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21 of the Best Gifts for Beekeepers

Beekeepers are passionate people who love to bring bees into every part of their lives.

If you know someone who keeps bees, it might be a challenge for you to decide what to get them as a gift. It’s especially challenging if you aren’t a beekeeper yourself!

Fortunately, even if you don’t know anything about beekeeping, there are still so many different beekeeping gifts your beekeeping friend or family member will treasure.

Check out this list of the best gifts for beekeepers, full of ideas they will love and appreciate.

Gifts For Beekeepers

Aluminum Apiary Sign

Any beekeeper would love an apiary sign to put in their bee yard.

This cute design shows their love for bees and is a great way to let everyone know where the bees live. The aluminum construction is made to last out in the elements.

This sign can be easily hung from the hole drilled at the top almost anywhere you want to put it. It can also be used indoors and would make a great addition to storage space, beekeeping supplies, or the room where they extract honey.

Hive Inspection Log Book

Every beekeeper needs a good way to keep track of what goes on in their hives, but that doesn’t mean they’re prepared with one!

A simple logbook is perfect for keeping hive inspections organized, and beekeepers will appreciate this gift’s usefulness. This is even a great gift for beekeepers who already have a way of tracking their hives.

This log book is made with water-shedding paper so it can withstand the outdoors. This is super helpful because taking notes as soon as possible is important so you don’t forget everything you observed in the hive.

It’s also small and has a top spiral, so it’s convenient even when wearing thick beekeeping gloves.

This beekeeping gift has everything they need to monitor during hive inspections at a glance. That makes it easy to take notes in and go back and reference them later in the season. Since planning is so important in beekeeping, this is a valuable resource for any beekeeper.

A Gift for Beekeepers Who Are Expecting

Beekeepers who are expecting or are new parents will no doubt want to share their love of bees with their new baby.

This adorable sleep sak is so sweet and cozy for little ones. Made from 100% organic cotton, it’s super soft and washable.

The cute bee design will make beekeeper parents smile, and they’ll definitely want to keep it for future kiddos or as a hand-me-down for friends or family.

Sleep sacks are a safe way for newborns to sleep and stay warm without the same risks posed by blankets. It’s lightweight and breathable to keep them comfy all night long.

It has features for parents, too. The convenient and durable covered zipper makes diaper changes easy and won’t irritate delicate skin. Make their life a little easier while knowing their baby will sleep soundly.

This little sleep sack is perfect for boys and girls alike, so no matter what, you can’t go wrong.

An Extra Veil and Gloves for Visitors

Anyone who knows a beekeeper knows they love sharing their hobby with other people.

The best gift for a beekeeper is one that allows them to bring friends along during inspections, like this veil and glove set.

It’s great to have spare safety equipment around if anyone wants to join the fun. And who knows, maybe they’ll inspire more people to become beekeepers!

Since the stinging makes most people nervous about being around bees, many of them just won’t be interested. For a beekeeper being able to keep visitors protected while showing them all the amazing facets of bees makes this the perfect gift for beekeepers!

Once they are comfortable, more people find the experience enjoyable or even relaxing.

The veil allows for a full, unobscured field of vision with a wide brim and second hoop to keep the mesh away from your face. The gloves are thick, soft leather with long cuffs. With this set, visitors are sure to have a positive experience that keeps them coming back to learn more.

This beekeeping veil and glove set comes in three different colors, so you can choose the one you know they’ll love the most.

Honeybee To-Go Cup and Straw

Make sure your bee-obsessed friend can show their love for bees everywhere they go with this cute to-go cup!

Grab it in two different sizes depending on the drinks they like best. It’s well insulated and has a leakproof lid, so they can have a nice cold drink ready and waiting when they finish a hot day in the apiary.

This bee-themed cup has a fun Queen Bee illustration, which any beekeeper will love. It even comes with a stainless steel straw. Gifts for beekeepers are made even better by having a positive environmental impact, so let them skip the plastic straws every time.

Wooden Honeycomb Lamp

The best gifts for beekeepers are the ones that let them bring their passion into all parts of their lives.

This beautiful honeycomb lamp is sure to be a favorite piece in any beekeeper’s home. The honeycomb pattern casts fun shadows on the walls. It’s made of quality wood, so it’s a great gift for beekeepers who choose their decor carefully.

It’s quick and easy to assemble, too, so they can enjoy it immediately!

Beekeeper T-Shirt

Every beekeeper needs a shirt to let the world know they’re a beekeeper, and this t-shirt fits the bill!

The clever “I’m A Keeper” graphic with a honeybee is fun without overdone, so they’ll always want to wear it. It comes in several colors, too, so you can choose your favorite.

This is also a great gift for beekeepers of all kinds and comes in sizes for kids, women, and men. This beekeeper gift is an easy win!

