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The 17 Best Christmas Tree Farms in Louisiana

Christmas Trees are unique and truly one of a kind. But, did you know it takes Christmas Tree Farms, on average, six to ten years from planting to maturity to be ready for harvesting and selling?

The Best Christmas Tree Farms in Louisiana

This lifelong tradition of growing Christmas Trees is so essential to some farmers that they’ll devote their entire lives to this career. Nonetheless, believe it or not, even in the south, you can find fabulous Christmas Tree Farms in Louisiana!

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Ready to find spectacular Christmas tree farms in Louisiana? Then grab yourself a snack and a glass of brandy milk punch, and let’s explore!

Best Northern Louisiana Christmas Tree Farms

1. Precious Memories Christmas Tree Farm


Let’s discuss Precious Memories Christmas Tree Farm to start this list of the best Christmas tree farms in Louisiana. This “precious” Louisiana Christmas tree farm will make all your “Christmas tree dreams” come true!

Precious Memories gives you just that when you bring your family to find the “perfect tree” this season. Choose among their acres of homegrown trees and allow their friendly staff to do all the hard work for you!

2. Pepper Christmas Tree Farm

West Monroe

Next, this working farm doubles as a Louisiana Christmas tree farm. Pepper Christmas Tree Farm has a stunning selection of carefully grown evergreen trees along with a solid five-star rating, thanks to happy customers!

Louisiana Christmas Tree Farm

Here at Pepper’s, start new family traditions and select a “you choose,” “you cut,” or “tag and take” tree. Pepper’s keeps you returning for more with their friendly staff and affordable prices!

3. Weaver’s Christmas Tree Farm


Weaver’s Christmas Tree Farm is another excellent mention of Louisiana Christmas tree farms in the northern regions. Weaver’s allows you the “real Christmas tree experience” as you explore their land, choose your perfect tree, chop it down, take it home, and enjoy!

Weaver’s Christmas tree farm will help you with all the shaking, bailing, and loading. If you’re not sure you want to cut your own tree, they’re here to help, but you must pre-tag it and pay before they cut it down.

4. Curry Farms


Curry Farms is a Louisiana Christmas tree farm that greets you with a smile. Expect to be greeted warmly and end your visit with the wish that you’ll return each year. Curry takes pride and joy in their farmland and wants to share the love with their customers!

As far as Curry Farm’s gorgeous Christmas tree selections, plan to come and explore their firs, pines, spruces, cedars, cypress blends, and potted Christmas trees. Take part in any of their thirty-eight family fun activities available during your visit to the farm!

5. Hollis Christmas Tree Farm


Here at Hollis Christmas Tree Farm, you can expect to visit a great Louisiana Christmas tree farm that will offer you a unique selection of trees. Choose from a Virginia Pine, Leyland, Murray, or Eastern Redcedar.

Louisiana Christmas Tree Farm

Hollis loves their customers and makes it their mission to help you locate the “perfect tree” to ring in the holidays each season! So let them help you cut, shake, bale, and load it up on your vehicle so you can focus on making memories without a sweat!

Best Central Louisiana Christmas Tree Farms

6. Yawn Station Christmas Tree Farm


Do you need to know of a great Christmas tree farm in Louisiana located in the heart of the state? Look no further than Yawn Station Christmas Tree Farm. Yawn Station will bring you the opposite of yawns as their hand-grown trees are simply “show-stopping.”

Yawn Station Christmas Tree Farm is the home of favorite holiday tree selections such as their Leighton Green, Naylor, Murray’s, Carolina Sapphire, and Blue Ice pine trees. So find a tagged tree, cut your own, and create wonderful memories with your loved ones.

7. Windy Hills Farm Christmas Trees


Then another fabulous mention of Christmas tree farms in Louisiana is Windy Hills Farm Christmas Trees. Windy Hills Farm is a great place to bring the family for a “real Christmas” experience!

Louisiana Christmas Tree Farms

Windy Hills is excited to celebrate its twentieth year as a Louisiana Christmas tree farm and is a proud Southern Christmas Tree Association member. Their farm takes pride that their tree availability will stay fresh all season long.

8. Steele’s Christmas Tree Farm


Steele’s Christmas Tree Farm is one of the most perfect Christmas tree farms in Louisiana that knows the meaning of working hard for what you have. They have had to survive a land fire and start entirely from scratch, but that didn’t stop them from living out their dreams.

Here at Steele’s, you can bring your family and loved ones to select one of their available tree species, such as a Leyland Cypress, Carolina Sapphire, Burki Cedar, or Green Giant. Try out a flocked tree and ask for the no-hassle drill base service!

