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All About The Friendly Patio Tomato

What is the Patio tomato? It’s more than just a generic term used for bush varieties you can grow in containers.

The Patio tomato is a hybrid dwarf plant especially bred to thrive in small garden spaces. Continue reading to learn more about growing this tomato plant.

Bush tomato similar to the patio tomato on a branch

The Best Patio Tomato for Container Gardening

Do you want to start a garden but lack a spacious yard? The dwarf Patio tomato is a superb choice for beginner gardeners who only have a little space to get started.

This hardy hybrid tomato plant is compact and vigorous. It is a dwarf, determinate tomato variety that thrives in pots with adequate sunlight exposure.

This is an F1 hybrid, meaning it has two genetically different parents lending it the best traits of both. It is a top-performing container tomato that produces sweet and juicy four-ounce fruits.

This vigorous plant is also a great way to teach kids responsibility, as it is forgiving and easy to grow. Plus, the sweet tomatoes are a delightful reward for a job well done.

How Do Patio Tomatoes Taste?

You don’t need to sacrifice taste when growing dwarf tomato plants. The Patio tomato plant produces four-ounce fruits bursting with bright tomato flavor.

These tomatoes are mild and sweet, making them a healthy snack for kids. They are perfect for slicing and adding to sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes.

How to Grow Patio Tomato Plants

fresh container tomatoes growing in a garden

This variety is one of the easiest tomato plants to grow. As long as you have a pot and a sunny spot, you’ll be harvesting these tasty treats in 70 days.

To get started, you will need a seed starter tray, a large container, and high-quality potting soil. To learn more, read this comprehensive guide to growing tomatoes in pots.

Step 1. Start Seeds

Fill a plastic seed starter tray with potting soil and sow two seeds per cell. Water thoroughly and place the tray under an indoor grow light for eight hours daily.

Mist the cells with a spray bottle filled with spring water each morning to keep the soil moist. Thin the seedlings once they are about two inches tall so the strongest can thrive.

Step 2. Transplant Seedlings

Once the seedlings have two sets of true leaves, they are ready for transplanting.

Gently pinch and roll the plastic cells of your tray to loosen the soil. Use a spoon to carefully remove the entire contents of each cell without damaging the root balls.

Fill large planters with loamy, nutrient-rich potting soil. FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil is a fantastic choice for container gardening.

Plant one seedling per pot. Bury the root ball up to the first set of leaves, tamp the soil, and thoroughly water.

Place the containers in a sunny location with proper airflow. Provide plants with enough water each morning to keep the soil moist and crumbly but not soggy.

Step 3. Cage Plants

Patio tomato plants are compact and bushy but still benefit from staking and caging. They can get heavy with fruit once they mature, and a lightweight aluminum tomato cage can prevent damage to the stem.

Step 4. Harvest Tomatoes

You’ll get your first harvest approximately 70 days after you sow Patio tomato seeds.

Once the tomatoes are two inches in diameter and completely red, you can pluck them from the plant. Allow them to deepen in color and soften in the sun before packing for a richer flavor.

These plants will continue fruit production for about eight weeks.

Where to Buy Patio Tomato Hybrid Seeds

tomato seedling

Are you ready to start growing Patio tomatoes at home? If so, you probably want to know where to purchase quality seeds.

You don’t need to drive all over town looking for a nursery that sells the seeds you need. You can order Patio tomato seeds online and have them delivered in no time.

Easy Tomato Recipes

tomato salad

These tasty little orbs are great sliced on sandwiches or prepared in your favorite dishes. Check out the following creative and easy tomato recipes that your whole family will love.

This homestyle tomato soup recipe is amazing with grilled cheese sandwiches. It’s the perfect comfort food that will warm you up when it starts getting chilly.

Try this Delicious and Easy Tomato Salsa Recipe with chips, or add it to burritos for a tasty dinner.

Healthy Patio tomato plants produce gallons of fruit; you might harvest more than you can eat right away. Whip up The Best Marinara Recipe and freeze it for quick and healthy pasta dishes.


Fresh tomatoes for tomato salsa

Are tomatoes healthy?

Yes, tomatoes are very healthy. They are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals.

Do you want to read about why tomatoes are such a great addition to a healthy diet? Check out The Complete Tomato Nutrition Guide: 6 Benefits of Eating Tomatoes to learn more!

When should you pick Patio tomatoes?

Patio tomato plants begin fruiting around 70 days after sowing. They continue producing fruit for eight weeks, yielding approximately 50 fruits per plant.

The tomatoes are mature and ready to harvest when they are two inches in diameter and evenly red. Check your plants daily to prevent bruising since the fruits fall right off the vine when they’re ripe.

Do Patio tomatoes need to grow in full sun?

Patio tomatoes are hardy hybrids that can survive in many conditions but require full sun for the best results. This means they need at least six hours of direct sunlight.

These tomatoes are popular for indoor windowsill planters where they can get plenty of sun exposure. You can supplement indoor plants with a full-spectrum grow light if they don’t get enough natural light.

All About The Patio Tomato Hybrid

After reading this guide, you know everything you need to grow Patio tomatoes.

Do you want to learn more about the most delicious tomato varieties? Explore our Tomato Plants hub to read the best in-depth articles and growing guides.