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17 Best Christmas Tree Farms in Nebraska

Did you know Nebraska is home to some of the most amazing Christmas tree farms in the nation? With winter right around the corner, it’s never too early to start planning out your Christmas tree search!

Christmas Tree Farms in Nebraska

Some of my best childhood memories are going along with my Dad to find the perfect family Christmas tree. Follow along as I’ll uncover the best Christmas tree farms in Nebraska from the North to the South. Get ready to gain incredible memories to last a lifetime and surely find “the one”!

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Are you ready for an early reveal of the top Christmas Tree Farms in Nebraska? Then, sit by the faux fire, grab yourself a frozen hot chocolate, and let’s go!

The Best Christmas Tree Farms in Nebraska: The Northern Regions

1. Santa’s Woods


When you visit Santa’s Woods, a Christmas Tree Farm in Nebraska, you’ll arrive at a cute family-owned tree farm. Santa’s Woods is located about nine miles north of Omaha, Nebraska. This friendly family farm offers over forty thousand hand-grown Christmas trees!

Cutting a Christmas Tree

Don’t worry about bringing your own personal tools and tree cutting gear, as Santa’s Woods is fully equipped with a full-service staff ready to assist you. Let them handle the cutting, hauling, shaking, baling, tying down, and loading of your Christmas tree selections!

2. Country Conifers


Come and pay a visit to the tree farmers at Country Conifers and find out why they need to be on your Christmas tree farms in Nebraska checklist. This family-owned farm has been in business for over twenty years, and it’s easy to see why!

Explore five beautiful acres of fresh trees during your visit to Country Conifers this holiday season. All you’ll need to do is pick your perfect tree. Then, they will cut it, clean it, and tie it down for an easier transport home!

3. Aldag Acres


Aldag Acres is open five days and week and holds regular business hours. This business plan makes it easier to find yourself a stunning freshly-cut Christmas tree. This Nebraska Christmas tree farm will offer you several different types of trees.

Christmas tree farm in Nebraska

At Aldag Acres, choose and cut any of these stunning types of trees! They have Norway Spruce, Scotch Pine, Blue Spruce, Concolor Fir, White Pine, and classic Douglas Fir.

4. Ellwanger’s Greenhouse & Floral


Next on my list of Christmas tree farms in Nebraska, I want to include Ellwanger’s Greenhouse & Floral. Ellwanger’s will conveniently bring you freshly cut in-store tree selections.

When you visit Ellwanger’s Greenhouse, you can expect a wide selection of fresh Christmas Trees in addition to their other seasonal decor available for purchase. You’ll love their friendly and helpful staff standing by to help you with any questions.

The Best Christmas Tree Farms In Nebraska: Central Nebraska

5. Bennington Pines


Bennington Pines just celebrated their twenty-second season! It all began as a hope and a dream to fulfill their Nebraska Christmas tree farm dreams a mere twenty-five years ago. They started planting with almost nothing to work with and worked hard to create what their business has become today!

Christmas Dog

Bennington Pines is one of few Christmas tree farms in Nebraska that allows you to bring your leashed pets. Make sure to check out their site, as they also will give you throughout care tips to extend the life of your fresh cut Christmas trees.

6. Frosty Pines Christmas Trees


Another great Nebraska Christmas Tree Farm to add to my list is Frosty Pines. Frosty Pines is a family-owned choose and cut business with thousands of trees available to pick from.

I personally love that Frosty Pines doesn’t put a cap on how “Griswald” you want to go on your tree! Every tree they offer costs fifty dollars, no strings attached! Come visit and find your “perfect tree,” their friendly staff will help you cut, haul, and package up your tree for home.

7. Nordstrom’s Tree Farm


Christmas Tree Farms in Nebraska, such as Nordstrom’s Tree Farm, are great because they offer holiday activities on the side to enjoy while you get your tree. For example, Nordstrom has a classic 1953 Fire Truck you can come ride. They also offer a standard tractor wagon ride out to the farm.

Nordstrom’s Tree Farm will take great care of you with full service for your cutting, needle shaking, netting, and loading needs! Also, don’t forget to pick up a few handmade goods at their sales barn; they make great gifts!

8. Prairie Woods Christmas Tree Farm


Next on my list of Christmas Tree Farms in Nebraska is the Prairie Woods Christmas Tree Farm in Hallum. They have a motto that natural and healthy is the way of life.

Family Christmas Trip

You’ll find that same thought carried out through their great selection of acres of trees. I also love a great family-owned Nebraska Christmas Tree Farm; there’s just nothing that beats it and their desire to have you return year after year!

