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Choosing the Best Greenhouse Heater for Your Plants: Our Top 5 Picks

If you’re a serious gardener who loves to grow everything themselves, you might have a greenhouse set up to get the most out of every season..

But even a greenhouse won’t be able to protect your plants when the temperatures drop in colder climates. The solution to this problem is to set up a greenhouse heater to keep your plants toasty warm all year long, even if there’s frost outside.

To get the best greenhouse heater, check out this list and find the perfect one for you no matter what your setup looks like.

Greenhouse Heater

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Mr. Heater Outdoor Propane Heater

Budget Option:
Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Radiant Heater

Best for Large Greenhouses:
Bio Green Phoenix Greenhouse Heater

Best Overall

Mr. Heater Outdoor Propane Greenhouse Heater

Mr. Heater, MH30T Double Tank Top Outdoor Propane Heater (Propane Cylinder not Included)

A great option for any greenhouse is a propane heater.

This model works off a propane tank, so you don’t need to have an outlet nearby or access to electricity. This also makes it portable, and you can move it around anywhere you need extra heat.

This greenhouse heater uses radiant heat, allowing you to position it in the perfect spot to warm up plants that need it.

It’s quiet and effective, and the double heaters put out plenty of warmth for your plants. This greenhouse heater also has various heat settings so you can find just the right temperature.

In terms of safety, you’ll appreciate that this model has a safety shutoff valve for emergencies. It’s also very durable and well made, as well as being super easy to hook up to a propane tank and get started.


  • Propane doesn’t need an electrical hookup to use
  • Easy to move around wherever you need it, inside the greenhouse or out
  • Efficient and effective heat


  • Requires a propane tank and will need refilling
  • Can’t be mounted so it takes up floor space

Best Budget Friendly Greenhouse Heater

Comfort Zone Ceiling Mounted Radiant Heater

Comfort Zone CZQTV5M 750/1,500-Watt Ceiling Mounted Dual Quartz Radiant Heater with 90-Degree Adjustable Tilt, Metal Safety Grille, Overheat Protection (Hardware Included)

Heating your greenhouse doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re looking to save some money, this is a great greenhouse heater for you.

It has lots of great features while still being very affordable. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t find an effective option to keep your plants warm and grow incredible produce in cold weather.

The radiant heating design is efficient with an adjustable angle, which allows you to easily direct the heat right where you need it to be.

Mount it on the wall or ceiling to save floor space and keep the heating element out of the way. The built in halogen light makes it even more convenient while you’re in the greenhouse, lighting your way even at night.

This greenhouse heater can also be used in your garage or other open spaces for added warmth. Safety features include auto-shutoff when it gets too hot, so you don’t have to worry about accidental fires. The cool touch exterior ensures you won’t burn yourself if you need to adjust it while it’s on.


  • Affordable for gardeners on a tight budget
  • Adjustable angle gives you more control
  • Halogen light included for extra illumination


  • Likely won’t heat a very large space
  • Uses a lot of power

Best Large Greenhouse Heater

Bio Green Phoenix Greenhouse Heater

Bio Green PHX 2.8/US Phoenix Greenhouse Heater – 220-240V - 9553 BTU Stainless Steel – Electric Heating and Cooling System for Greenhouse, Shed, Garage – Corded Garage Heater with Frost Detection

For a larger greenhouse, you’ll need to break out the big guns.

This greenhouse heater is big and bad enough to warm up a bigger space in no time at all. It’s efficient and maintains an even, constant temperature. The accuracy of this greenhouse heater’s controls allows you to be as precise as necessary, even with temperature fluctuations.

Different output options offer even more adjustability, and it also has heating and cooling options. This makes it a great option year-round, adding ventilation and keeping air moving even when you don’t need any heat.

The stainless steel construction is durable, water resistant, and rust proof to last a long time through many growing seasons.

You can install this greenhouse heater however you want, whether that’s standing on the floor or mounted up and out of the way. All the hardware you need is included.

Despite being able to move a lot of air, it’s still quiet. This is the perfect way to create air circulation, which helps prevent mold in your greenhouse and gives plants a constant supply of fresh air.


  • Perfect for bigger spaces
  • Can be mounted in a variety of ways
  • Has cooling fan as well as heating so it’s useful in your greenhouse all year


  • More expensive option
  • Convection heat may be less desirable for certain applications

Best Hard-Wired Greenhouse Heater

Comfort Zone Hard Wired Ceiling Mount Heater

Comfort Zone CZ220 5000-Watt, 240v Hard Wired Fan-Forced Ceiling Mount Heater with Dual Knob Controls and Safety Overheat Protection, ETL Compliant, White

For a long-term option that’s reliable, hard-wiring your greenhouse heater is a great choice.

Hard-wiring takes more skill to install, but it will last a long time and stay put. The ceiling mount keeps it safe and out of the way with commercial quality that’s built for durability. You’ll love how reliable and efficient this greenhouse heater is.

An excellent option for poorly insulated spaces, this model features forced air heating and helps keep the air in your greenhouse moving for added ventilation. You can even direct the airflow wherever you want it.

The dual knob thermostat allows you to easily adjust the temperature as needed. Smart safety features keep it from overheating, and it includes a light to let you know when it’s on and functioning properly.


  • Adjustable airflow and temperature
  • Ceiling mount saves space
  • Industrial construction can withstand heavy use


  • Hard wiring means you may want to have it professionally installed
  • Not portable

Best Portable Greenhouse Heater

Dr. Infrared Greenhouse Heater

Dr. Heater DR218-1500W Greenhouse Garage Workshop Infrared Heater, 1500-watt

You can’t go wrong with an effective greenhouse heater that you can move around whenever you need to!

