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Burpless Cucumbers: How to Plant, Nurture, and Enjoy These Healthy Veggies

Have you ever heard of the Burpless Cucumber? While it sounds made up, this is a very real and very delicious food! This cucumber has an especially sweet taste and is easy to grow.

Keep reading to learn what makes this type of cucumber so unique.

Burpless Cucumbers

Characteristics of Burpless Cucumbers

One of the most distinctive characteristics of this type of cucumber is its funny name.

Oddly enough, the Burpless Cucumber’s name probably means just what you think it does— it’s a variety of cucumber that’s supposed to make you “burp less!”

This cucumber variety contains less of a compound called cucurbitacin than the average cucumber. Cucurbitacin, which is usually found in cucumber skins and stems, is thought to cause digestive issues.

Cucurbitacin also tends to make cucumbers taste a little bitter, so the burpless cucumber is a bit sweeter than other cucumber types.

In addition to these qualities, this kind of cucumber also contains fewer seeds and has thinner skin.

This makes them much easier to deal with because you don’t have to peel their skin or remove their seeds if you don’t want to!

Health Benefits of Burpless Cucumbers

Burpless Cucumbers have a variety of health benefits that make them a nutritious part of any balanced diet!

One great aspect of cucumbers is that they’re low in calories but are still full of nutrients. Adding just a handful of cucumber to your next meal could really pack a nutritional punch!

In addition, cucumbers are high in Vitamin K, and they contain approximately 60 percent of your recommended daily amount.

Vitamin K is an essential vitamin for your body because it promotes bone strength and regular blood clotting.

Cucumbers also have a high water content, so they can help you stay hydrated on a hot day.

Finally, cucumbers are full of both antioxidants and fiber, which are two more nutrients that can help your body run well.

Burpless Cucumber Recipes

Because of its sweet flavor and unassuming texture, the Burpless Cucumber goes well in all sorts of recipes! Here are a few that you might want to try out in your kitchen soon.

Burpless Cucumber Slices

If you’re more of a baker than a cook, give this recipe for Cucumber Nut Bread a try! All the spices in this bread complement the cucumber really well. It’s also a great opportunity to sneak some vegetables into your dessert in a super delicious way!

For a lunch or dinner idea that will revitalize the classic Caesar salad, take a look at this recipe for a Cucumber Caesar with Spicy Breadcrumbs! The substitution of fresh cucumbers for your typical salad greens is a fun twist on a well-known recipe.

This Cucumber Cocktail would make a tasty addition to your next picnic or barbecue! It’s a fun and refreshing drink that mixes flavors of cucumber and lime.

To add an extra touch of the cucumber that doesn’t make it into the drink, try using some of your leftover cucumber as a garnish.

Planting and Growing Your Burpless Cucumber Seeds

There are a few essential steps to planting and growing Burpless Cucumber seeds. Following these directions will help you have a thriving and healthy cucumber plant in no time!

When to Plant

When planting your cucumber seeds, be sure to keep the four seasons in mind!

Specifically, Burpless Cucumber plants don’t do well in cold weather, so you have to plant them after the last frost of the season.

Where to Plant

If you’d rather plant your seeds indoors, though, that works too!

You can start growing the seeds indoors and then transfer them outdoors or you can plant them outdoors right away.

If you do start growing your seeds indoors, wait four to six weeks before transferring the seedlings to your garden.

Seed Placement

Most importantly, you’ll need to plant the seeds approximately half an inch deep into the ground so that they’re covered enough by the soil.

If you plan on planting multiple cucumber seeds at the same time, make sure to plant each seed at least 12 inches apart from one another.

Planting Cucumber Seeds

Looking to save real estate in your garden for other fruits and vegetables? You can also choose to grow your cucumbers vertically with the help of a trellis!

Caring for Planted Seeds

One crucial factor in successfully caring for Burpless Cucumber seeds is sunshine. These seeds need access to lots of direct light, so be sure to plant them in a sunny area.

Regularly watering your cucumber plants as they grow is another must-do. You have to make sure that your cucumbers have the hydration they need so that they can grow from a seed to a fully-grown cucumber!

With the proper care and supervision, these plants will grow to be about six to eight inches tall.

Harvesting Burpless Cucumbers

The full growing cycle for a cucumber plant is about 60 days, so your cucumbers should be ready to pick approximately two months after you first planted them.

First, check the length of the cucumber to see if it’s ready to pick. A fully-grown Burpless Cucumber will be about eight inches long.

The color of a cucumber is also a great indicator of its ripeness. Specifically, you’ll want to pick your cucumbers when they’re a medium-green color.

Burpless Cucumber

If your cucumbers have turned yellow, that means they’re overripe and have stayed on the vine for too long.

To pick your cucumber, rather than pulling them right off the plant, take a pair of scissors or a knife and use it to cut the cucumber off the plant by its stem.

This harvesting method will reduce your chances of damaging the entire plant as you harvest.

Where to Buy Burbless Cucumber Seeds

Seeds for this variety of cucumber are widely available on the internet, and you can probably find them at your local gardening supply store as well!

For example, you can purchase seeds to grow both the Green Dragon Burpless Cucumber and the Burpless Supreme Cucumber from Hoss Tools.

Wrapping up the Burpless Cucumber

Despite its funny name, the Burpless Cucumber is a seriously good addition to your garden! It’s pretty easy to grow and is super simple to prepare as an ingredient to all sorts of dishes.

Ready to continue discovering these funky fresh vegetables? Then learn more about cucumbers by checking out my planting guides, recipe tips, brand suggestions, and more!