9. Brushy Branch Christmas Tree Farm


Brushy Branch Christmas Tree Farm is a new Louisiana Christmas tree farm, but the only farm in Loranger! Brushy Branch is committed to treating its customers with the best quality of services and encouragement to return each year.

Come and select various trees such as the Leyland Cyprus, Murray, Ovensii Cypress, Green Giant, and more! They also offer their customers a few different pre-cut varieties, such as the famous Douglas and Fraser fir.

Best Christmas Tree Farms In Acadiana Louisiana

10. Shady Pond Tree Farm

Pearl River

Did you know some great Louisiana Christmas tree farms are located in the Acadiana regions? Add Shady Pond Tree Farm to your list this holiday season! It’s truly a great place to bring the family to find your “perfect Christmas tree.”

Louisiana Christmas Trees

Shady Pond Tree Farm lies across forty-five acres of land, so I guarantee; you’ll find a gorgeous tree to decorate and enjoy this year! In addition, this farm is the place to go if you’re looking for exotic international varieties!

11. Country Pines Christmas Tree Farm


I love an excellent family-owned and operated Louisiana Christmas tree farm. Country Pines Christmas Tree Farm offers you a friendly experience along with their superb and healthy selections of homegrown evergreens.

The greatness doesn’t stop with their “well cared for” trees, their staff is extremely accommodating and knowledgeable, and their prices are unbeatable! Your whole family will love visiting Country Pines this Christmas. Make sure to plan a visit!

12. Grant Christmas Tree Farm


Grant Christmas Tree Farm is known for their honeybees almost as much as their beautiful, full, and healthy Christmas trees. Select one of their Leyland, Ovensii, Castlewellan Gold, Naylor, Blue Ice, or Virginia Pines.

Christmas Honey in Louisiana

Do you have trouble with allergies to real Christmas trees? Try their hypo-allergenic varieties! After finding your “perfect tree,” make sure you grab a jar or two of their flavored honey. They make the perfect, unique, tasty gifts for your family and loved ones!

13. Pollard’s Riversbend Farm


For another fun addition to the best Christmas tree farms in Louisiana list, visit Pollard’s Riversbend Farm this holiday season! These trees were hand planted and farm-raised in the mountains of western North Carolina!

Pollard’s Riversbend Farm takes pride in their quality selection of Fraser firs at the most affordable prices! Also, remember to check out their beautiful selection of handcrafted wreaths in many holiday designs and their fantastic smelling fresh garlands.

14. Lisa’s Christmas Tree Farm


Lisa’s Christmas Tree Farm is a five-star rated Louisiana Christmas tree farm located in the Acadiana region. Come and find a beautiful tree, freshly handmade evergreen wreaths, homemade jellies, and great seasonal crafts.

For incredible prices and service with a smile, you’ll receive a big, full, beautiful Christmas tree that’s perfect for helping you to ring in the holiday season properly. Need some festive Christmas card photos? Lisa’s is the ideal place to bring your photographer to capture unforgettable memories!

15. Tiger Branch Christmas Trees


Tiger Branch Christmas Trees will offer you the perfect “choose and cut” Louisiana Christmas tree farm experience this season! Customers love their wide open spaces for the kids to roam and play and the wide selection of stunning Christmas trees!

The staff is hard to beat, and their trailers are so convenient to help you haul your trees. Make sure to bring the family and grab a jar of local honey; they make great gifts!

16. Christmas Town Christmas Tree Farm


Christmas Town Christmas Tree Farm has the perfect name for a Louisiana Christmas tree farm, doesn’t it? You can’t get more festive than that! They have a gorgeous property, a stunning tree selection, and incredible prices to top it all off!

Louisiana Christmas Tree Farm

Start Christmas off right when you select one of their beautiful evergreen varieties! Then, bring your photographer and schedule a magical photoshoot if you need some beautiful Christmas photos this season!

17. Tassin Trees and Trimmings


Lastly, bring your family to come and make amazing holiday memories here at Tassin Trees and Trimmings. This Louisiana Christmas tree farm is definitely one for the books!

Tassin Trees and Trimmings sells the most gorgeous Leyland Cypress trees, and you can come and choose and cut your very own tree. Remember that they are a small family-owned business, so once they sell out, you’re out of luck! Come enjoy the complimentary train rides, ornament decorating, and “snow games.”

Wrapping Up The Best Christmas Tree Farms In Louisiana

These spectacular Louisiana Christmas Tree Farms are the perfect locations for a dreamy tree this holiday season! No matter where you live or if you wish to travel north, to the heart of Louisiana, or even the Acadiana, these trees will be perfect for displaying in your home this year!