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The 7 Best Cucumber Trellises

Are you growing cucumbers in your backyard garden? If so, you should use a cucumber trellis to improve plant health and yields.

Using the best cucumber trellis guarantees better harvests and fewer wasted fruits. Keep reading to learn more!

Cucumber Trellis

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Hortonova Trellis Netting

Budget Option:
Emsco Group City Pickers Modular Crop Prop Trellis System

The All-in-One Trellis:
Greenes Premium Cedar Raised Garden Bed with Trellis

Sturdy and Affordable:
Stonegate Designs Raised Planter with A-Frame Trellis

The 7 Best Cucumber Trellises for Backyard Gardens

All cucumber varieties produce vines that bear fruit. Even compact bush varieties can benefit from trellising to keep heavy cucumbers from touching the ground.

We made finding the best cucumber trellis easy! Explore the top trellises for cucumbers below, and keep reading to the end to learn more about cucumber growing.

Best Overall

Hortonova Trellis Netting


The Hortonova Trellis Netting is the best way to trellis multiple cucumber plants simultaneously. This netting is durable and UV resistant, so it will last many years of heavy use.

What makes this trellis netting stand out from other cucumber trellises? This net enables you to construct a custom-tailored cucumber trellis for your garden.

You will get unparalleled versatility whether you want a steepled A-frame, simple box, or handy horizontal trellis. All you need to add is some sturdy support posts and tethers to get this trellis netting ready for the growing season.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Supports multiple plants


  • Additional parts required

Budget Option

Emsco Group City Pickers Modular Crop Prop Trellis System

If you want to go low-budget, you can try the Emsco Group City Pickers Modular Crop Prop Trellis System. This is a unique, modular box trellis specially built for raised garden beds.

This trellis system is lightweight, so it might not be suitable for large plants that produce massive cucumbers. Use this trellis system with City Pickers raised bed urban gardening solutions for the best results.


  • Inexpensive
  • Modular trellis kit grows with plants
  • Versatile design


  • Only suitable for raised beds

All-in-One Trellis

Greenes Premium Cedar Raised Garden Bed with Trellis

Greenes Fence Premium Cedar Raised Garden Bed with Trellis

Do you want an all-in-one solution for growing healthy cucumber plants? Greenes Premium Cedar Raised Garden Bed with Trellis is an elegant cucumber trellis that is ideal for smaller garden spaces.

Cedar is a natural insect repellent, so you’ll encounter fewer pests when using this cucumber trellis. You will find the perfect fit since multiple sizes of Greenes Premium Cedar Raised Beds are available for your home garden.


  • Solid cedar construction repels insects
  • Spacious raised garden bed
  • Sturdy built-in trellis


  • Expensive

Sturdiest Trellis

Stonegate Designs Raised Planter with A-Frame Trellis

This might be the perfect option if you are searching for the sturdiest cucumber trellis on the market. The Stonegate Designs Raised Planter with A-Frame Trellis is made of weather-resistant, coated iron and features a heavy-duty A-frame trellis to support hefty cucumbers come harvest.

This raised bed is spacious, at three feet wide by three feet long and over two feet deep. You can successfully grow one cucumber plant and a handful of companion plants like peas, carrots, sunflowers, and dill in a single planter.


  • Sturdy iron construction
  • Spacious raised garden bed
  • Built-in A-frame trellis


  • Heavy

Vita Vinyl Classic Huron Planter with Trellis

The Vita Vinyl Classic Huron Planter with Trellis is a tasteful, decorative raised garden bed with a built-in trellis. The rugged vinyl is guaranteed against warping and discoloration by a 20-year warranty.

This garden bed is relatively narrow, so you should only sow one cucumber plant per container. Consider adding light-feeder companion flowers like marigolds to fill out the edges and defend your crops against common pests.


  • 20-year warranty
  • Stylish vinyl construction
  • Built-in trellis


  • Expensive
  • Small planting area

Greenes Premium XL Cedar Raised Garden Bed with Trellis

Greenes Fence Premium Cedar Raised Garden Bed with Trellis

Greenes takes another spot on this list with the Greenes Premium XL Cedar Raised Garden Bed with Trellis. This robust cedar gardening bed is a dream for backyard gardeners who want impressive harvests.

