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The Best Grapefruit Knife For Preparing Grapefruit

Instead of using a grapefruit knife to cut grapefruit, many of us start off reaching for the same ole’ kitchen knives that we use to cut everything else. But there’s a reason why the grapefruit knife holds a place of its own in the kitchen, especially for fruit lovers.

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many kinds of kitchen knives and if they’re actually necessary for specific jobs, keep reading! We’ll tell you all about the grapefruit knife and why it’s a tool you’ll want in your kitchen. We’ll also share our picks for the best grapefruit knives, so you can determine which works best for you.

chef cutting a grapefruit with a grapefruit knife

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Better Houseware 406 Kitchen Knife

The High-End Choice:
Deglon 4-Inch Grapefruit Knife

Chef Craft Select Grapefruit Knife

The Best Grapefruit Knives On The Market

In beginning your search for a grapefruit knife that’ll best suit your needs, consider the following six knives. Categorized according to their standout features, we’re confident that you’ll find your perfect pair among these six.

Best Overall

Better Houseware 406 Kitchen Knife

Better Houseware Grapefruit Knife - Stainless Steel Knife w/Nylon Handle, Serrated Edge, Dishwasher Safe | Kitchen Utensils

Of all the knives mentioned on this list, the Better Houseware 406 Kitchen Knife is the one users boast the most uses in addition to cutting grapefruit. Featuring a stainless-steel, double-serrated blade, this knife’s nylon, ergonomically-shaped handle is nonslip. Some of the other uses customers swear by include coring tomatoes and cleaning bell peppers to make stuffed vegetables, and cutting cantaloupe and honeydew melons.


  • Non-slip grip
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • The Angled tip makes it easy to separate the different parts of the grapefruit


  • Slightly duller compared to other knives on the list

The High-End Choice

Deglon 4-Inch Grapefruit Knife

Deglon 4-Inch Grapefruit Knife, Stainless Steel, 4

The Deglon 4-Inch Grapefruit Knife is definitely easy on the eyes. This sleek knife has a four-inch, stainless-steel blade that’s slightly curved to accommodate the fruit’s shape and make for a closer cut. Available at a slightly higher price point, you might consider purchasing this knife for yourself or as part of a housewarming gift for a friend. It’s made in France and backed by Deglon, a brand that’s known for its quality. It’s also dishwasher-safe and features a well-proportioned, easy-to-grip handle.


  • Sleek finish
  • Backed by a high-quality brand


  • Higher price point


Chef Craft Select Grapefruit Knife

Chef Craft Select Stainless Steel Grapefruit Knife, 3.5 inch blade 7.5 inches in length, Natural

The Chef Craft Select Grapefruit Knife is the last knife on our list but it’s certainly no slouch. This grapefruit knife has a wooden handle with a sleek and beautiful finish that’s also easy to grip. The blade is 3.5 inches long and completely serrated making for an easier and quicker job with grapefruits. The blade is also stainless steel, meaning it won’t rust no matter how many times it’s used.


  • Easy-to-grip handle with a beautiful wood finish
  • Stainless steel serrated blade makes for easy cutting that’ll last you a lifetime
  • The price point is low for such a quality knife


  • Not very versatile

RSVP International Endurance Grapefruit Tool

RSVP International Endurance Grapefruit Tool Collection Stainless Steel, Dishwasher Safe, Double Knife

If you’re looking for a grapefruit knife that’s an all-around crowd-pleaser, you’ll want to consider the RSVP International Endurance Grapefruit Tool. Features two sides for multipurpose use so you can peel your grapefruit exactly how you want to. RSVP International is an established cutlery brand that makes reliable products. Conveniently, it’s also dishwasher-safe for those who just hate washing their dishes.


  • Double blade offers versatility
  • Established Brand


  • Problems with handle discoloration after running in the dishwasher
  • Inflexible blade; may break or bend with continued use

Fox Run 6601 Grapefruit Knife

Fox Run 6601 Grapefruit Knife, Stainless Steel and Plastic

When considering your average grapefruit knife, the Fox Run 6601 Grapefruit Knife is what likely comes to mind for most people. Built to last through many seasons, the knife is dual-sided with a stainless-steel blade and a smooth, sturdy wooden handle. Its curved, riveted blade makes it easy to cleanly separate the fruit from its rind, and the handle allows you to maintain a tight grip without sliding. If you’re looking for a knife you can rely on and use frequently, this durable tool is a winning purchase.


