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8 of the Best Garden Shoes For Men

Gardening is an enjoyable, often daily, activity for maintaining yards and gardens. However, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable or worry about stepping in anything while you garden, so finding the best men’s gardening shoes is a must for protecting your feet.

If you’re planning to do some serious gardening this year, you need to know about the best garden shoes for men for the best gardening experience. Keep reading and we’ll introduce you to our favorite picks. Each one will offer some key features as well as pros and cons to consider.

Person waling through garden soil in boots.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Crocs Literide Clogs

Budget Men’s Garden Shoes:
WZP Non-Slip Lightweight Summer Slippers

Best Men’s Garden Shoes for General Yard Work:
Sylphid Gardening and Yard Work Shoes

Best Overall

Crocs Literide Clogs

Crocs Unisex Men's and Women's LiteRide Clog, Black/Slate Grey, 6 US

These Crocs focus on breathability by having holes throughout the top of them. In addition, they utilize EVA soles while made of 100% synthetic materials, so they offer a lightweight and durable design. You can find these best men’s gardening shoes on Amazon.


  • You can choose from multiple colors and sizes.
  • The shoes offer a unisex design.
  • You can wear them all day.
  • The shoes have foam footbeds for comfort.


  • They don’t offer the best waterproofing.
  • Also, they can slip off of your feet while you use them.

Budget Men’s Garden Shoes

WZP Non-Slip Lightweight Summer Slippers

Men's Women's Open Toe Lightweight Anti-Slip Breathable Summer Slippers for Outdoor Sport Beach River Sea Bathroom Aqua Wading Coffee 7 Men/8.5 Women

These flip-flops offer a lightweight design while including a few color choices. In addition, they use EVA throughout to make them comfortable against the feet while making them great for multiple settings.


  • It uses waterproof material throughout.
  • It only weighs 230 grams for a lightweight design.
  • It has an excellent grip to prevent falling.
  • In addition, it offers incredible breathability due to minimal foot coverage.


  • The brand offers a limited range of shoe sizes.
  • In addition, mud and dirt can get on the feet.

Best Men’s Garden Shoes for General Yard Work

Sylphid Gardening and Yard Work Shoes

SYLPHID Men's Garden Shoes Women's Rain Shoe Waterproof Neoprene Camp Booties for Camping, Lawn Care, Gardening and Yard Work Black

These shoes work great for people who plan to spend time in the yard. They include rubber soles and excellent durability designed to resist cracks and breaks. You can find these men’s garden shoes on Amazon.


  • You can buy the shoes in multiple colors and sizes.
  • They offer solid durability for outdoor use.
  • They utilize complete waterproofing to keep the feet dry.
  • You can use them on uneven ground.


  • It has less breathability than other options.
  • In addition, it weighs more than other shoes.

Best Men’s Garden Shoes for Protecting Your Feet

Durapro Boots

Dunlop 8908609 DURAPRO Boots with Safety Steel Toe,Men Size 9/Women Size 11 , blue

These boots focus on offering protection to keep your feet dry and safe. In addition, they have excellent traction on the outsoles with canals to avoid slipping. Amazon is where you can find these heavy-duty garden shoes for men.


  • They offer the most foot protection.
  • They have a waterproof design.
  • They are available in multiple sizes and even larger ones.
  • They include steel toes for additional security.


  • They remain the least breathable option.
  • In addition, they’re more challenging to clean than other options.

Best Garden Shoes for Arch Support

ChayChax Garden Clogs

ChayChax Men's and Women's Arch Support Clogs Garden Shoes Slip-on Outdoor Beach Slippers with Removable Cushion Footbed, Black Gold, 6-7 Women/5-6 Men

These clogs make themselves stand out by offering removable cushioning. That allows you to have a soft footbed while giving you the option to quickly clean the clogs off.


  • You can remove the footbed cushions.
  • They offer arch support and breathability for people who need it.
  • They are a unisex option.
  • You can choose from multiple colors and sizes.


  • The holes mean your feet may get wet or dirty.
  • Also, some people may not like the style.

Best Garden Shoes for Summer Use

Crocs Crocband Flip-Flops

Crocs unisex adult Men's and Women's Crocband | Sandals Flip Flop, Navy, 12 Women 10 Men US

These flip-flops go with a simple design along with lightweight materials. They also work great during the summer since they’ll keep your feet cooled off.


  • You can pick from multiple colors and sizes.
  • They have both ground and foot grip to keep them on your feet.
  • They offer excellent breathability and a lightweight design.
  • You can use them at the beach, garden, or other summer locations.


  • The shoes provide minimal protection for your feet.
  • Some people may find the thinner sole uncomfortable.

