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17 Gardening Gifts for Women They’ll Love

When someone really loves gardening, the odds are good the majority of gifts they’re given have to do with gardening. It’s just what happens when there’s something people equate with you. It’s an easy go-to gift list.

A smiling African American woman in a garden. Gardening gifts for women will delight women gardeners.

The problem arises when gifts are very general or repetitive. How many pairs of gardening gloves does one person need?! I can tell you it’s less than most gardeners have, thanks to gifts from well-meaning friends.

If you’ve got a gardening woman in your life and you want to get her a gift she’s going to love, be able to use, and doesn’t already have multiples of, this list is for you!

Read on to find the perfect gift for your gardening lady.

The Best Gardening Gifts for Women

We’ve scoured the internet for fun and unique gardening gifts for women you love that they’re sure to love!

Gardening Gifts for Women Who Love Looking Cute

Gardening Hats

Most gardening happens in the summer when the sun’s UV rays are strongest. Too much exposure to UV rays can lead to sunburn, skin damage, and even skin cancer. It’s important to do what you can to limit your skin’s exposure to the sun’s rays, and gardening hats are a great way to do that.

If your gardening woman just wants to keep the sun out of her face, a baseball hat would be a great gift. There are plenty that come in solid colors, but if you want something unique, find one with a fun saying or graphic on it!

KATYDID Garden Hair Don’t Care Baseball Cap - Trucker Hat for Women - Stylish Cute Sun Hat Gray

Another option as a hat as a gardening gift for women in your life would be one with fuller coverage. They come in many varieties, but two of the most popular are straw hats or something more like a fishing or hiking hat.

Roxy womens Tomboy Straw Sun Hat, Mood Indigo, Small-Medium US

These take protection a step further and keep UV rays off shoulders and necks as well.

Women's Sun Hats Neck Flap Large Brim UV Protection Foldable Fishing Hiking Cap

Breathable Sun Shirt

Long days spent outside in t-shirts, no matter how soft they are, can become a sticky, sweaty mess. Choosing a breathable sun shirt as a gardening gift for a woman you love means she’s got something that’s both fashionable and functional!

Not only do these shirts have UPF built into the fabric, but they’re designed to get moisture off of the skin, keeping you cool and dry.

Jessie Kidden Women's UPF 50+ UV Sun Protection Safari Shirt, Long Sleeve Outdoor Cool Quick Dry Fishing Hiking Gardening Shirts (5055 Army Green XS)

Stylish & Functional Overalls

Fashionable gardening gifts for women don’t have to lose functionality!

These overalls are a great gift option. Not only are they cute and stylish, but they’ve got five pockets that can be used to transport whatever the wearer needs to move around the garden. They’ll fit seeds, tools, and even some of a small harvest!

They’re also made of linen, meaning they’re thin and breathable. Perfect for a hot summer’s day!

Gihuo Women's Baggy Cotton Overalls Jumpsuit with Pockets (Army Green, Small)

Gardening T-Shirt

Sometimes, there’s just nothing better as a gardening gift for women than a t-shirt they can wear out and about with pride, letting the world know they love gardening.

Depending on your loved one’s personality, the shirts can be quirky…

I'll Be In My Office Garden Funny Gardening T-Shirt

 …or just a pretty graphic t-shirt.

Qrupoad Womens Plants T-Shirt Plant These Save The Bees Funny Garden Shirt Summer Causal Graphic Tees Shirts Yellow

Gardening Gifts for Women Who Garden Organically & Sustainably

Composting Bin

A great gardening gift for women who are looking to add more organic material to their garden is going to be their very own composting bin.

F2C Garden Compost Bin from BPA Free Material -80 Gallon(300 L) Large Compost Bin Aerating Outdoor Compost Box Easy Assembling, Lightweight, Fast Creation of Fertile Soil, Black

This composting bin, in particular, is great for beginners because it’s simple to put together, weatherproof, and easy to learn and use.

Having fresh compost ready to add to your garden can be a game-changer because it adds so many more nutrients to the soil, resulting in bigger, more fruitful plants.

You can also add on guide to composting to this gift to make sure your gardening gal knows exactly how to use her unique gift!

Let It Rot!: The Gardener's Guide to Composting (Third Edition) (Storey's Down-To-Earth Guides)


You may be thinking, “LADYBUGS as a gardening gift for women?!” Hear me out. Ladybugs are an efficient, cost-effective, and chemical-free answer to nasty pests in gardens.

Ladybugs love to eat aphids and mites, both of which can wreak havoc on a garden. Simply opening this bag and letting the beautiful ladybugs free will solve the problem.

Each ladybug can eat up to 60 aphids every single day! Not only are they solving a problem, but they’re also a magical addition to any garden.

Nature's Good Guys 3000 Live Ladybugs - (2 X 1500 Live Ladybugs) - Guaranteed Live Delivery!

Rain Barrel

A great gardening gift for women is a gift that keeps on giving, and that’s exactly what this rain barrel will do!

Instead of rain falling and running off of a roof, through a gutter, and onto the ground, a rain barrel can be positioned to catch the runoff of a gutter, hold it, and make it usable in gardens.

Rain barrels are designed with a spigot near the bottom, making it easy to transfer the water in the barrel to a watering can. In this specific design, there’s a stand that raises the barrel up even high offer the ground, leaving more space to maneuver a watering can easily.

