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9 of the Best Kids Gardening Gloves

There’s something special about getting kids involved in gardening. There’s a new kind of magic and discovery around every corner and it can reignite a love for it inside you, too. Who knew rollie pollies and worms could bring so much joy to a human, right?

But there are few things more frustrating than cleaning hands caked in dirt and mud. No matter how hard you try, there’s always dirt left under fingernails.

Kids gardening gloves to the rescue!

But which ones should you buy? Read on for 11 of the best kids gardening gloves out there to help you make your decision!

A young girl wearing kids gardening gloves while helping a woman pot a plant in a container.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
VGo Kids Bamboo Fiber Gardening Gloves

Heavy Duty Leather:
G & F Kids Genuine Leather Kids Work Gloves

Basic Lightweight Jersey:
G&F Just for Kids Soft Jersey Garden Gloves

Best Overall

VGo Kids Bamboo Fiber Gardening Gloves

Vgo 1-Pair Age 3-5 Kids Gardening Gloves, Children Yard Work Gloves, Soft Safety Rubber Gloves (XXXS, Purple, KID-RB6013)

VGo gloves claim the spot as the best kids gardening gloves for some good reasons.

First, they come in a wide range of sizes. How many times have you gotten your kids gloves from a big box store, only to have them end up too small or too big and they get tossed to the side? You can measure your little one’s hand to make sure you get the perfect fit.

They’re also machine washable, which means they can never get too dirty.

Lastly, they’ve got a snug cuff that will keep dirt from getting in the glove, but they’re lightweight and breathable, which means your kid should be very comfortable while wearing them and have clean hands when they’re done.


  • Easy to wear and clean
  • Come in a variety of sizes


  • Since they are sized, guessing on size based solely on age could leave you with ill-fitting gloves.
  • Only two designs to choose from

Best Heavy-Duty

G & F Kids Genuine Full Leather Work Gloves

G & F Products 5013M JustForKids Kids Genuine Leather Work Gloves, Kids Garden Gloves, 4-6 Years Old

If your little one is wanting some “real” gloves like they’ve seen grown-ups wear around them, look no further than these leather gloves from Just for Kids. They’re some of the best kids gardening gloves for kids who want to look grown up.

These suede gloves are real cowhide leather. They’re made out of suede leather so that they have a bit more give and feel a little softer than a more traditional leather glove, making it much more comfortable for little hands.


  • Protect little hands from sharp objects
  • They look just like grown-up gloves.


  • Not washable
  • The wrist cuffs aren’t very tight, so dirt may get in.

Heavy-Duty Kids Gardening Gloves

G & F Kids Genuine Leather Palm Work Gloves

G & F Products JustForKids Kids Work and Gardening Gloves with Rubberized Safety Cuff, Children and Youth age 4 to 6, Premium Leather and Cotton

If your kid’s gardening job is going to involve heavier labor like carrying sticks or pruning anything irritating to skin or with thorns, Just for Kids makes the best kids gardening gloves for the job.

These gloves have a canvas back and a leather palm, keeping little hands completely safe. The leather palm will also keep palms blister free from using any garden tools.


  • High quality, thick gloves to keep hands safe.
  • They have enough give and flexibility to be comfortable on little hands.


  • These only come in one size.

Basic Lightweight Jersey

G&F Just for Kids Soft Jersey Garden Gloves

G & F Products 1823-3 JustForKids Soft Jersey Kids Garden Gloves, Kids Work Gloves, 3 Pairs Green/Red/Blue per Pack

If your kids have been complaining about sweaty hands while gardening, these gloves from Just for Kids are going to be the best kids gardening gloves for you.

They’re 100% cotton and knit so that they’re very breathable. The fabric also makes it easy for smaller fingers to move since it’s so thin. These are a great choice for simple gardening tasks like planting seeds or harvesting easy-to-reach fruits.

There is even a matching women’s sized gardening glove if you want some mommy-and-me gloves!


  • Thin, breathable fabric.
  • Matching adult pairs are available.


  • These only come in floral print, making them not appealing to most boys.

Evrid Wear

EvridWear Kids Gardening Gloves for Boys Girls Outdoor Yard Work,Planting((3-12 years) (M (7-9yr), Pink)

It’s hard, if not impossible, to find a more affordable pair of kids gardening gloves than the ones Evrid Wear makes!

Coming in right around $6.00, these gloves are a great starter pair for a kid just looking to get into gardening. That way, if they end up not being interested, you’re only out what it would cost you to buy a large latte from a coffee shop.

These gloves are also washable and breathable, as well as grippy on the palms. They’re one of the best kids gardening gloves for beginners.


  • Incredibly affordable
  • Four colors to choose from


  • Sizing is inconsistent.

