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Emma Krumbee’s Orchard and Farm

Closeup of basket of picked apples and colorful fall leaves in the background.

Emma Krumbee’s Orchard and Farm is located off U.S. 169 in Belle Plaine, Minnesota, just southwest of Eden Prairie and Bloomington. Don’t let the name fool you – this is more than a bunch of apples and hay. At 45 acres, it’s one of the smaller Minnesota apple orchards, but there’s plenty of charm to be found when you visit.

Emma Krumbee’s Orchard and Farm has restaurants, stores, three different pick-your-own patches for different produce, and a commitment to providing a fun place for the whole family. If you don’t care for the hustle and bustle of the really large apple orchards, but still want to the festive fall experience, then this may be the perfect orchard for you.

Pick Your Own Apples

A toddler boy reaching up to pick apples from a dwarf apple tree.  Emma Krumbee's Orchard and Farm grows dwarf trees to provide an apple picking experience all members of the family can enjoy.
Even the little ones can do their own apple picking at Emma Krumbee’s Orchard and Farm.

One of the best features of Emma Krumbee’s Orchard and Farm is the pick-your-own section. Not only can you pick your own apples right off the tree, but the trees there are dwarf trees. These shorter trees are perfect for younger kids as it’s much easier for them to reach the apples and pick them themselves.

The pick-your-own section has 10 different varieties of apples (as a whole, the orchard has 12 varieties total), and you can actually sample some before you choose which ones to pick. Going to the pick-your-own section is an adventure because you get to ride out there in a tractor-pulled wagon for that full autumn fruit patch experience.

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Don’t Forget the Raspberries and Pumpkins

Closeup of picked raspberries in a basket.

If you can’t make it to the orchard during apple season, don’t worry; the farm also has a pumpkin patch in autumn and raspberry picking in summer and early autumn. Both of these patches allow pick-your-own, too.

Pumpkin season at the orchard and farm offers great opportunities to find all you need for autumn, from jack-o-lantern pumpkins and other squash to ornamental corn and gourds. As with the apples, if you visit the pumpkin patch, you’ll ride a tractor-pulled wagon into the midst of the patch.

Other Things to Look Forward To

A cute scarecrow lying on brightly colored fall leaves. The Scarecrow Festival is a must-see event at Emma Krumbee's Orchard and Farm.

Emma Krumbee’s Orchard and Farm holds the Scarecrow Festival every year in September and October. This has been an annual tradition since 1983 when the former orchard owners, Phil and Mary Jo Morris, decided to create a fun and interactive event at their orchard that visitors wouldn’t find anywhere else. Clearly, the festival caught on because it’s entering its 38th year.

You can build a scarecrow and enter it in a contest, or visit the farm and see all the scarecrow entries on display throughout the pumpkin patch and orchards.

Other attractions include a tombstone forest, animal exhibits, and play areas. There is a small admission fee, but you gain access to an astounding number of things to do.

Stop in at the General Store, Market, and Florist

Closeup of reddish yellow mums with mums in the background.  You can buy this iconic fall flower at Emma Krumbee's Orchard and Farm.
Mums are an iconic fall flower.

Guess what? You’re not done yet.

As you pick apples, raspberries, and pumpkins, you’ll no doubt work up a sweat and make yourself hungry and thirsty. top in for a fast meal at Fizzy’s Soda Fountain on the property, choosing from among hot dogs, ice cream sodas, pies and brownes, floats, coffee, and more.

If you’re really hungry, there’s Emma Krumbee’s Restaurant & Bakery, offering comfort food and drinks – and a happy hour for the adults – that include homemade soups, mashed potatoes, and bread. And, of course, dessert is on the menu!

Call ahead to see if the greenhouse and Apple Barn will be open. Choose from a wide selection of mums, honey varieties, pastries, squash, jellies, caramel apples, and the list goes on. As you can see, a day at Emma Krumbee’s is a full one.

Even if you’re not going to Emma Krumbee’s yourself, you can have Emma Krumbee’s deliver flowers for your special occasions. The orchard and farm creates special-occasion bouquets for weddings and other events.

An Award-Winning Company

The hard work of the staff has paid off not only by making the orchard a family favorite, but also by winning several awards, such as favorite apple orchard or best pumpkin patch. The Minnesota Office of Tourism placed Emma Krumbee’s in the “Top Annual Group Tour Festival and Events” category for seven years, too.

A Company That Gives Back

The dollars you spend at Emma Krumbee’s go toward charitable causes. In addition to supporting the staff and upkeep of the orchard and farm, money goes toward various causes such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Special Olympics.

Responding to COVID

Establishments have their own rules for dealing with the COVID pandemic in addition to city and state mandates, if any. In September 2020, Emily Rottman, the manager of the restaurant, told the Belle Plaine Herald that the restaurant required masks and social distancing. As of September 2021, the website for Emma Krumbee’s did not list any restrictions — it’s best to call before you go so you know what the latest rules are.

Please remember that individual establishments can institute stricter requirements than what the state has suggested.

An Orchard That’s Full of Fall Charm

Closeup of ripe pumpkins.  A trip to the pumpkin patch at Emma Krumbee's Orchard and Farm will put you in the fall spirit.

Autumn will give way to winter before you know it, so head over to Emma Krumbee’s Orchard and Farm. Plan your day – and plan on going back on multiple days – so you can see what you want without worrying that you missed something.

Whether you want some fruit or want to bring your kids to the goat exhibit at the Scarecrow Festival, you are never going to be bored at this orchard.

Where To Find Emma Krumbee’s Orchard and Farm

If a trip to Emma Krumbee’s Orchard and Farm sounds like what you’re looking for, here’s how to find them for a visit this fall.

Address: 311 Enterprise Drive East, Belle Plain, MN 56011

Phone: (952) 873-3006