You can grow a complete garden full of your favorite herbs and veggies in this four-by-eight-foot cedar garden bed. Sow cucumber seeds near the built-in trellis to give them the support they need to thrive and flourish.


  • Solid cedar construction
  • Massive raised garden bed
  • Sturdy built-in trellis


  • Expensive

Stonegate Designs Raised Planter with Box Trellis

This is another manufacturer with quality gardening products you can trust. The Stonegate Designs Raised Planter with Box Trellis is a compact, single-plant raised bed surrounded by a sturdy metal box trellis.

This planter is made of durable iron coated by a weather-resistant finish. You can guarantee it will handle even the roughest conditions without breaking, bending, or warping.

This compact raised bed is a relatively small option that can only fit one cucumber plant at a time. It is perfect for gardening in tight spaces like patios and balconies.


  • Sturdy iron construction
  • Built-in trellis


  • Small planting area

Cucumber Trellis Buyers’ Guide

Cucumber plants growing on a trellis

How can you distinguish a high-quality cucumber trellis from a cheap knock-off that could crumple before harvest? There are a few ways to gauge whether a gardening lattice is worth it, so continue reading to get the scoop.

Cucumber Trellis Material

The best cucumber trellis should be made of a durable material that can support the weight of dozens of ripe cucumbers. This can be steel, iron, wood, vinyl, or netting. Plastic and aluminum trellises are usually less expensive but provide lower-quality options.

The Ideal Cucumber Trellis Design

Cucumbers generally grow best on angled or A-frame trellises which allow the leaves to fan out facing south (in the Northern Hemisphere) to soak up the sun. Still, any sturdy structure is better than no trellis at all! Vertical, horizontal, and box trellises work well, but you will need to tether the vines to guide them.

How Big Should a Cucumber Trellis Be?

You must consider the overall size of your cucumber trellis. It should be at least four feet tall to support a standard-sized cucumber plant. Only sow one cucumber seed every three feet along a trellis netting to prevent overcrowding and resource competition.

Which Cucumber Trellis is Top Rated?

You can read user reviews to better understand a product’s benefits and drawbacks if you need more clarification. In this product guide, we read through the hundreds of reviews for you, so you can make an informed buying decision with less hassle.

Trellising Cucumber Plants

Cucumber fruit on a trellis

Setting up a trellis is straightforward, but you might need to encourage the vines to latch on. If you are new to cucumber trellising, check out these simple steps to get started.

Step 1: Guide the cucumber vines

Gently guide the cucumber vines along the trellis. Be careful to not pull, stretch, or twist the vines, which could potentially damage them.

Step 2: Tie the vines to the trellis

Use a strip of cloth to tether the vine to the cucumber trellis. Make sure you tie it loosely so the cucumber plant can grow without restriction.

Step 3: Prune and shape as needed

Sometimes cucumber vines will grow along a trellis without needing encouragement, but not always. Be sure to check your cucumber trellis regularly and tie up any loose vines or sagging fruit.

DIY Cucumber Trellis Ideas

There are countless ways to construct your own cucumber trellis. All you need is creativity and a sturdy structure.

If you want to make a DIY trellis, explore some of the following commonly-used materials:

  • Wire mesh (concrete mesh, chicken wire, dog crate)
  • Wooden pallets
  • Livestock panels
  • Chain-link fencing
  • Pet or baby gate
  • Ladder


What type of trellis is best for cucumbers?

The best structure for supporting cucumbers is an angled or A-frame trellis. Vertical, box, and even horizontal cucumber trellises also work great when properly assembled.

How tall does a cucumber trellis need to be?

Standard and giant cucumber plants should be grown on trellises taller than four feet. If you are cultivating a dwarf cucumber variety, you can use a shorter two-to-three-foot trellis system.

Do cucumbers grow better on a trellis?

Yes—cucumbers produce healthier foliage and larger fruits when you grow them on a trellis. The improved airflow also reduces the risk of pathogens like powdery mildew.

The Best Cucumber Trellis in 2023

Now you know how to select the best cucumber trellis for your backyard garden. To get the most out of your harvest, you should read up on the best-growing practices for cucumbers. So learn more about cucumbers by checking out my planting guides, care tips, brand suggestions, and more!