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All About the Nantes Carrot

You’ve always heard they’re good for your eyesight, but what else do you know about carrots and their different varieties?

When you think of a carrot, you may picture a long orange root with leafy green stems, like the kind Bugs Bunny spends his time chomping. If this sounds like you, then you may be familiar with the Nantes Carrot.

Keep reading and learn all about this versatile and flavorful root vegetable, including how to grow it at home and ways to enjoy it.

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A bunch of classic-looking carrots on a rustic table.

Characteristics of the Nantes Carrot


The Nantes carrot is known for its cylindrical and slightly tapered shape. The root (the part we eat) is bright orange-red and has little to no core. They’re usually found attached to long leafy bright green stems.

Carrots in the garden with bright green stems.


On average, the root of the Nantes carrot is about five to seven inches long and about an inch and a half in diameter.

How They Taste

These coreless carrots have a mild sweet taste. Because they have no core, they’re crunchy and tender, making them perfect for snacking.

Carrot Health Benefits

Carrots are packed with a variety of benefits that can make a positive impact when added to your daily diet.

They are rich in beta-carotene. This molecule converts to vitamin A, which supports your vision, immune system, and reproductive health.

Nantes carrots help protect one’s vision and repair damaged tissues deep within the skin. Carrots also have a remarkably high vitamin C and fiber content. This combination allows the body to fight off infection and promotes a healthy digestive and cardiovascular system.

Ways to Enjoy

With its sweet flavor and coreless center, the Nantes carrot can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Here are some of our favorite ways to use these delicious and nutritious vegetables.


A great way to bring out the flavor of your vegetable is to make Grilled Carrots. Using a grill to cook these carrots generates a sweet and smoky taste after only a few minutes.

Grilling the Nantes carrot gives it a crisp texture, making it the perfect side dish or hamburger topping.

Get creative and season these carrots with your favorite herbs and spices to make them your own!


Another easy way to use enjoy Nantes carrots is by roasting them! This Simple Roasted Carrot recipe will surely be a hit at your next dinner party.

With simple ingredients that include garlic, parsley, and olive oil, it’s hard to believe something this delicious can be so healthy.

Simply swap out the Dutch carrots for Nantes, and you’ll have a perfect balance of salty, sweet, and fresh flavors.

If you want to enhance the Nantes carrot’s sweetness, try glazing them with honey or maple syrup. Sure, it makes them a bit less nutritious, but you won’t care once you realize just how tasty a vegetable can be.


The Nantes carrot is ideal for enjoying fresh from the market or your harvest. It doesn’t even require peeling!

Rinse and slice your carrots, and you can use them with your favorite dips as an addition to your vegetable tray or top your salads and sandwiches.

If you love carrots and hummus, dip the Nantes carrot into this Homemade Hummus for a light and refreshing snack.

Buying Nantes Carrots

Where to Buy

The Nantes carrot can be found at most grocery stores that sell produce. Specifically, Whole Foods Market and Walmart Supercenter report selling this variety.

For a more farm-to-table option, check out your local farmers’ market. Nantes carrots are easy to grow, so it’s likely you’ll be able to get your hands on this freshly harvested veggie.

When to Buy

Luckily, Nantes carrots are available year-round! If you’re interested in buying them during their peak season, you should purchase these carrots in late summer through fall.

Growing Your Own

Growing your own Nantes carrots is a fun and simple task for any home gardener. Here are some tips for getting your best harvest of carrots:


All homegrown carrots have a few non-negotiables regarding soil and growing preferences, and the Nantes carrot is no different.

These carrots require sandy and well-drained soil. It should be rich in organic matter and have a pH of six to seven.

Make sure the soil can house at least ten inches of growth from your crop.

Container-grown Nantes carrot.


These carrots can grow in cooler temperatures, but ensure they have at least eight to ten hours of full sunlight daily.

Care Tips

To maximize the health of your crop, sow the Nantes carrot seeds outdoors at least three to four weeks before the last frost of spring.

Misting the soil daily will help keep it moist, which is crucial during the germination process.


Around 70 days after seeding, your Nantes carrots will be ready for harvest.

Using a garden fork, dig up the crop’s roots and pull them from the soil.

To help avoid breaking the roots from the stems, try loosening the soil with a spade or trowel before harvesting.

Where to Buy Seeds

If you’re ready to start planting, here are our favorite seed seller recommendations:

Hoss Tools sells the oldest Nantes carrot variation, the Scarlett Nantes. These seeds can be used for both full-sized or baby carrot production.

You can also find Nantes Mini Core seeds through True Leaf Market for even more Nantes goodness in your garden.

The Well-Rounded Carrot

Nantes carrots on a dark background.

With its versatility and low-maintenance preparations, the Nantes carrot is the perfect choice for all of your root vegetable needs. Whether you

enjoy its flavors and health benefits or are simply looking for your next gardening adventure, the Nantes carrot has it all.

If you’re looking to learn more, make sure to check out our Carrots page. Here, you’ll find information on different carrot varieties, along with tips and tricks on how to grow and enjoy your own.