Best Grippy Kids Gardening Gloves


Kids Gardening Gripper Gloves for age 3-13, 2 Pairs Foam Rubber Coated Garden Gloves for girls boys (Size 5 (age 9-10))

HANDLANDY makes some of the best kids gardening gloves that have a textured rubber palm, making them very grippy.

These gloves are a great middle-ground between a heavy-duty leather glove and a regular cotton glove. The texturized rubber palm and breathable top give you the best of both worlds. Little hands won’t get hot and stuffy and little palms won’t be stuck by pesky thorns or pokey sticks.

The grippy palm also helps smaller hands hang on to gardening tools a little better.


  • These are both breathable and durable.
  • They come in a multi-pack, so there are backups in case one glove goes missing.


  • They run small.
  • There’s a chemical smell when they arrive that needs to be aired out.

Best for Little Hands Kids Gardening Gloves

COOLJOB Rubber Coated Kids Gardening Gloves

COOLJOB 2 Pairs Breathable Kids Gardening Gloves Ages 2-5, Non Slip Rubber Coated Toddler Gardening Gloves for Boys & Girls, Natural Modal Skin-friendly Ultra Soft Washable, Green & Yellow, Small S

Specially designed for 2-5 year olds, COOLJOB definitely makes the best kids gardening gloves for tiny hands.

These wildly cute monster gloves will allow even your youngest gardener in training to get in there and really get their hands dirty. But not really dirty because these glove’s extra long knit wrist will keep the dirt out. But you get what I mean!

These knit gloves are just thick enough to protect little hands from minor scratches, but flexible enough to not interfere with their movements.


  • Kids will love the monster design.
  • The long, knit wrist will keep dirt out of the gloves.


  • They only come in smaller sizes.
  • Not at all waterproof.

Best Stretchy Kids Gardening Gloves

AIGEVTURE Kids Gardening Gloves

2 Pairs Kids Gardening Gloves for Age 5-8, Children Yard Work Gloves, Soft Safety Garden Gloves for Boys Girls

These gloves from AIGEVTURE are the best kids gardening gloves for parents looking to get a couple more gardening seasons out of a pair of gloves.

Because they’re made out of knit cotton, these gloves have a lot of stretch and some give. That means growing hands should be able to fit in them for at least an extra season, making them an even better bang for your buck.

They come in packs of two pairs of gloves with adorable color and pattern options.


  • Very stretchy and able to grow with hands.
  • Adorable pattern choices.


  • Will only fit kids up to ages 8 or 9.



Glovies - My Mom Knows Best - 50 Multipurpose Latex-Free Disposable Gloves for Kids - 50 Count - Kindergarten to 3rd Grade

If you’re not ready to commit to gardening with your kids or you’re doing something with a lot of kids who will need gloves, Glovies is a great solution!

These disposable gloves come in a pack of 50 and are designed to fit kids from kindergarten to third grade. They’d be great for a class project or science experiment studying seeds growing.


  • Affordable option for group of kids.


  • Plastic and one time use.
  • May not fit everyone well.

Why Your Child Needs Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves do a lot of different jobs.

  • They’re going to keep fingernails nice and clean.
  • They’ll protect little hands from any bug bites or thorn jabs.
  • They’re also going to keep your kid’s palms free of any sort of blister that using a tool may cause.

Plus, they’re just fun to have!

A little boy wearing kids gardening gloves helping a man plant a small tree.

So now that you know why gardening gloves are a good idea for your child, let’s go over the top 11 gloves that you can buy for your budding gardeners.

Types of Kids Gardening Gloves and How to Choose One for Your Child

There are several types of gardening gloves, each with a slightly different job.

Cotton Gloves

Cotton gardening gloves are going to keep hands clean and potentially prevent any blisters, but they’re probably not going to protect from any thorns. These are great for light gardening work, like planting seeds or harvesting.

A young boy wearing gardening gloves while planting flowers.

Leather or Canvas Gloves

These gloves are much more thick and durable than the average cotton gardening glove. They’re a great choice for heavier-duty garden work as the thicker material will protect little hands from any sharp sticks or thorns that may try to poke through.

Two children wearing gardening gloves while container gardening.

Rubber Coated Gloves

Rubber-coated gloves are a good choice for garden chores that involve water because they’re naturally pretty water-resistant and will keep little hands dry on the inside.

A family gardening together with everyone wearing garden gloves.

Which Gloves Will You Choose?

Gardening with your kids shouldn’t be hard. It’s a joy to be able to teach them about where food and flowers come from! It just takes the right tools to make it a little easier.

Two young girls wearing gloves while gardening.

Whether you need something breathable, something heavy-duty, or just something cute to get them interested, there’s a gardening glove for your kid!

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