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7 of the Best Claw Garden Gloves

The unique wear-and-tear of a well-loved pair of gardening gloves is a hallmark of the seasoned gardener. But how can you upgrade your gardening gloves?

Claw garden gloves are a multi-use tool that protects your hands. I’ll guide you through the best claw gardening gloves to revamp your gardening wardrobe and enhance your cultivation efficiency.

Person using claw garden gloves to dig in garden soil.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
TGeng Garden Gloves with Fingertip Claws

Best Water-Resistant Option:
Famoy Claw Gardening Gloves

Value Claw Gardening Gloves:
YSBER Garden Gloves for Women and Men

Best Overall

TGeng Garden Gloves with Fingertip Claws

4 Pairs Garden Gloves With Fingertips Claws,Best Gift For Gardener,2 Pairs Working Gloves With Double Claws,2 Pairs without Claws,For Digging and Planting,Breathable. (purple and light green)

This purchase comes with two pairs of claw garden gloves and two pairs of traditional garden gloves. A favorite of hundreds of gardeners, each matching pair comes with a purple and green option. These gloves offer versatile style and personalization for your gardening needs.

If you’re ready to receive four new pairs of gloves with your claw gardening journey, you can visit Amazon to find these highly-rated garden helpers.


  • You’ll receive four pairs of gloves in total.
  • You get to enjoy two color options.
  • You’ll receive two bonus bags for each matching set of claw garden gloves and traditional gloves.
  • Ambidextrous claws can adapt to your natural hand dominance.
  • The ergonomic design is suitable for detailed work.


  • These gloves contain latex.
  • There’s a strong smell (may be removable with dish soap).
  • The gloves aren’t totally waterproof.

Best Water-Resistant Option

Famoy Claw Gardening Gloves

Famoy Claw Gardening Gloves, Famoy Garden Claw Glove for Women Gift (Green 1 Pair)

These gloves by Famoy utilize water-resistant and puncture-resistant material that’s comfortable and durable. Famoy claw garden gloves are an affordable and well-loved option you can find by visiting Amazon.


  • Gardeners report durability that allows digging in rocky soil.
  • These are easy to clean with a simple rinse and dry.
  • These stay on your hand while working, protecting your nails.
  • Famoy offers a variety of colors.
  • Claw tips can be single-point or double-point.


  • These gloves come in only one size (and one pair of gloves per purchase).
  • The gloves are water-resistant, but not fully waterproof.
  • You cannot remove the claws.
  • Latex gloves are to be avoided by gardeners with a latex-allergy.

Value Claw Gardening Gloves

YSBER Garden Gloves for Women and Men

5 Pairs Garden Gloves for Women and Men, Work Gloves with 8 Claws for Outdoor (Green, Medium)

This value pack of five pairs of gloves offers longer cuffs for more wrist protection, sealing out debris and moisture. They also feature claw gloves for both hands and thickened fingertips for additional comfort and non-slip functionality.

These are budget-friendly claw gardening gloves with a bonus.


  • These gloves come in three different sizes.
  • You receive five pairs of gloves for the price of one.
  • These are machine washable.
  • They go the extra mile to protect your fingertips while you work.
  • The claw gloves can be worn on either hand, according to your preference.


  • Claws only come on one pair of gloves and are non-removable.
  • These gloves contain latex.

NNBB Garden Gloves with Fingertip Claws

NNBB Garden Gloves with Fingertips Claws Quick– Great for Digging Weeding Seeding Poking -Safe for Rose Pruning Best Gardening Tool Best Gift for Gardeners (Double Claw)

These highly regarded NNBB claw gardening gloves come with the assurance of being fully waterproof and cut-resistant. If you’re ready to dig in with your own NNBB claw garden gloves and earn yourself a new bag for your hand tools, you can find them at Amazon.


  • These waterproof gloves come with their own NNBB bag.
  • The material is durable.
  • The claws stay attached while you work.
  • These gloves resist tearing.


  • These only come in one size, with one pair of gloves for your purchase.
  • The material is not breathable, and contains latex.
  • The claws are permanently attached.

