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The Long Stem Rose Bush

Undoubtedly, you’ve seen long stem roses in gardens or bouquets — it’s the rose found in any florist shop and in many floral bouquets. Long stem roses are specifically bred as the most traditional rose in the cut flower industry. Characteristically, the rose flowers are large and have rich colors. They grow on the end of strong canes that can be cut easily and that hold the blooms in storage and in arrangements.

If you’ve ever wondered about these lovely, popular roses, then keep reading to learn about the long stem rose. It’s flower you should consider adding to your garden or home for color and fragrance.

Red long stem rose shrubs.

What Is a Long Stem Rose?

Also known as a Hybrid Tea rose, a long-stem rose is one that has a stem at least six inches long with flowers at least 5 inches wide. They were first cultivated in the 1800s. The long stem roses we enjoy today are the result of Henry Bennett’s cross-breeding between Hybrid Perpetual roses and Tea Roses.

Why Are Long Stem Roses Popular?

Roses with long stems are very popular among florists and events organizers, because they stand out from other flowers and have large blooms. Due to their popularity, a long stem rose is more expensive than one with a short stem.

It is typical of a long stem rose bush to have long, sturdy canes, each supporting one, large flower. The vibrant colors of the blooms appeal to people. The colors also have meanings associated with them, which appeals to people for different reasons.

We all know that a red rose means love, don’t we? And that white roses mean innocence and purity. Did you know, though, that red rosebuds can also mean purity? Or that a dark pink rose doesn’t mean love that is growing, but rather, gratitude?

And you thought that a rose was simply a rose!

Overhead view if red, pink, and white long stem roses.

Cultivating Long Stem Roses

The one thing that all rose bushes need to grow and to flower is sunlight. The amount of light available will vary according to the geographical location.This means the roses in your garden may have slightly different characteristics from those grown in other areas.

There are many varieties of long stem roses and the bushes need to be planted carefully and looked after, so that they can flourish.

Choosing a long stem rose bush for your garden will guarantee that you will have a beautiful display of blooms in the spring and summer. They will also be flowers you will be able to cut easily and arrange attractively in bouquets.

Yellow long stem rose on shrub.

When you grow a long stem rose, you need to take note of:

  • Location: Roses prefer to be in full sun, although they can usually tolerate some shade. They also prefer warmer weather. This means that you will need to choose a position that is relatively sheltered, but that does get a lot of sun.
  • Soil: Generally, roses prefer soil that is well-drained and which is quite rich in nutrients. You should mix compost into the soil. You’ll also need to fertilize at least twice a year.
  • Water: Rose bushes need to be watered regularly, but you must not allow the leaves to get too wet, because this can encourage fungus growth. Try to avoid overhead watering by soaking the soil around the base of the plant. The amount of water a rose bush receives affects the nutrients that can be taken up into the plant. This affects the quality of the flowers produced by the bush.

Where To Buy a Long Stem Rose Bush

Long stem roses are popular, so you can buy a bush to plant in your garden from nearly any local garden center or nursery.

Long Stem Roses in the Floral Industry

The staple of the floral industry is the long stem rose, because these flowers are attractive and versatile. They are used in all types of arrangements and at every type of function. It’s not only weddings where you’ll find long stem roses!

Whenever flowers are going to be used for decoration, most of them need to be stored. To make sure the flowers remain attractive, when they come out of storage, they should retain their color and look as though are fresh.

Roses are notoriously one of the most difficult flowers to store, so special care has to be taken with them.

Closeup of single red long stem rose bloom on table.

Creating Bouquets With Long Stem Roses

Roses are one of the most important flower families in the world, being very popular ornamental flowers widely used in bouquets, arrangements and as decorations. One of the main reasons to grow one in your garden is for cut flowers.

Long stem roses can be placed in a vase and allowed to lie with their large blooms next to each other, in a loose, natural fall of roses. You can also create a layered bouquet by cutting the stems of some flowers, to create levels in the bouquet.

You can extend the life of cut flowers by adding a small amount of plant food, or other things, to the water in the vase.

Red long stem roses in a bouquet.

Where To Buy Long Stem Rose Bouquets

Long stem roses are possibly the most popular cut flower used in the floral industry. This means that you will be able to buy bouquets of them, or bouquets that feature them, at almost any florist/flower market.

You can also purchase bouquets online. Look, for example, at the Lavender Rose Bouquet or the Glorious Day bouquet from FloristOne.

From ProFlowers, you could choose the Fiesta Bouquet or Mixed Roses.

Mixed flower bouquet that includes long stem roses.

Different Varieties of Long Stem Roses

Black Magic Rose

This is a hybrid tea rose with a dark red/burgundy color. The bush spreads wide and can grow to 7 feet, so you need to prune it regularly to contain the growth. The leaves are deciduous and the rose flowers from spring into autumn.

If you want to add a Black Magic rose to your garden, plant it in a sunny location in soil that’s well-drained and mostly neutral in pH. The rose bush can tolerate low temperatures, but always does better in warmer climates. If your winters are particularly cold, you should mulch around the bush.

Mildew is a threat to rose bushes. Look for the powder on the leaves and treat the plant with a fungicide as soon as possible. Make sure the bush is not grown in a humid environment, because humidity encourages the fungus that causes mildew.

You can propagate this rose by using cuttings: Cut a length of about 12 inches at a 45° angle just below a bud point. Keep it in water until roots sprout and the shoot can be planted.

Brandy Rose

Closeup of a single Brandy long stem rose.
A Brandy Rose, a popular long stem rose variety.

The Brandy Rose is an apricot-colored long stem rose with large flowers. The thick stems and blooms are perfect for cutting and using in vases and bouquets. The rich color of the rose is attractive and complemented by the pleasant fragrance of tea.

Like most roses, the Brandy prefers full sun and blooms during the warmer months.

If you plant a Brandy Rose bush in your garden, choose a location that gets at least 7-8 hours of sun a day. Make sure that the soil is well-drained and quite rich. If necessary, mix some compost with the soil.

The Brandy Rose is like any rose bush, which means that you need to water it regularly, prune it in winter, mulch the soil around the base regularly (especially in cold conditions) and fertilize it in spring and autumn.

Barbra Streisand Rose

The lavender of the Barbra Streisand rose complements almost any color in a floral arrangement. The outermost petals have a slightly darker, almost magenta edge, which makes each flower stand out more.

Even on their own, the blooms of the Barbra Streisand form a beautiful bouquet, especially when contrasted with the dark green leaves of the bush.

The Barbra Streisand bush grows vigorously and abundantly. It’s perfect to grow in a bed, or as a border. You need to prune the plant in winter and cut it back as necessary during summer to contain the growth to suit the location.

Prune to remove all old canes and dead/diseased wood. Cut away any canes that cross each other or grow horizontally. In colder climates, there may be more damage to the bush to look for when you prune.


Pink long stem hybrid tea rose shrub.

What makes a long stem rose bush special is not only that the rose blooms are on stems that can easily be cut and that will hold the flowers easily, it is also the size of the flowers, their rich colors and subtle fragrances.

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your garden, plant a long stem rose bush. If you want to add a touch of beauty in your home, make or purchase a bouquet of long stem roses.

Do you grow long stem roses in your garden? Feel free to share tips and tricks in the comments section below!

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