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The Evercrisp Apple

You just have to hear about this apple variety. Are you sitting down? Okay, get this! We want you to imagine an apple that’s sweet, juicy, and powerfully crunchy. The perfect apple. Then imagine mixing two of your favorite kinds of apples, the famous Honeycrisp Apple and the popular Fuji Apple.

Do we have your attention yet? Well, good because we couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce you to the Evercrisp Apple, the most incredible apple ever made! You can be sure to find this one-of-a-kind apple a life changer as its qualities outweigh all other varieties!

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Cream colored apples with pink blush and striping on a tree similar to the Evercrisp apple.

Keep reading to learn more about why these Apples are not only sweet, juicy, and great for your health but can additionally be used for cooking, snacking, and pairing with soft cheeses, crackers, and fine wines! In this post, we will also guide you through the steps needed to grow your own Evercrisp Apple tree and where to buy these outstanding fruits!

History Of The Evercrisp Apple

Let’s dig into the history of Evercrisp Apples. The Evercrisp has taken nearly twenty years to evolve. Mitch Lynd of Lynd Fruit Farms in Pataksala had a mission to create an apple variety that held all desirable apple traits and qualities, such as flavor, crispness, and being pleasantly crunchy. Mitch also needed an apple that could withstand different weather conditions in his region.

Mitch Lynd helped start up the Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA), a project created for apple breeding. The MAIA produced thousands of seeds using several different cross-pollinations. In 1998 the MAIA-1 variety evolved from collecting Fuji apple blossoms, removing the Fuji tree pollen, and then transferring this Fuji pollen to Honeycrisp tree blossoms.

Closeup of red apples on tree.

Lynd spent a year growing the collected seeds from these new apples. He distributed seedlings to local growers the following year who started growing these fruits for observation.

In late 2008, one of the selected growers named David Doud was walking in his orchard and decided to try this new apple variety. When David took his first bite of the Evercrisp apple, he found it had a fantastic crunch and flavor. David declared it better than any other apple he had ever tried!

Characteristics of The Evercrisp Apple

The Evercrisp Apple is a MAIA- 1 variety developed for its qualities and in shape grows round and firm like the Fuji Apple.

The apples are a blushed rosy red color with cream undertones and have an outstanding taste bursting with flavors. In addition, you will find their flesh to be firm and dense with a long-lasting crispness.

Closeup of cluster of dark rose colored apples on tree.

Evercrisps are grown from carefully developed trees and ready for picking between late October into February.

Enjoying the Evercrisp Apple

Evercrisp Apples are delectable treats labeled as one of the best apples ever created!

Incredible Flavors of the Evercrisp Apple

The Evercrisp Apple is a cross between the delightful and firm taste found in the Fuji Apple in addition to the juicy and sweet flavors found in a Honeycrisp Apple. It’s “the perfect apple” of the 21st century!

Closeup of a bowl of red apple slices.

Food Pairings

Evercrisps are universal fruits used in recipes, great for dehydration, and, most importantly, highly enjoyed on their own.

Since these apples are so delicious raw, we think they would make the perfect addition to the most decadent fruit tray paired with soft cheeses such as brie, crackers, and fine wine.

A cheeseboard and a glass of red wine.
Wine and cheese are a wonderful pairing for Evercrisp apples.

Cooking and Baking

Evercrisp Apples are the perfect ingredient to use in cooking due to their incredible taste. First, try making your very own homemade apple sauce or cider. Then, consider baking Evercrisps on their own, use them in savory dishes, or add to crisps, tarts, and pies!


Due to the Evercrisp’s sweet and crisp taste, slice them up and enjoy! For some healthy additions, try this apple as a yogurt or ice cream topping, with a bit of peanut butter or caramel, or even added into your favorite salad!

A Few Great Recipes

Here are a few tasty recipes to try using your Evercrisp Apple harvest!

Chai Apple Pie
Baked Apple Roses
Homemade Apple Cider

Closeup of a plate of crepes with caramelized apples.
Apple crepes.

Health Benefits of Apples

The Evercrisp Apple will offer you great nutritious qualities along with amazing health benefits.

Like most varieties, apples are rich in fiber and antioxidants. Research shows apples can help lower the risks of many chronic conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

Apples will help promote weight loss, curve your cravings for sweets, and improve your brain and gut health.

Apple research continues the hope of finding additional health benefits for humans through apples. It’s always the best choice for your health to enjoy tasty, sweet, and versatile fruits like the apple!

Interested In Growing Evercrisp Apples?

Planting an Evercrisp Apple tree is a large commitment that comes with a signed grower license agreement and membership. In addition, growing this apple variety will require joining the Midwest Apple Improvement Association. The MAIM-1 Evercrisp Apple is still under strict quality control.

You can access information on a Grower License Agreement and Membership at

An apple tree with rosy colored apples growing on it.

EverCrisp Apples are late-season apples that reach their ripeness in mid-October and then are harvested from October to February, depending on your region. An Evercrisp Apple Tree grows best in full sunlight. In addition, you’ll find it to be highly tolerant of cold Midwest conditions.

For a more complex look at planting and caring for all types of apple trees, check out our Complete Apple Tree Care Guide and our post on How to Plant Apple Trees.

After you’ve obtained a grower’s license agreement and joined the Midwest Apple Improvement Association, you can use this Member’s Directory as a way to find orchards closest to you!

Where to Buy Evercrisp Apple Trees

Consumers are not able to buy and grow Evercrisp apple trees, but can certainly grow Honeycrisp apples and Fuji apples – the parents of the Evercrisp. Shop other apple tree varieties at Stark Bro’s or Nature Hills Nursery.

Where Can I Buy Evercrisp Apples?

Use this Purchasing Guide from the Evercrisp Apple website to view a list of available stores, markets, and farms approved to sell Evercrisps.

Wrapping Up The Incredible Evercrisp Apple

Closeup of cream colored apples with rose colored blush and striping.

You know there’s nothing better than the perfect, crunchy, sweet, and juicy apple, and this is why we know you’ll be left speechless when it comes to the durable Evercrisp Apple!

Now we’ve shared the secrets of how the Evercrisp Apple came to be and why it’s one of the most incredible apples ever created! We know you’ll truly enjoy the benefits as well as the excellent qualities found in this delicious apple variety.

Do you have coveted experience growing Evercrisp Apples? What’s your favorite way to enjoy these Apples? We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below!

Excited for more apple content? Visit our apple trees page to learn more about apple planting, growing, picking, cooking, and more!


Wednesday 21st of June 2023

I first saw your Ever Crisp apples at Aldi's I live in Illinois and I could tell you I've tried many apples and I think yours is the best I think it's even better than the honeycrisp and the fuji and all the rest I just want to let you know that I enjoy him very much.


Thursday 22nd of June 2023

That's great, but we don't distribute or own the Evercrisp brand/variety FYI.