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Buttercrunch Lettuce: Everything You Need to Know to Grow and Enjoy It

You might not know it, but lettuce comes in many different varieties.

One of the most delicious is buttercrunch lettuce. It has a unique flavor, appearance, and texture. There are so many delicious ways you can eat it that go beyond the usual options for lettuce.

Buttercrunch Lettuce

Read this article to learn what makes buttercrunch lettuce so special and delicious, its health benefits, the different meals you can make with it, and even how to grow your own at home.

What Is Buttercrunch Lettuce?

Its name describes it perfectly. Buttercrunch lettuce is a green lettuce variety that’s both crunchy and soft in texture with an irresistible buttery flavor that’s completely unique from other leafy greens.

This type of lettuce, scientific name Lactuca sativa, is an heirloom variety originally developed at Cornell University and has been a favorite ever since.

Buttercrunch is a head lettuce, as opposed to loose-leaf lettuce. That means it grows around a dense center of smaller leaves. Think of a head of cabbage with its tight, round shape and leaves enveloping the core.

BUttercrunch lettuce has bright green leaves that lighten toward the base.

This is a very popular and common variety because it’s so versatile

Nutritional Benefits of Buttercrunch Lettuce

Leafy greens are always a healthy addition to your diet, and each variety has its own strengths.

Buttercrunch lettuce is full of antioxidants, including vitamins A and C and carotenoids, all of which are great for eye and vision support and overall health.

Vitamin K in this type of lettuce helps give your bones what they need to stay strong.

And of course, this lettuce is a low-calorie, high-moisture veggie choice.

How to Use Buttercrunch Lettuce

This is such a flexible leafy green that really shines in so many different applications.

Swap Bread for Lettuce

Because of the size and shape of the leaves, it’s the perfect substitute for bread, buns, or wraps if you’re trying to cut carbs or lower your calories.

Buttercrunch Lettuce Wrap

Buttercrunch lettuce has a natural cup shape that easily holds all kinds of delicious fillings. It’s also stronger and more substantial than other types, so it won’t fall apart when you pick it up.

Try making a taco mix with ground beef or turkey, onions, peppers, beans, and rice. Swap out the meat for tofu or other meat alternatives to make it vegetarian.

Use leaves in place of a burger bun to lighten an otherwise heavy meal. You’ve probably seen this done at restaurants to give customers a gluten or carb-free option.

Make a quick and healthy snack by rolling up sliced turkey and cheese nestled inside a leaf of buttercrunch lettuce.

Classic Lettuce Dishes

Buttercrunch lettuce works great in sandwiches and burgers.

It’s much more distinct than other leafy greens so it holds up well paired with other ingredients. Buttercrunch is more substantial than other lettuce varieties and stands out with its own flavor and texture.

Like any other lettuce, it makes a delicious salad on its own or combined with other types for a more varied flavor.

Grow Your Own Buttercrunch Lettuce

Like other types of lettuce, it’s very easy to grow buttercrunch lettuce. If you’ve grown other kinds, it’s very similar.

It’s perfect for new gardeners or anyone who wants to add a low-maintenance vegetable. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and does well in cooler conditions. While it’s more heat tolerant than many other lettuce varieties, it does prefer a more temperate climate.

Growing Buttercrunch Lettuce

This lettuce thrives out of full sunshine, so be sure to provide some shade. If you don’t have a shady spot already, you can use a shade cloth or grow taller companion plants around it.

Buttercrunch grows quickly, and without a huge time commitment, so it’s perfect for just about anyone to grow. You can also plant it successively, so you always have some ready to harvest through the whole season.

One of the best things about this lettuce is that it doesn’t take on a bitter flavor as it matures the way other varieties do. If you prefer sweeter greens, you don’t have to worry about catching it at the right time before the flavor changes.

Harvesting Buttercrunch Lettuce

There are a few different ways you can harvest your homegrown lettuce.

Once the full head reaches maturity, you can harvest it all at once by pulling it out with the roots intact. This is often how it’s sold in grocery stores, and keeping the roots attached will keep it fresh longer.

You can also cut off the majority of the head with a sharp knife, leaving part of the center behind. This way, it will continue to grow new leaves from the same plant.

If you only want the freshest leaves a few at a time, you can pick the outer leaves once they turn green. Using those leaves the right way is best, as they will begin to wilt without being attached to the roots and aren’t ideal for storing.

Where to Find Buttercrunch Lettuce Seeds

You don’t have to look far to find places to get fresh buttercrunch lettuce or high-quality seeds to grow your own because of its popularity.

Your local grocery stores probably have it in the produce section. Look near the salads and fresh veggies. It will probably be sold as a full head, as it stays fresher this way.

Growing Buttercrunch Lettuce

It’s also a popular crop for farms, so you’re likely to find it at farm stands and farmers’ markets.

To grow your own at home, Hoss Tools is a great place to find seeds that will yield beautiful green lettuce for you to enjoy.

Wrapping Up Buttercrunch Lettuce

No matter how you like to get your greens in, you can’t help but love buttercrunch lettuce.

It’s definitely a standout among the many lettuce varieties for its wide range of uses, and it certainly doesn’t fade into the background of any dish it’s used in.

There are so many other interesting lettuces to grow and eat! Check out our Lettuce Page to learn more.