  • Familiar design
  • Easy to use


  • Difficult to clean between blades
  • Potential for twin blades to bend

Norpro Nonstick Squirtless Grapefruit Knife

Norpro Nonstick Squirtless Grapefruit Knife, 8.75 inch, yellow and red

The Norpro Nonstick Squirtless Grapefruit Knife is the least expensive knife on our list, but that’s certainly not its only appeal. The knife’s twin serrated blades are also designed to separate the fruit from its rind and do so easily. Simple to use and certainly serving its purpose, the vibrant-colored knife carries a duller blade, which makes it potentially safer to bring to outings like picnics and beach trips. Its red and yellow hues also offer a change from the conventional look—and make it easier to find when stashed with other kitchen tools!


  • Made of non-stick stainless steel
  • Dishwasher-safe


  • Serrated edges are not especially sharp
  • Lacks a prominent curve

Useful Tool or Marketing Gimmick?

grapefruit on a cutting board

If you think it’s silly to buy a certain knife only to cut grapefruit with, we’ll explain why the grapefruit knife is an essential kitchen tool.

What Makes A Grapefruit Knife Special?

Using a grapefruit knife, you’ll cut a clean separation between the fruit’s skin and its flesh. Then, you’ll use it to separate the flesh from its membrane, which is a tough, white material that encases each of the fruit’s 12 sections, or “slices.” The membrane has a bitter taste and is unpleasant to chew, so you’ll want to remove it before eating the fruit.

The blades of grapefruit knives are typically curved and serrated. The blade’s design allows for a closer cut around the slightly oblate fruit.

By using a grapefruit knife, you can take a juicy, intact fruit and slice it perfectly, as chefs do in professional kitchens. Toss these attractive slices in salads, add them to fruit bowls or smoothies, or enjoy as is—without the mess!

Do I Really Need One?

In short: yes, you do.

The reason why you really need a grapefruit knife is because of the fruit’s membrane. Even though grapefruit shares similar characteristics to other oblate tree fruits like oranges, tangerines, lemons, and limes, its membrane is both thicker and harder to chew.

We don’t recommend trying to chomp your way through the fruit’s membrane, especially if you’re preparing grapefruit for other people. So, it’s much easier to nix this unpleasant experience by removing the membrane with a grapefruit knife.

And yes, you’ll need to use a grapefruit knife, specifically, and not another kitchen knife. If you try to remove the grapefruit’s membrane using a kitchen knife, you’ll likely have a wet, sticky mess on your hands (literally) and jaggedly-sliced fruit to serve. While it may be appropriate for a Halloween-themed gathering, we don’t recommend making this your go-to method of preparing grapefruit. It’s certainly easier to save yourself the trouble later by purchasing this knife for your kitchen now!

Extra Info About The Grapefruit Knife

half of a grapefruit cleanly peeled most likely done by a grapefruit knife

As customers boasted about the most-versatile knife, listed above, what’s great about having a grapefruit knife is you can use it to perform a myriad of tasks in the kitchen. It all depends on how crazy you’re willing to get!

Use it to core vegetables.

If you’re someone who likes to make, eat, and/or serve stuffed vegetables, then the grapefruit knife will serve you well. In addition to using it to slice grapefruit, you can use it to core vegetables, including:

  • Bell peppers
  • Tomatoes
  • Poblanos
  • Jalapeños

You can also use the knife to remove seeds from a cucumber or squash.

There are many recipes you can try, such as taco stuffed peppers and bacon-stuffed jalapeños. So, even when it’s not grapefruit season, or when you’re in the mood to make something rich, warm, and satisfying, rather than light, cool, and juicy.

Use it to cut other fruits.

grapefruit and other sliced fruit

Because grapefruit knives are tough enough to use on grapefruit, which is perhaps the tougher contender of all fruits, you can also use a grapefruit knife to slice citrus fruits like oranges, tangerines, and lemons.

You can also use the knife to scoop a kiwi, strawberry, or fruits of similar texture.

Why Your Kitchen Isn’t Complete Without A Grapefruit Knife

Grapefruit knives don’t necessarily have a reputation for being very versatile, though they can be. You may purchase one of these knives to use primarily for stuffing vegetables or stick to grapefruit; whichever most serves your needs. Either way, this kitchen tool is available at an economic price point, which makes it affordable enough to purchase just in case, and to avoid hassle later.

Customers who purchased any of the knives mentioned above, mention stuffed tomatoes as one of their favorite recipes to make with the tool. Using rice, quinoa, or ground meat—or another rendition, depending on your preference—these grapefruit knives reduce the time it takes to prepare this common dish. The convenience and time reduction aspect alone makes it a worthwhile buy.

Shopping for your orchard can get overwhelming, fast. So if you’re looking for advice on garden tools and garden supplies, then you’re in the right place!

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