Best Garden Shoes for Staying Warm

Muck Boot Rubber Garden Shoes

Muckster ll Men's Rubber Garden Shoes,Bark/Otter,7 M US

These shoes offer a neoprene body along with rubber soles for durability and comfort. The shoes focus on waterproofing and absorbing heat for people who work in colder weather.


  • The shoes offer excellent waterproofing to protect your feet.
  • They have durable soles.
  • They use excellent treading to keep you on your feet.
  • The mesh lining offers more breathability than other weatherproof shoes.


  • The heat retention makes these shoes uncomfortable during the warmer months.
  • The shoes offer limited options for designs.

Best Garden Shoes for Rainy Weather

HISEA Men’s Ankle Garden Boots

HISEA Men's Ankle Rain Boots Waterproof Garden Boots Rubber Boots Outdoor Work Boots

These boots focus on protecting your feet while you spend some time in the rain. They offer shock absorption while also retaining heat. Visit Amazon to get these men’s garden shoes to keep your feet snug and dry.


  • They offer protection for the feet and ankles.
  • They keep the feet dry.
  • They include adjustable closures at the top to prevent water from getting in.
  • The shoes have reinforced heels, arches, and toes for durability.


  • They take a while to put on and take off.
  • They lack breathability.

Different Types of the Best Men’s Garden Shoes

Think about the different types if you need more information on the best men’s garden shoes. Each one offers multiple benefits and differences to help you choose an option.

Garden Clogs

If you want a pair of rubber shoes, you can’t go wrong with a gardener clog. Most people know garden clogs as Crocs, so they have comfortable materials designed to stay clean.

Overhead view of garden clogs, a popular style of garden shoes for men.

Clogs offer some excellent airflow because of the holes on the front of them. However, clogs can slip off if you kick your feet too hard or run around in them. If you plan to focus on a comfortable pair of shoes, you can go with garden clogs.


If you plan to stick with more straightforward shoes, you can purchase flip-flops for your gardening needs. It works great since it offers plenty of airflow to avoid getting your feet sweaty while you work.

They also allow you to easily slip them on and off whenever you need to take them off. However, flip-flops offer the least protection out of all the options. On the bright side, they work as versatile shoes. You can wear them in your garden, casually, and even at the beach.

Waterproof Shoes

Waterproof shoes stand out as the best men’s garden shoes if you plan to keep your feet dry while you garden. For example, if you tend to water your flowers and get water everywhere, waterproof shoes can help you remain comfortable.

A waterproof pair of gardening shoes also work great if you plan to garden in wet weather. However, they can get uncomfortable since the waterproof material can feel heavier than other options.

They work great if you want to keep your feet dry and warm while you garden.


If you plan to focus on protection while wearing shoes, you must purchase some gardening boots. Waterproof boots work well since they cover your feet, your ankles, and part of your shins. The material also makes them durable and resistant to most wear and tear.

Closeup of dirty green rain boots.

They also offer solid waterproofing to prevent your feet from getting wet. However, some people may find the boots too restrictive since they cover the ankles. These work great as one of the best men’s garden shoes to keep your feet safe.

How to Choose the Best Garden Shoes For Men

As you choose a garden shoe type for your situation, you must consider the main factors. Doing so will help you understand what makes the best garden shoes for men different from each other.

Waterproof capacity

As you pick your garden shoes, you must think about their waterproof capacity. The capacity refers to how well the shoes prevent water from entering them.

A pair of garden boots hung upside down on posts to dry.

For example, some flip-flops may absorb more water than others. However, shoes with solid waterproofing won’t let water get to the feet, so they don’t end up soaking wet. On the other hand, shoes like clogs offer some waterproofing, but they don’t completely protect the feet.

Sole material and durability

Sole materials also matter when you try and find the ideal shoes for gardening. As you look into the soles available, you’ll come across ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and rubber.

EVA soles work better for additional comfort and impact resistance while walking. On the other hand, rubber soles can prevent slipping on wet surfaces. As for durability, rubber, polyethylene, and similar materials will work.

Cleaning and maintenance

As you work in a garden, your shoes will get dirty. While you may not need to worry about them if you get dedicated gardening shoes, you still want a pair you can easily clean and maintain.

Closeup of a pair of muddy tall rain boots.

For example, a shoe made out of rubber only requires you to wipe it down with some water to clean it. On the other hand, waterproof shoes can get smelly and take extra effort to clean off.

Be Safe and Stylish in Men’s Gardening Shoes

Finding the best garden shoes for men can pose some challenges, but we’ve done the research to help you out. In this post we’ve listed eight best options for you to evaluate and choose whichever meets your needs.

Why not pick up several pairs to use for different tasks? That way you’ll know you always have the right men’s garden shoes for the job at hand!

As you look into your shoes, consider what else you need to wear to make gardening as relaxing as possible. Visit our Gardening Clothes page to read up on our best picks for various gardening clothing and accessories.

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