants
  • Can easily be placed right where you want it, especially if the temperature drops unexpectedly


  • Smaller size works best for a smaller number of plants
  • Not ideal for travel as it doesn’t collapse for easy storage

Portable Greenhouse Buyer’s Guide

Vegetable garden with portable greenhouses for a small gardens

Finding the Right Portable Greenhouse

If you’re not sure what kind of portable greenhouse makes the most sense for you, try to think about what your goals are for growing.

There are a few factors to consider that will help you determine what will work best and help you achieve a beautiful and productive garden.

Portable Greenhouse Size

First, determine how much space you have to use for your portable greenhouse. If you have unlimited space but want the convenience of portability, you’ll have more options. If your space is very small, you’ll want to stick with a portable greenhouse that you can easily accommodate.

How many plants do you want to be able to fit inside? While a teeny tiny portable greenhouse might be super convenient, if you’re a busy gardener, it may not provide enough room for you. However, maybe you just have a few plants that need some extra warmth, and a mini greenhouse will do the trick.

If you rent where you live, you might want to stick with something smaller. This will make it easier to change your setup, remove it if you need to, or take it with you when you move next.

If you’re new to gardening, it could make more sense to start small to see how it goes. You likely won’t be growing a huge garden at first, so a bigger portable greenhouse might be an unnecessary investment for you. A smaller portable greenhouse will let you get started and spend less money until you have a feel for everything.

It also makes it easier for you to get the hang of using a greenhouse, as well as helps you solidify where you want to put it.


Your weather conditions might dictate the portable greenhouse that will work best for you.

Something more heavy-duty will stand up to harsh weather much better, so make sure you consider the kind of climate your portable greenhouse will be living in. High winds, heavy rain, or excessive heat are all reasons to get something sturdy that can be reinforced if necessary.

If you have mild weather where you live, you can stick with something a little lighter. Even still, think ahead to what you’ll want to do with your portable greenhouse in the winter. If you get snowfall, you might still want a more substantial greenhouse if you plan to leave it outside all year.

Plant Goals

What kinds of plants do you want to grow, and how many?

For serious gardeners, a bigger greenhouse will give you a great head start to your growing season. You probably have a solid plan in place, and a greenhouse is a great way to put that plan in motion.

You also might want to opt for something longer term that can be a little less convenient to move around. While still technically portable, if you’re not likely to move it around all the time, you don’t need to focus as much on how easy it is to relocate.

Some plants like tons of ventilation, some like the heat, and some need strong light. Depending on what you want to grow, that can help determine what kind of greenhouse features will be best for your plants.

Portable Greenhouse Frequently Asked Questions

hoop greenhouse

Can I really grow things in a small portable greenhouse?


Portable greenhouses are great for all kinds of applications. They can make your growing season longer, protect your plants from bad weather, help you start seeds and more.

New gardeners might find that using a portable greenhouse helps them be more successful in their new hobby, giving delicate new plants a chance to get stronger before they’re fully outside in the elements.

Why should I choose a portable greenhouse?

There are so many reasons why a portable greenhouse might make sense for you.

Even if you also have a more permanent structure, portable versions give you tons of flexibility. You can use it in different locations and move it around any time you need to.

It’s a much smaller investment to start with and will also be a lot simpler to get set up. For some people, a permanent structure isn’t an option, and a portable greenhouse gives them the same benefits of a larger greenhouse.

Will a portable greenhouse be worth it long term?

That really depends on your goals, but for most people, yes!

While they aren’t meant to last as long as a permanent greenhouse, with good care and maintenance, they can be useful for a long time. You’ll find yourself using your portable greenhouse season after season for all kinds of applications.

Sometimes it’s just more convenient for smaller gardens, and it’s great to easily move it around as often as you need to.

Get Your Plants Going in a Portable Greenhouse

Portable greenhouses have tons of benefits for gardeners of all kinds.

It’s a great way to give yourself the benefits of a greenhouse without a huge investment or building something that can’t be easily moved. No matter what kind of growing you want to do, a portable greenhouse is a nice addition to your gardening hobby.

Almost any gardener will love having a great portable greenhouse around to use for all kinds of applications.

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