Customizable Welcome Sign

Give your favorite beekeeper a customized gift with this metal sign!

It has a beautiful classic bee motif and the wording of your choice. You can put their name on it, the name of their apiary if they have one, or anything else you want. They’ll love this unique beekeeping gift made just for them.

The metal it’s made with will last outside near the apiary or bee shed, no matter the weather. They can also bring it inside to label their beekeeping equipment storage space or honey extraction area.

This gift for beekeepers comes in a variety of sizes, so you can choose one that’s just right.

Stained Glass Honeycomb

Everyone can agree that one of the most beautiful parts of beekeeping is the perfect hexagonal comb the bees work so hard to build.

Beekeepers will love this stained glass piece shaped like a honeycomb with its gorgeous golden colors and interesting textures.

This beekeeping gift can hang in a window to let the sun shine through and cast a golden glow in any room. It also makes a beautiful ornament.

The hardware to hang this gift for beekeepers is included, so they’ll be able to hang it up in the perfect spot right away.

LEGO Minecraft Bee Farm Set

Start them young with a beekeeping LEGO set!

This is a great gift for beekeepers and their kids to bond over their favorite hobby. And it’s Minecraft themed for bonus points with the kiddos! Honestly, adults who love beekeeping will probably love it too, even if they don’t have kids.

The classic LEGO and Minecraft combination of designs, plus the beekeeping theme, is so fun! It has all the right pieces that beekeepers of all ages will enjoy.

Bee-Theme Kitchen Towels

No beekeeper’s kitchen would be complete without a set of bee themed dish towels.

This set has four different designs to match any decor, and the towels are made with soft and long-lasting materials perfect for drying hands and dishes.

A gift for beekeepers that’s a winner every time is both practical and cute!

Honey Refractometer

Sometimes the best gift for beekeepers is something they already have on their wishlist.

refractometer is one of those items that’s not a must-have but is super helpful in harvesting honey. It tells the beekeeper when honey is at the right moisture content to be harvested from the hive. Quick results are easy to read.

With a beekeeping gift like this, you’re sure to get a jar or two of honey in return!

Beekeeping Socks

These beekeeping socks are the perfect small gift for beekeepers to let you know you’re thinking of them.

They make a great stocking stuffer or simple present, and you can even wear them during hive inspections to stay with the theme. These socks are machine washable and lightweight for comfort.

Glass Honey Jar

One of the best gifts you can give a beekeeper is a beautiful honey jar they can display their backyard honey in.

The classic hive design in clear glass lets you see the golden honey inside. It includes a wooden honey dipper, and the convenient lid keeps honey clean.

Beekeeping Prints

Your beloved beekeeper is sure to appreciate a set of bee prints.

Four different designs all have timeless looks that will become a permanent fixture in any beekeeper’s home.

These prints aren’t framed, so you can find frames to fit their personal style.

Bee Charm Bracelet

Like this cute bee charm bracelet, Honeybee accessories will always be a hit.

The luxe bangle design has four fun charms and is handmade in the USA from stainless steel. Best of all, it’s ready to gift in a drawstring pouch.

Honeybee Wind Chimes

Outdoor decor is a fun gift for beekeepers, and they’ll love these bee wind chimes.

No one can resist the beautiful sounds it makes when a breeze comes through, and the copper design complements porches and gardens nicely.

Honeybee Sweatshirt

bee sweatshirt is an absolute must for any beekeeper’s wardrobe!

Give the beekeeping gift of comfort with unisex sizing and soft fabric. The design is simple yet impactful; they can throw it in the wash. They’ll reach for it day after day!

Buyer’s Guide to Finding the Best Gifts for Beekeepers

The Best Bee Vacuum Is an Asset to Beekeepers

Your beekeeper friend is sure to love anything you give them. Regardless, it always helps to think about their specific interests and style. That way, you can give the perfect beekeeping gift every time.

Some people would prefer something practical, while others like more whimsical gifts.

If you want to gift a piece of equipment to beekeepers, try to ensure it’s something you know they need. You can also go for something less common that they’ll be excited to receive.

No matter what, they’ll be touched that you thought of them and their favorite activity. That’s what truly makes gifts for beekeepers so special.

Treat the Beekeeper in Your Life With the Best Gifts for Beekeepers

A tool of the beekeeper. Everything for a beekeeper to work with bees. Smoker, a chisel, a box, beekeeper suit for protection from the bees.

Beekeepers make no secret about how much they love their bees.

You can gift them something they’ll cherish forever in so many ways. It also doesn’t hurt that bees are wonderfully charming insects that are always surrounded by honeycombs and colorful flowers. Gifts for beekeepers always have a gorgeous touch to them.

Dive into the fascinating world of honey bees and see if your beekeeper friend is really on to something!