RTS Home Accents Polyethylene 50 Gallon Flat Back Eco Rain Barrel with Stand, Black Color

Bird House

Wildlife is a critical component of organic gardening because critters help the garden in ways humans don’t. An easy way to invite more animals into the mix is to offer them a place to live, like a birdhouse!

Birds help pollinate, move seeds around, and take care of annoying pests like caterpillars and mosquitos.

Different birdhouses are designed for different birds. There are houses built to attract bluebirds, hummingbirds, wrens, and more.

Wood Bird Houses for Outside with Pole Wooden Bird House for Finch Bluebird Cardinals Hanging Birdhouse Clearance Garden Country Cottages

KEEGOP Hummingbird House with Feeder, Bird House Wooden Hummingbird House for Outside Hanging Swinging Bird Nest for Garden Outdoor Home 2 Pack

Nature's Way Bird Products CWH1 Cedar Wren House, 8

Gardening Gifts for Women Who Love to Read

100 Plants to Feed the Bees

Not only are bees critical to our individual gardens because of their essential assistance in pollination, but they’re also vitally important to our world’s food supply as a whole. For years, they’ve been in danger, and this gardening gift for women will not only help your gardener have a fuller, more fruitful garden, but will help the bee population altogether!

In 100 Plants to Feed the Bees, the reader will learn different mixes of annuals, perennials, and even herbs, to plant in their garden that will keep pollinators around all year long.

100 Plants to Feed the Bees: Provide a Healthy Habitat to Help Pollinators Thrive

Plant recommendations are broken down by planting zone, so this book would be a great gift for any gardener, regardless of where they live!

Grow What You Love

Emily Murphy wrote Grow What You Love to give readers the courage and knowledge they need to plant a garden they’ll actually enjoy. She emphasizes cultivating over list-checking and encourages readers to choose plants that will produce food they love to eat.

This book is a great gardening gift for women who also love to cook and bake! Emily provides both the know-how to grow delicious foods and some new recipes in which you can use the food you’ve grown!

Grow What You Love: 12 Food Plant Families To Change Your Life

The Backyard Gardener

There’s no better beginner gardening gift for women than Kelly Orzel’s The Backyard Gardener.

Kelly takes readers on a journey literally from the ground up. They’ll learn all about soil composition, what composting actually means, must-have tools, gardening calendars, and so much more.

This book is full of gorgeous pictures and even has checklists for every month, to ensure the gardener and their garden is ready for whatever is coming next.

The Backyard Gardener: Simple, Easy, and Beautiful Gardening with Vegetables, Herbs, and Flowers

The Garden Primer

Whether the gardener in your life has been gardening for years or is just looking to get started, The Garden Primer by Barbara Damrosch is sure to be a gift they’ll use again and again.

It’s got old-school, common-sense tips, as well as updated, modern design ideas to get the biggest harvest from the space you’ve got available.

Barbara hopes to give readers the information they need to be able to relax and enjoy gardening instead of feeling constrained by lists and timelines. It’s a gardening guidebook that will be helpful for many years to come.

The Garden Primer: The Completely Revised Gardener's Bible - 100% Organic

Gardening Gifts for Women Who Love Gadgets and Gizmos

Bug Bite Thing

Inevitably, gardening will lead to bug bites. A great gardening gift for women who want to nip those itchy bites in the bud is the Bug Bite Thing.

This handy gadget is a simple design that will remove all the venom or irritants left behind by pests in the garden.

The user simply uses the “stinger scraper” to take out any leftover stinger, places the Bug Bite Thing on top of the bite, and pulls up to pull out anything left behind, stopping the itch and burn.

Bug Bite Thing Suction Tool, Poison Remover - Bug Bites and Bee/Wasp Stings, Natural Insect Bite Relief, Chemical Free - White/Single

Garden Seeder

If your gardening gal gardens on a larger scale, do her back a favor and gift her this Garden Seeder from Hoss!

It’s made in the USA and can easily be adjusted to plant at exactly the interval and depth needed for each type of seed, all while simply walking behind it.

Hoss Garden Seeder | The Most Versatile Walk-Behind Garden Planter

Tempest Weather System

For a serious technology lover, there are few better gifts than the Tempest Weather System!

This gadget, only a little larger than an iPhone, can be placed in a garden and attached to an app on the user’s phone. There, it will share almost anything weather-related a gardener would want to know.

It will keep track of rain accumulation, temperatures, wind speed, dew points, and so much more information that could be helpful for gardeners to have.

Tempest Weather System with Built-in Wind Meter, Rain Gauge, and Accurate Weather Forecasts, Wireless, App and Alexa Enabled

Garden Bluetooth Speaker

Why garden in silence when you can garden to some tunes or your favorite podcast? Everyone knows horror stories of losing a single earbud when you’re moving around and wearing them, rendering the pair useless. How about you skip earbuds altogether and use a waterproof Bluetooth speaker?

This Bluetooth speaker is waterproof, comes with a removable stake and stand, and can be used for up to 8 hours of continuous music on a single charge.

Kitsound Diggit Outdoor Freestanding Bluetooth Garden Speaker with Removable Stake Silver/Wood

Gardening Gifts for Women You’ll Love Giving This Year!

A laughing young woman in a garden.

Whether you’re looking for a book, something stylish, a high-tech item, or a better connection to nature and sustainability, we hope you found a unique gardening gift for the women in your life.

Looking for more gardening gift ideas? Check out our Gifts for Gardeners page to see other gift guides!

Shopping for your garden can get overwhelming, fast. So if you’re looking for advice on tools and supplies, then you’re in the right place!