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The 9 Best Blueberry Pickers

Life has few culinary joys sweeter than a delectable, plump, juicy blueberry freshly picked off the bush.

However, it can feel overwhelming when there are somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 delicious berries on a single bush, and you’ve got multiple bushes to harvest.

When you’re ready to get serious about harvesting blueberries, that means it’s time to invest in a blueberry picker!

There is much to choose from on the market, so we’ve researched for you and compiled the best of the best.

Read on to learn more about blueberry pickers and choose the right one for you!

Closeup of a blueberry picker.  These make blueberry harvesting faster and more enjoyable.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall:
Ivique Blueberry Picker

Best Wooden Picker – Heirloom Quality!
PlywoodBOXES – Wood & Stainless Berry Picker

Best Overall

Ivique Blueberry Picker

Berry Picker with Metallic Comb and Ergonomic Handle for Easier Berry Picking Swedish Design by Ivique

Ease of use, affordability, durability, and hundreds of good reviews takes this Ivique blueberry picker to the top of the list as the best picker overall!

The metal comb is strong and will last for seasons of use. It can be tossed in the dishwasher if it needs to be cleaned.

Reviewers say this picker turned out to be even better than they expected. Customers also receive an email with additional tips and tricks to improve their use.

Best Wooden Picker

PlywoodBOXES Stainless Picker

Wooden Berry Picker with Stainless Steel Comb Blueberry Rake Tante

If you want a blueberry picker that’s going to look good in photos, look no further than PlywoodBOXES stainless picker.

This sleek pick is made out of wood and stainless steel. It’s got a unique design that sets it apart from its plastic contemporaries.

The picker holds up to two liters of berries and can be washed in the sink with dishwashing soap.

byMall Berry Picker

byMall Plastic Berry Pickers and rakes with Ergonomic Soft Touch Handle and Reinforced Coated Teeth for Picking Berries: Cranberries Blueberries lingonberries Strawberries Blackberries Currants

If you’ve got multiple types of berries in your fields, one tool to harvest them all would be ideal, right? The byMall berry picker works for more than just blueberries.

It can also be used to harvest cranberries, lingonberries, blackberries, and currants.

The comfortable handle on top of a large basket will protect your hands and fingers from any thorns or scrapes from rogue branches.

This picker is dishwasher safe, making it even more user-friendly!

Ech.Apr Berry Picker Rake

Easier Berry Picker Rake with Metallic Comb and Ergonomic Handle, Blueberries Picker Scoop Harvesting Tool, BPA-Free, Green Handle

Not only is this the least expensive selection on our list, but the handle’s hefty size and ergonomic design make this Ech. Apr blueberry picker a fantastic choice for an older gardener or someone struggling with arthritis.

It weighs less than a pound and has sturdy metal combs to effectively remove blueberries from the bush without pulling off many leaves or branches.

The metal grate covers the picker’s entire length, allowing small leaves and debris to fall out as you harvest.

The grate is simple to remove. You need to unscrew the two large screws. Once removed, it will be easier to clean.

Yardwe Berry Picker

Yardwe Berry Pickers and Rakes Blueberry Picker with Comb and Handle Fruit Pick Tool for Picking Berries Blueberries Cranberries Huckleberries Lingonberries Currants

Made completely out of metal and mesh, the Yardwe berry picker will hold a lot of blueberries at once.

It’s a simple design, lightweight, and easy to use. It’s eleven inches long and six inches wide, meaning it can hold hundreds of berries at once!

One thing to remember about this particular picker is that it will need to be stored somewhere dry. If it’s stored away while still wet, it could easily rust.

Esschert Picker

Esschert Design GT114 Berry Picker

The Esschert picker looks like it came from the shelves of an Ikea.

It’s got a simple design of wood and metal. The wide spaces between the combs mean this picker best suits larger berries like blueberries or blackberries.

Ensure the metal parts are dry after each use to prevent rusting.

Narvaris Berry Picker

Navaris Berry Picker Tool - Metal Comb Rake with Plastic Scoop for Blueberry Picking, Huckleberries, Elderberries, Currants, Fruit - Includes Gloves

If you’re just getting started with berry picking, the Narvaris berry picker with gloves will make your beginning a piece of cake.

Not only will you receive a picker with a comfortable, ergonomic handle, but you’ll also get some gloves. The gloves are polyester with a nitrile coating. They will further protect your hands from thorns, sharp sticks, or irritants on the leaves.

WeddingDayEuphoria Berry Picker

If you’re giving the gift of an easy harvest, this personalized berry picker by WeddingDayEuphoria is an excellent choice!

This charming wooden picker can be personalized in a couple of different spots. A name or phrase can be put on the base of the front and an entire picture or logo can be put on the side of it.

Another advertised use for this personalized picker is also the harvesting of chamomile.

Vintage Wooden Berry Picker

Berry pickers may seem like a “newfangled tool” that modern-day farmers have come up with to match the pace of our society, but that’s not the case.

If you’re looking for a piece of berry picking history, this vintage picker from BackinthepastShop from the 1950s is for you.

While it may not be very practical to use over 70 years after it was made, it’s still fun to have around to teach your family and friends more about the history of farming.

What to Look for in a Blueberry Picker


How comfortable is the berry picker to hold and operate? Is there an ergonomic handle? Does it get too heavy to manage when full?

Those are all questions to ask when comparing the comfort of berry pickers.


Take into account the material from which the berry picker is made. Metal may rust and plastic may warp or break. Make sure you store your pickers in a dry location to help them last longer.

Closeup of a wooden, vintage-style blueberry picker.


Different blueberry pickers will have different capacities. The capacity is probably the least important thing to consider unless you really want one with a large capacity.

The picker’s basket is sort of like a cup you’d use for water. You can drink the same amount of water from a small cup as from a big cup. You’ll need to empty it more often.

Why Do You Need a Blueberry Picker?


Blueberry pickers make it possible to pull an entire handful of blueberries off of the plant at one time without squishing or dropping any of them.

Ripe blueberries will basically fall off the bush when touched by the comb of the picker and will fall straight into the basket underneath.

A red blueberry picker.

When your picker’s basket starts to fill up, simply dump it into a larger bucket and keep harvesting.


One mature blueberry bush can produce up to ten pounds of blueberries every single year! If you’ve got multiple bushes to harvest, it can take a very long time to pick off that many blueberries, one at a time.

If you rush, you may end up squishing berries in the process.

With a blueberry picker, you can pick entire bunches of blueberries with one swipe! It will cut down the time needed to harvest your berries.

You know what that means? More time to make delicious treats with

Which Blueberry Picker is Your Favorite?

Blueberries on a shrub.

Whether you’re just starting out with a couple of bushes are are ready to harvest an entire field of berries, there’s a blueberry picker on this list that will make your job a breeze. It’s time to choose one and start picking!

Blueberry pickers make for a great gift. If you’re looking for more unique gifts for the gardeners in your life, find inspiration on my garden gift guide.

For more blueberry fun, check out my Blueberries page for lots more blog posts and guides! And remember that if you need more guidance on garden tools and supplies, you’re in the right place.


Wednesday 24th of May 2023

These pickers look handy, but how do you avoid picking unripe berries along with the ripe?


Wednesday 31st of May 2023

You don't really. You pick them all at once, which works fine if you have a lot of fruit. If you don't have a lot of bushes, just pick them by hand.