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The Fireside Apple

We want you to close your eyes and imagine sinking your teeth into a crisp, sweet, and juicy apple, which by taste alone leaves your mouth watering until the very last bite.

If that sounds dreamy, let us introduce you to the Fireside Apple! You can be sure to find this incredible eating apple in a sizeable scarlet color with a taste you’ll be sure to remember!

Keep reading to learn more about why these apples are not only sweet and provide significant health benefits but can additionally be used for cooking, snacking, and pairing with soft cheeses and fine wine! We will tell you the steps needed to start growing your own Fireside Apple tree and where to buy these delicious fruits to try

Woman holding a red apple.

History Of The Fireside Apple

Let’s start at the birthplace of the Fireside Apple, its hometown, which happens to be Minneapolis, Minnesota! Of course, in Minnesota, this apple enjoys a huge popularity among Minnesotans.

Firesides were first developed in a breeding program at Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station and introduced by the University of Minnesota in 1943.

The name “Fireside Apple” was developed while the United States listened to “Fireside Chats” by the Roosevelts. It’s rumored the apples received their name from these famous radio chats.

Orange-red striped apples on a cloth, similar to FIreside apples.

Characteristics of The Fireside Apple

The Fireside Apple is mainly grown for its edible qualities and produces conical yet round-shaped apples, known as “pomes.” A pome is a fruit variety produced by flowering plants of the apple subtribe of the rose family.

Firesides have beautiful scarlet blush coloring and a delicious, flavorful sweet taste. In addition, you can find their white flesh to be firm and crisp with a touch of acidity.

Fireside Apples are grown from small trees and are usually ready for picking between early and mid-fall seasons.

Closeup of a orange-red blush and striped apple.

Enjoying the Fireside Apple

Firesides are tasty treats labeled as one of the best eating apples. Choose the largest apples to experience the most intense flavors.


Fireside Apples are known to be one of the best eating apples available. It’s no wonder with their crisp, fresh, sweet taste. In addition, You can find these apples hint at a slight banana taste and even have a bit of acidity.

A bowl of apple slices.

Food Pairing

Fireside Apples are very versatile and can be used in cooking, dehydrated, and enjoyed simply on their own.

Since thes apples are so delicious raw, we recommend using them to create the richest and most decadent fruit trays paired with soft cheeses, crackers, and fine wines!

A fruit and cheese board.

Cooking and Baking

Fireside Apples are an excellent ingredient to use in cooking due to their taste. Try using them in chicken and sausage dishes, bread stuffing, or fruit crisps and pies!


Due to the Fireside Apples’ sweet and crisp taste, simply slice them up and enjoy! Try the apples with a bit of peanut butter, layered in a yogurt parfait, or even added to fruit salad!

Closeup of a bowl of fruit salad.

A Few Great Recipes For Your Apples

Here are a few delicious recipes to try using your bountiful Fireside Apple harvest!

Strawberry Apple Fruit Salsa

Apple Crisp Apple Crumble

Raw Apple Cake: German Apple Cake

Baked apple cheesecake galettes.
Apple Cheesecake Galettes (click for the recipe).

Health Benefits of Apples

Like most apple varieties, Firesides are an extraordinary nutritious fruit offering you numerous health benefits.

Apples are rich in fiber and antioxidants. As a result, they can help lower the risks of many chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Apples can also help promote weight loss and improve your brain and gut health.

The saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” holds as apple research continues in hopes of finding more health benefits for humans. You can never go wrong with a tasty, sweet, and versatile fruit like the apple!

Heart-shaped bowl with red apples in it.

Looking Into Growing Fireside Apples?

Planting Fireside Apple trees is a huge commitment! Once you plant an apple tree, it’s permanent and would not move easily. Apple trees will grow best in pairs and need correct spacing to mature and produce at their best.

For a more comprehensive look at planting and caring for all types of apple trees, check out our Complete Apple Tree Care Guide and our post on How to Plant Apple Trees.

Closeup of orange-red apples.

Planting and Growing Apple Trees

Fireside Apple trees are interspecific hybrid trees that grow to be up to fifteen feet tall. These apple trees grow at average speeds when planted in the right conditions, and you can expect your apple tree to live over 50 years or longer!

A Fireside should only be grown in full sunlight. These trees prefer to grow in average, moist conditions and shouldn’t ever be allowed to dry out.

You’ll find your Fireside Apple tree not to have a soil type or pH preference and even be highly tolerant of urban and inner-city conditions.

Orange-red apples growing on tree.

Where to Buy Fireside Apple Trees

You will find Fireside Apple trees easily in the state of Minnesota. However, if you live out of state and in zones 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, try these sites to search for a perfect and healthy Fireside.

We recommend checking out Trees Of Antiquity and Gilby’s Orchard before Springtime to catch their shipping times between April and May.

Where Can I Buy Fireside Apples?

Since Fireside Apples were “born” and raised in Minnesota, finding these apples will be easiest within their hometown; however, farmers’ markets are a great place to look for this apple variety. If you’re in Minnesota during apple season, you can even get Firesides directly from an apple orchard where they’re grown!

Wrapping Up The Incredible Fireside Apple

Woman picking apple from tree,

If you enjoy juicy, crisp, and sweet flavored apples, we know you’ll love the Fireside Apple! Now you know why these apples remain a popular choice among growers today. We know you’ll truly enjoy the benefits and beautiful qualities found in this yummy apple variety.

Do you have previous experience growing Fireside Apples? What’s your favorite way to enjoy these delicious apples? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

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