This portable greenhouse heater is smaller and lightweight, so you can pick it up and place it anywhere you want with ease. Use it in your greenhouse, garage, or even bring it to outdoor sporting events to keep warm.

It creates efficient and reliable heat with an adjustable thermostat for precise temperatures. It’s freestanding and plugs into any outlet for simple installation anywhere.

While it’s small and portable, this greenhouse heater also has excellent safety features. The completely enclosed motor and built in overheating protection prevent fires. It’s also very low maintenance and long lasting, with a durable steel housing to protect the inner machinery from water splashing.


  • Portable design can go anywhere you need it for added heat
  • Safety features give you peace of mind
  • Easy to adjust the temperature


  • Won’t heat very large spaces as efficiently
  • Freestanding will take up a little bit of floor space

Greenhouse Heater Buyer’s Guide

Large greenhouse with heater

Finding the best greenhouse heater will depend entirely on your specific needs and setup.

There are certain features that might be an advantage or disadvantage, and it can be a little confusing to figure it all out.

Here are some things to look for in a greenhouse heater to determine what will make the most sense for you.

Safety First, Always

Any type of heater has the potential to become dangerous and even start fires. The greenhouse heater you purchase should have some basic safety features in place.

Automatic shutoff is a must to avoid overheating.

Since greenhouses can be humid and you’ll need to water your plants, a greenhouse heater that’s splash resistant is ideal for safety and longevity.

If your greenhouse heater will be installed somewhere within reach, a major benefit is a design that keeps the outside of the unit cool to the touch to prevent accidental burns.

The Size of Your Space

How much air you need to heat up will help you determine how big of a greenhouse heater you need.

Larger areas will obviously need more powerful heaters to get the temperature up throughout the entire space.

You might also want to consider space conservation. If you need to maximize your floor space, a wall or ceiling mounted heater will stay up and out of your way. This is also ideal if your space tends to get more cluttered or crowded.

Type of Heat

Most greenhouse heaters have one of two heating elements: radiant or convection.

Radiant heat is best for heating a more targeted area and smaller spaces. Convection heat is more ideal for moving air around and raising the temperature of an entire area.

Convection heat can also help create ventilation and move air, which is preferable for some greenhouse setups.

Portable vs. Mounted

If you have a greenhouse needing heat and you want it to stay in one place for a long time, a mounted greenhouse heater will let you choose a spot and keep it there.

A hardwired greenhouse heater will also need to be in a fixed location.

If you want to be able to use your greenhouse heater in multiple places, choose something portable so you can move it around whenever you want.

Electric vs. Propane

Greenhouse heaters can be powered by electricity or propane, and both have their place. A lot of it is down to your personal preferences and what your setup looks like.

If you have outlets or electrical access, plugging in is quick and easy. However, heaters tend to use a lot of power and might impact your electric bill.

Propane is a good alternative and doesn’t rely on electricity, which is ideal if you lose power at a critical moment. Propane is refillable too, so it’s pretty easy to keep your greenhouse heater fueled and ready to go.

If you decide to go with electric, make sure you have adequate power supply. The packaging of the greenhouse heater should give you details. Models that plug in should also be attached to a surge protector for added safety. This will also protect the greenhouse heater so it doesn’t get ruined if there’s a power surge.

Greenhouse Heater Frequently Asked Questions

Greenhouse Ideas

What kind of heat should I choose?

Whether you pick radiant or convection heat depends on what you and your plants need.

If you have one specific area with plants needing extra heat, radiant heaters are a great way to direct that heat in a limited area or at specific plants. They’re also ideal for keeping you warm, as you can sit right in front of it on a chilly day.

Bigger spaces that need heat everywhere may benefit more from convection heat. Convection will also create airflow, which might be preferable for your plants and setup. This will help keep the air inside the greenhouse from becoming stale.

If you plan to use your greenhouse heater for other applications, you should use those factors to consider the type of heat you go with as well.

Is it safe to put a heater in a greenhouse?

As long as the greenhouse heater you choose has safety features and you’re using it properly, it is completely safe to heat a greenhouse.

It’s absolutely crucial to make sure that you purchase a heater with safety features in place to lower the risk of fire–and give you added peace of mind.

Don’t take shortcuts or use your greenhouse heater in ways it isn’t meant to be used, and always make sure it’s properly installed according to the manual.

Will a greenhouse heater really keep my plants warm?

Absolutely! If you select a heater that’s more ideal for your specific conditions, adding a heater to your greenhouse can definitely make a big difference for your plants.

Anyone who lives in a climate that experiences cold winters can benefit from a heater, which will allow them to keep their plants alive all year. On sunnier days, the heater won’t have to work as hard.

A heater is also beneficial for plants that are susceptible to temperatures dropping at night, such as in the spring or fall. Leave it off during the day when the sun is out, then turn it on at night so keep the chill out of the air for more fragile plants.

Take Your Garden to the Next Level

Adding a greenhouse heater can be a total game changer for dedicated gardeners.

You can greatly extend your growing season, even successfully growing all through the winter for an endless supply of fresh grown produce. Heaters can help you create a warm and comfortable environment for seedlings to give them a strong start.

Some greenhouse heaters can have other uses too, like in your garage our other outdoor space, so you might even want more than one.Find other ways to create the outdoor space of your dreams on our Backyard Living page!