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The 6 Best Cherry Picking Tools for Cherry Harvesting

There’s nothing like going out at the end of summer and picking plump cherries fresh off the tree! But for those hard-to-reach branches, some cherry picking tools can come in handy.

So, what is the best fruit-picking tool for harvesting cherries? There are a few different ways you can go about collecting small fruits like cherries from tall trees.

Keep reading to discover our top picks for the best cherry picking tools.

Best Cherry Picking Tools

The Best Cherry Picking Tools For Cherry Harvesting

Here’s our list of the top sick cherry picking tools to make your harvesting experience easier and more efficient.

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Fiskars Fruit Picker Basket

Shoulder Harvesting Fruit Bucket

Anti-Bird Cherry Harvesting Net

OFXDD Fruit Picker Basket

EXTEND-A-REACH Telescopic Pole

EVERSPROUT 18-Foot Fruit Picker

Awards (optional)


Name brand, durable fruit picker

Hands-free fruit collecting bucket

Net to protect cherry trees from hungry birds

Budget-friendly fruit picker

24-foot telescopic pole

Telescoping twist-on basket fruit picker


Mesh bag suitable for harvesting small fruits
Plastic grooves enable easy removal of stubborn fruit

Over-the-shoulder strap leaves both hands free to pick fruit

Prevents significant loss of cherries to birds

Solid construction is excellent for small fruits
Plastic grooves help you remove ripe fruit

Sturdy design won't bend when fully extended

Built-in cushion prevents bruising
The All-in-one solution comes pre-assembled


Basket only, extension pole sold separately

The bucket may get heavy on your shoulders as you add more fruit

Can be a bit combersome to install

The Picker basket isn't threaded
Basket only, extension pole sold separately

Pole only, no picking basket

1.5-inch gaps may be too large for some cherry varieties

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Some cherry trees can grow to over 35 feet tall. Without the proper tools, harvesting cherries is difficult!

It’s easy to gather the low-hanging fruit, but plucking ripe cherries from high branches can be a struggle. This is undoubtedly even more true if you are battling birds who can swoop in and grab them before they are fully mature.

It’s possible to collect ripe cherries with your hands using a sturdy A-frame ladder, like the Little Giant Multi-Use Ladder. Still, there are much easier ways to harvest cherries.

The best fruit-picking tools give you the necessary length to reach the tallest branches. The perfect cherry harvesting tool also provides a secure way to collect these tiny fruits without bruising them.

Check out the following best cherry picking tools for cherry harvesting.

Best Overall

1. Fiskars Fruit Picker Basket

Fiskars is a trusted name among affordable home and gardening products. The Fiskars Fruit Picker Basket delivers the quality you expect at a price that won’t break the bank.

This is the top cherry picking tool on our list due to its durable mesh design. You don’t need to worry about small cherries slipping between the cracks and falling to the ground bruised.

Fiskars 340170-1001 Fruit Picker Basket, Black

Another winning design choice is the clever sharpened rim. This allows you to remove stubborn cherries that can’t be jostled free.

Combine this handy fruit basket with Fiskars’ heavy-duty long-handled pruning shears for the ultimate fruit-picking combination.


  • Mesh bag is suitable for harvesting small fruits
  • Plastic grooves enable easy removal of stubborn fruit


  • Basket only, extension pole sold separately

2. Hoss Tools Shoulder Harvesting Fruit Bucket

Once you bring cherries down from the tree, you need somewhere to place them. You could settle for any old sack or bucket. Still, this can be cumbersome and even dangerous when you are perched atop a ladder.

That’s why an over-the-shoulder bucket is one of the best cherry picking tools you can have. Hoss Tools manufactures a simple and elegant hands-free solution for harvesting cherries. The sturdy Hoss Shoulder Harvesting Fruit Bucket enables you to harvest gallons of fruit without any hassle.

The shoulder strap system distributes the weight of your harvest so you can easily carry more fruit. Plus, Hoss Tools delivers high-quality, American-made products that you can trust.

3. Bird Netting Cherry Harvesting Tent

If you have been growing cherries for a while, you know that birds are the bane of a successful cherry harvest.

Wild birds don’t need to wait until cherries are fully ripe in order to dig in. They often swoop in as soon as the cherry skin shows a blush of red coloring.