GYYVES Gardening Gloves With Claws

GYYVES Gardening Gloves With Claws 3 Pairs Garden Gloves Outdoor Protective Yard Work Gloves Medium Men Women The Best Gift for Gardeners (1 Pair of Claws and 2 Pairs without claws)

These claw gardening gloves by GYYVES claim to be fully waterproof and breathable. These gloves offer enough protection to handle thorny vines, at a fair price.

If you’re interested in durable claw gardening gloves that can be customized with matching traditional gloves, you can go here to begin your claw garden glove collection.


  • These gloves are waterproof.
  • The material of these gloves is designed for more breathability.
  • Your purchase includes one pair of claw garden gloves (claws on each hand), and two pairs of traditional garden gloves.
  • These are sturdy and comfortable.


  • These gloves contain latex, which may aggravate a latex allergy.
  • The claws are not removable.

Gloryfox Breathable & Waterproof Garden Gloves with Claws

Gloryfox Gardening Gloves with Claws, Waterproof and Breathable Garden Gloves for Digging, Planting, Branch Trimming and Seedling, Best Gifts for Gardeners(2 Pair with Claws, Purple&Blue)

These flexible claw garden gloves come at a price that’s suitable for any gardening budget. Their attractive design comes in two colors, with two pairs for the price of one.

Gloryfox claw gardening gloves are readily available for a desirable price on Amazon.


  • These gloves are waterproof with more breathability than other claw garden gloves.
  • You can choose from green or purple claw garden gloves.
  • Claws come on both gloves of each pair, so you can dig comfortably no matter which hand is dominant.
  • The claws stay attached while you work.


  • It may be more challenging to handle fine gardening tasks with claws on both hands.
  • The gloves come in one universal size.
  • The claws cannot be removed.
  • These do contain latex, which some gardeners are allergic to.

ALTEESGE Leather Work Gloves with 8 Claws

Garden Gloves for Women, Gardening Gloves for Men, ALTEESGE Leather Work Gloves with 8 Claws, 1 Pair Yellow Medium Size Suitable for Garden, Daily, Driving, Construction, Warehouse, Handling

These claw gardening gloves set themselves apart with their leather construction and latex-free design. They also include 8 claws that you can attach yourself for total personalization. These claw gardening gloves are a great fit for the latex-averse gardener.

If you’re latex-free and ready to claw some soil, you can find the ALTEESGE claw garden gloves on Amazon.


  • The genuine sheepskin leather is breathable and puncture-resistant.
  • Thes gloves are latex-free.
  • There’s an adjustable velcro wrist cuff.
  • The gloves are easy to rinse and reuse.
  • The claws are customizable.


  • The nylon on the back of the glove is not puncture-resistant.
  • The gloves come in large sizes only.
  • These aren’t widely reviewed gloves.

How to Choose the Best Claw Garden Gloves

Person's garden claw glove and regular garden glove with soil on them.

Comfort, Breathability, and Water-Resistance

Without water-logged or sweat-soaked, clingy gloves, you can focus on the meditative rhythm of caring for your garden while still protecting your palms and digits.

Size & Flexibility

Many claw gardening gloves are one-size-fits-most. If you have particularly large or small hands, cross-reference the length of your hand with the size of the gloves before purchasing.

Closeup of a person digging in garden soil wearing a garden claw glove.

Dominant Hand

If you’re left-handed, you’ll want to make sure that you can claw garden with your dominant hand.


Resistance to puncture wounds and sturdy claws are a must-have for the best claw gardening gloves.

Are Claw Garden Gloves Worth Buying?

The best claw gardening gloves can offer incredible versatility, ease-of-use, and a bang-for-your-buck price. While you’ll still need to pack your shovel and shears for heavier labor, these are fun and practical if your gardening includes herbs, vines, potted plants, relatively tame garden beds, and greenhouses.

Final Points for Claw Garden Gloves

Now you have the knowledge and confidence to buy the best claw gardening gloves. Consider inspiring your family and friends to spend more time in the dirt by sending them their claw garden gloves.

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