9. Katalari Farms

Loup City

Katalari Farms is a unique Christmas Tree Farm in Nebraska that offers open houses, fresh wreath workshops, wreath parties, and even a reindeer day the kids will go crazy over!

Katalari Farms, like many on my list, are proud members of the Nebraska Christmas Tree Farm Growers Association. If cutting a tree down isn’t your thing, check out their pre-cut trees, or participate in a hunt for a choose and cut Christmas tree. Make sure to ask about their specialized easy “pin stand system.”

10. Windmill Pines Christmas Tree Farm


Windmill Pines is a Nebraska Christmas Tree Farm chosen to have one of their popular Concolor Fir varieties stand at the Nebraska State Capitol Building in 2015! You’ll find a large array of different Christmas tree varieties when you visit. Still, their top sellers are Canaan Fir, Concolor Fir, and Scotch Pines.

Christmas Firs

Windmill Pines Tree Farm will cut, carry, dress up, clean, and bale your selected trees upon request. Enjoy a wide selection of Christmas trees along their ten-acre farm!

The Best Christmas Tree Farms In Nebraska: The Southern Regions

11. Spilker’s Pineridge Tree Farm


This season, make sure to check out Spilker’s Pineridge Tree Farm. Spilker’s Pineridge is a southern Nebraska Christmas Tree Farm that plans to continue the legacy of Don Spilker. Don was the man with a dream that started it all for this family-owned farm!

If you’re looking to start an old-fashioned family tradition and a great family experience, you’ll love getting your Christmas trees here!

12. Heins Pines


Heins Pines is an excellent Nebraska Christmas Tree Farm that allows you to cut down your own Christmas trees! You can also select handmade custom holiday wreaths and pre-cut Christmas trees.

Cut Christmas Tree

This Nebraska Christmas Tree Farm believes in the true meaning of Christmas and strives to keep that the main focus within their family farm. So come experience family fun and unforgettable holiday memories!

13. Hardin’s Christmas Trees


Are you searching for a large selection of types of Christmas trees? Hardin’s Christmas Trees offers Austrian Pine, Blue Spruce, Concolor Fir, Scotch Pine, and White Pine trees. In addition, Hardin’s is one of few tree farms that accept card payments.

Here at Hardin’s, cut down your own tree, reach out for assistance, or borrow one of their saws. They also sell tree stands, fresh wreaths, and fresh pine garlands.

14. Pine Patch Tree Farm


Keep an eye out; this little Nebraska Christmas Tree Farm is expanding! Pine Patch Tree Farm is working hard to bring you more with a brand new barn.

Christmas Tree Barn

The new barn will house even more Christmas trees, fresh wreaths, garlands, and homemade goodies for the holiday season! You can choose a scotch pine, white pine, Canaan fir, or Douglas fir.

15. Walnut Grove Tree Farm


For another great Nebraska Christmas Tree Farm suggestion, remember to visit Walnut Grove Tree Farm in Raymond. Walnut Grove couldn’t be more thrilled to be back at it after closing down during COVID-19. They offer a great selection of pines, spruces, and firs.

Come and enjoy a cup or two of apple cider or hot chocolate and find “the perfect” Christmas tree! Walnut Grove Tree Farm goes out of its way and will help you cut down your tree fresh; they even offer shaping and bundle services.

16. Stone Ridge Farm


Stone Ridge Farm is best known for growing fresh Christmas Trees. Additionally, they offer other great plants throughout the year, such as raised garden plants and perennials. Make sure to visit them in the Fall for great produce and pumpkins.

Loading up a Christmas tree

Stone Ridge Farm continues to be extremely loved by its visitors! So much so that this Nebraska Christmas Tree Farm maintains a five-star rating! They want you also to remember that trees look much bigger in the fields. Always measure before you come and choose your “perfect Christmas tree” each season!

17. Pinecrest Tree Farm

Blue Springs

Last but never least, for great Christmas Tree Farms in Nebraska, visit Pinecrest Tree Farm. They’ve provided beautiful trees in southern Nebraska for over 40 years!

Pine Tree Farm focuses on only growing trees accustomed to the Nebraska state weather patterns. They grow mainly evergreen varieties but also offer ornamental and shade tree selections. Want to save a few bucks? Here’s a coupon to print and bring along with you; it will save you a few bucks on a great tree!

Wrapping Up The Best Christmas Tree Farms In Nebraska

Nebraska is full of some of the most beautiful snow covered forests, secluded cabins, and these amazing Christmas tree farms. That’s why I know you’ll find the “perfect tree” within any of these beautiful Christmas tree farms in Nebraska this season.

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