The longer your cherry harvests remain unprotected, the more fruit you will lose to the birds.

Year after year, intelligent bird species like corvids will teach their young that your trees are an excellent food source. Within just a few years, you will end up with scant cherry harvests and lots of happy birds.

PetiDream Bird Netting -Stops Hawks,Birds from Plants ,Fruit Trees and Vegetables - Perfect as Garden Netting and Protective Net in 13ftx 33ft,Black

There is an easy solution to protect your cherries in the form of a fruit harvesting tent.

As soon as your cherry tree starts fruiting, use an extension pole to drape Dalen Bird-X Bird Netting over the entire tree. Cinch the ends of the netting together around the trunk of the tree with a length of twine.

You can leave this heavy-duty net in place until the cherries are ripe and ready to harvest.

In some cases, you can cut down on harvest time by firmly shaking the cherry tree while it is still enclosed. The ripest fruits will fall from the limbs and gather near the trunk.

You will still need a cherry harvesting tool to collect stubborn fruits that cannot be agitated off the tree.

Best Budget Option

4. OFXDD Fruit Picker Basket

The OFXDD Fruit Picker is a simple cherry picking tool. The design is similar to a DIY soda bottle picker but is made of rugged plastic.

Fruit Picker Basket, Orange Picking Stick, Apple Picker Pole, Plum Picker Broom Picker Cherry, Pear and etc.

You should be aware that this fruit picker basket doesn’t have a threaded receiver. Instead, you can use a small screw to fasten the basket to your pole.


  • Solid construction is excellent for small fruits
  • Plastic grooves help you remove ripe fruit


  • The Picker basket isn’t threaded
  • Basket only, extension pole sold separately

5. EXTEND-A-REACH 24-Foot Telescopic Pole

Many options are available for fruit harvesting baskets, including several great DIY builds. No matter which basket you choose, you must have a reliable pole to hoist it.

7-24 ft Long Telescopic Extension Pole // Multi-Purpose Extendable Pole with Universal Twist-on Metal Tip // Lightweight and Sturdy // Best Telescoping Pole for Painting, Dusting and Window Cleaning

Not all multi-use threaded poles are built equally. You need something lightweight, sturdy, and long enough to reach the highest branches.

The EXTEND-A-REACH 24-foot telescoping pole won’t bend and break when picking cherries. This is the best option when you need a heavy-duty rod that can fit multiple purposes.


  • Sturdy design won’t bend when fully extended


  • Pole only, no picking basket

6. EVERSPROUT 18-Foot Fruit Picker

Do you want an all-in-one cherry picking tool that is suitable for many types of fruit? The EVERSPROUT Fruit Picker is a solid option that comes pre-assembled and ready to use.

EVERSPROUT 18-Foot Fruit Picker (25 Foot Reach) | Telescoping Easy-to-Attach Twist On Basket Design | Light-Weight, High-Grade Aluminum Extension Pole

There are some drawbacks associated with the basket picker design. If you are growing smaller cherry varieties, you might need help to keep them from falling out.

You can easily remedy this issue by lining the inside of the picker basket with a bag or cloth.


  • Built-in cushion prevents bruising
  • The All-in-one solution comes pre-assembled


  • 1.5-inch gaps may be too large for some cherry varieties

Easy DIY Cherry Picker Ideas

If you are on a tight budget, there are many DIY cherry picking tools that only require a sturdy pole and a few things you probably already have handy.

The simplest DIY cherry picker involves attaching a plastic cup to the end of a long pole. This can be accomplished using duct tape.

If you want a more secure connection, consider cutting or drilling a hole in the bottom of the cup. This opening should be slightly smaller than the threaded end of your pole so it can fasten securely.

Another popular DIY cherry harvesting option involves cutting the bottom off a 2-liter bottle. You can then use an inexpensive Pop Bottle Adapter to attach it to your picker pole.

Finding the Best Cherry Picking Tool

We hope this article helped you choose the perfect cherry picking tool for harvesting homegrown cherries.

Check out our Cherry Trees page for the lowdown on all things cherry. Discover tons of articles to help you learn more about growing, harvesting, and propagating cherries.