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All About the Lucky Tiger Tomato

A slice of the season’s first fresh tomato is like nothing else. With all the varieties available today, the lucky tiger tomato is sure to be one of your favorites.

Have you ever tasted one of these beautiful plum-shaped tomatoes? Their acidic bite offers a great balance between tart and sweet.

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lucky tiger tomato and some fresh arugula

Eating the Lucky Tiger Tomato

Shrimp salad with peaches, tomato, avocado and lettuce

Tomato aficionados would note the Lucky Tiger variety because of its flavor profile and makeup. Shaped like a traditional plum-style tomato, it has considered meaty and produces small seeds. This combination makes it an excellent choice for sauces.

Unlike other similar varieties, the Lucky Tiger Tomato retains its green flesh and signature “tiger” stripes when fully ripened. Even when roasted, the striking color remains, making for an interesting base for a traditional Pomodoro.

The Lucky Tiger has enough character to headline in salads from chopped to a burrata caprese. It may not look the part of a “traditional tomato,” but it plays it well.

Health Benefits

When we talk about the health benefits of the Lucky Tiger Tomato, it is worth mentioning the difference between tomatoes that are homegrown in rich soil and those that are store-bought. Buying and growing your own will ensure you can enjoy the most nutritious tomato possible.

These tomatoes are packed with nutrition from vitamins A, K, and C to potassium, beta carotene, and lycopene. All in one taste, versatile package!

Best Methods for Growing Lucky Tiger Tomatoes

growing cherry tomatoes in pots

There are so many different tips and methods for growing tomatoes. Some gardeners are very protective and nearly devout to certain methods of growing tomatoes. We will share tips and techniques to help you grow top-quality tomatoes.

Loose Rich Soil

Tomatoes have a deep, thirsty taproot. Loose, rich soil can spread out easily and suck up nutrients. You can amend the soil with coconut core and compost to create the texture and depth of soil your plants need to thrive.

Deep Watering and Fertilizer

The average backyard gardener uses a watering can or a hose to water their gardens. But we have a better way to feed your tomatoes.

Cut a PVC pipe to about 3 feet in length, on an angle, and drive the pipe down next to the root stalk of your tomato plants. Be careful not to damage them!

Pour your water and liquid fertilizer into the pipe and put a cap on top to prevent contamination. This method allows the nutrients to filter straight to the tomato’s roots.


Though tomato plants love that warm weather, there is such a thing too hot and sunny. We recommend providing them with a sheer cover during the hottest parts of the day. This will protect them from overheating and burning and keep your plants healthy late into the summer!

Other Growing Tips

Though following the growing information here should yield hearty, healthy Lucky Tiger Tomatoes, there are a few additional tips you might need.

If you prefer a sweeter taste in your tomatoes, add baking soda to the soil as the tomatoes begin to ripen. Alkaline in the baking soda reduces the acid in your soil that makes tomatoes tart.

Aspirin is also useful in your tomato garden. Dissolve the tablets in water and mist over the plants to encourage nutrient retention and prevent blight.

When to Harvest Lucky Tiger Tomatoes

Lucky Tiger Tomatoes’ distinct markings can make them a little harder to harvest at the right time. These tomatoes will show shades of red in the skin but never become completely red, as you might expect from other varieties.

The time to harvest is the same as for other varieties of tomatoes. The average ripening time for mature green tomatoes to ripen fully is around 20-30 days. Keep this in mind when you are preparing to harvest.

Lucky Tiger Tomtao FAQ

1. Are Lucky Tiger Tomatoes genetically modified?

These tomatoes have been selectively bred for their taste and unique color but are not genetically modified. Selective breeding is done using varieties that already exist naturally. Genetic modification involves the manual selection of genes in a lab environment.

2. How expensive are Lucky Tiger Tomatoes?

The price of tomatoes has gone up a lot in recent years. The introduction of heirloom varieties has increased the price. Lucky Tiger Tomatoes are more pricey than the run-of-the-mill tomato on the supermarket shelf.

If cost concerns you, then you should consider growing your own from seed.

3. Is the Lucky Tiger Tomato variety hard to find?

In some places, they can be hard to find. Your best bet would be at specialty markets or farmer’s markets. It’s not likely they will show up at the average supermarket chain.

Where to Buy Lucky Tiger Tomato Seeds

Tomato Seeds

Your local garden store is a good place to start looking for Lucky Tiger Tomato seeds. Though it is a unique variety, nurseries have access to extensive catalogs and may be able to order them as well.

If you strike out locally, consider buying seeds online from Amazon or Rare Seed House (via Etsy). It is also worth contacting gardeners and homesteaders growing their own to see if they are willing to part with seeds.

Once your growing and thriving on your own, don’t forget to save your seeds from the first harvest to plant next season.

Wrapping up the Lucky Tiger Tomato

The Lucky Tiger Tomato is a beautiful, hearty, and uniquely flavored variety. It may be tricky to locate, but it will certainly be worth the trouble.

If tomatoes are on your growing list this summer, try the Lucky Tiger Tomato! And if you are looking for more inspiration, resources, or information, visit our Tomato Plants page.